The Sense of Having Nonsense – How Laughter Can Make your Life...

The Sense of Having Nonsense – How Laughter Can Make your Life Better?

Do you remember what Dr. Seuss said about nonsense? Dr. Seuss once said that having a nonsense mind can awaken your brain cells. It helps you to develop your sense of humor, which is very important to this age. Having a sense of humor is important in this gloomy world. If you see things out of whack, then you can be in whack.

Understanding the science behind laughter is quite amusing.   Scientist has studied laughter and it has a scientific study called gelotology. Laughter helps you in all aspects physically, mentally and socially. Ever since people laugh for a lot of reason, here are some of them.

Laughter is a Survival Instinct

How-Laughter-Improves-Your-MemorySwami Beyondananda shared that it is time for people to take humor seriously and to take seriousness humorously.

John Morreall, a philosopher believes that ancient people laugh as a sign of relief when they are exposed to danger and it is a shared collective sigh when the danger passed. There are even some researchers who try to figure out if the primates have their own stand-up. This topic has been subject of scrutiny for centuries, when people try to find out what makes things funny and how it tickled the fancy that supports human beings in this evolutionary process.

Some philosophers believe that it is an instinct for survival and how sharp your mind to deliver a witty reply. Children can easily laugh upon hearing a soldier pass gas; little things like this may serve some higher purpose.

George Carlin, a comedian brilliantly said that he want to live life. He doesn’t want to die. He realized that the meaning of life is not about dying. He figured this reality while he was on third grade!

Hugh Sidey, a journalist said that adding some laughter and joy in one’s heart is a sign that an individual has a good grasp of life.

istock_laughterLaughter Builds the Community

Laughter is the way to connect with people. It is contagious.   Laughter forms a special bond among people.

Usually, you feel closer to people you share a laugh with.   You don’t even need to express words verbally. In fact, Charlie Chaplin made a career in making people laugh by means of showing his expressions only. For sure, the people who watched his old films feel closer to one another.

As Quincy Jones, a musician said, a big laugh is like a loud noise from the soul saying, ain’t that the truth!

laughter can cure the sickLaughter Can Cure The Sick

It is said that when you feel a heart-felt chuckle, it can help cure a long list of sickness. Studies show that laughter can lower cholesterol levels which are linked to stress-related diseases including high blood pressure and heart disease.   When you giggle, it increases the antibodies in your blood, which can boost the immune system so you can fight harmful viruses, parasites and bacteria.

In a current study, they found out that laughter help enhance the immune system by 40%! The researchers asked a group of women to watched funny films while a dull boring film was assigned to the other group. After watching the film, the researcher gets a sample of the women’s killer cells which is the natural fighting cells of the body and mixed it with cancer cells.

The researchers wanted to know what would happen to the cells.   Women who had a good laugh on the film had healthier immune system and they are more capable of destroying cancer cells as compared with the group who watch boring tourism films. You see, watching a funny movie is a powerful way to keep you from getting sick.

People don’t even need to spend trillions for health care costs! Instead of watching anger and violence in the media channel, how about watching hilarious films?

Laughter can make you physically beautiful as it helps increased blood flow to your skin through better aerobic activity in the heart and lungs. Laughter can lessen your depression.

Famous actress Audrey Hepburn shared that she loves people who make her laugh. She honestly thinks that laughing is one of the things that she loves to do. It cures a lot of illness. Laughter is probably the most important thing for a person.

BabyLaughterInterview_111312-617x416Laughter Can Keep You Going

It may seem that the nonsense and ridiculous things have its own special place! Looking at endless photographs of bonobo monkeys and kittens in You Tube or Pinterest or watching late night comedians can bring you an elevated state of happiness. Or your best friend may tell you a good joke when you feel down, can help boost your mood. Laughter supports your physical and mental health and allows your chaotic and mundane world to keep on going!

As author Robert Frost said, if you couldn’t laugh, you will go insane!

Laugh, live and love life, it is the way for a healthy lifestyle!