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    Molecular Psychiatry at the University of Bonn Germany

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    No doubt, the health benefit of raw cannabis juice is just incredible!  Many people have realized the tremendous benefits that they can get from taking cannabis juice. In a current study presented in the Institute of Molecular Psychiatry at the University of Bonn in Germany, the researchers discovered that activating the cannabinoid system found in the brain can help trigger the release of antioxidants that has cleansing mechanism.

    This cleansing process helps remove worn out cells and improve the function of mitochondria.  Mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cells where the cell gets the energy to perform its vital function.   This study was published in the Royal Society’s Philosophical Transactions.

    bigstock-Marijuana-Cannabis-Hemp-Pl-60343664Cannabis as Treatment for Cancer

    There is also consistent evidence that shows how cannabis can be use as a potential and effective treatment for cancer.  There are around 20 medical studies that support how cannabis can be an effective cure for cancer.  You know that prescription drugs kill more than 100,000 people every year because of its adverse and iatrogenic effects.

    Studies shows that plant-based diet helps prevent more than 60% of death related to chronic diseases. Now is the best time to see cannabis in a whole new perspective.  Without a doubt, cannabis poses a threat to the pharmaceutical industry!

    In fact, cannabis and hemp has more than 50,000 uses.  Its beneficial effect will surely transform your world!

    284-0610094925-Woman-Replaces-40-Medications-With-Raw-Cannabis-JuiceWhat are Cannabinoids?

    Cannabinoids are also proven to help reduce cancer cells. It also has a positive impact on rebuilding the immune system. Not all the varieties of cannabis offer the same effects.  But a growing number of patients have attested to the success effects of cannabis in reducing cancer even if they take it in a shorter period.

    Smoking Cannabis: Is it Therapeutic?

    Contrary to what people used to know, smoking cannabis does not help in treating the disease.  The maximum therapeutic levels of cannabis cannot be achieved through smoking.  Extracting the plant oil or eating it, is the best way to get the necessary amount of cannabinoids.

    Come to think of it, smoking cannabis entails burning or heating the plant which alters its acidity and chemical structure.  Burning or heating can change its therapeutic properties. More so, anything that is inhaled or burn can create oxidation in the body.

    Oxidation is not healthy for the body and may lead to further health issues. This is why; antioxidants are important part of a healthy diet.

    No doubt, taking cannabis will make your immune system stronger so you will be less prone to various types of disease.  If you’re healthy, you do not need to take medications that have its side effects.  Live healthy!

    If you want to see the full  video on how she ditch her 40 medications, watch the video here.




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