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    “It is now highly feasible to take care of everybody on Earth at a higher standard of living than any have ever known. It no longer has to be you or me. Selfishness is unnecessary. War is obsolete. It is a matter of converting the high technology from weaponry to livingry.”   – R. Buckminster Fuller

    In the year 2011 the worldwide military expenditures was $2,157,172,000,000. That is more money than the human mind can take hold of. In that year, the US spent up to $741,2 billion to generate additional weapons redirect_wealthand wage wars while in 2010, the US military expenditures reached $683.7 billion. In 2012 the country’s defense budget was estimated at $1trillion but was expected to rise. In January 2012, President Obama  assured the people that the budget would go up gradually over the next 10 years.

    If this is the way things are, we are left wondering what the future holds for mankind. If all governments all over the world were to raise their country’s war budget, pick new fights and create additional budgets, then it means that the future will be full of suffering, more wars, destruction and famine.

    The truth is that there is now a “global financial conspiracy”, which is why we are not increasing budgets on improved transportation systems, environmental friendly materials or clean and renewable energy. It is also why we are not looking for material to substitute non-biodegradable materials and plastics. There is also no increase in the budgets of natural foods and drinks or natural healthcare.

    The global banking leaders have put large amounts of money in war equipment. This has made war a lucrative business. We are also guilty for this offense because we have allowed our governments to spend our hard earned money on destruction and murder. However, there is still room for bringing all this to an end by eradicating the “royal” blood-sucking parasites.

    The following are 9 achievements we could make if we redirected our wealth from war.

    1. Use of evacuated tube transportation technology – also known as ETT Or ET3

    The first thing that we need is transportation that is affordable for everyone, comfortable, fast, clean and green. This is why it should be ETT or ET3.

    1. Ultra modern high performance electric cars such as Tesla Motors

    Did you know that your government would not bail you out if your company went bankrupt even under the current economic times? However, the US government bailed out GM, Ford and Chrysler with the tax payer’s money.

    Instead of investing the money in Eco-friendly companies, like Tesla Motors for example they are salvaging companies that pollute the environment. The CEO and founder of Tesla Motors is Elon Musk, a 40 year old South African entrepreneur and engineer. His company’s worth is approximately $250 million which is peanuts compared to the $700 billion used to bail out the 3 gas car manufacturers.  Tesla Motors is named after Nikola Tesla who is considered one of the greatest inventors.

    1. Vertical farming the answer for tomorrow

    The fact that the world is over populated is a lie. The truth is that the whole world’s population can survive on a continent that is the size of Australia. This is why we think that vertical farming is the answer for tomorrow. This type of farming does not use chemicals because vegetables are grown in an environment that is controlled.

    1. Replace all chemical sprayed foods and GMOs with organic foods

    Growing Power which was invented by Will Allen is a sustainable type of urban agriculture that is located in Milwaukee city. His aim was to give the urban community healthier food alternatives. By the use of vertical space wisely, you can turn an old warehouse into 3 acres of green house in the middle of your city. Growing sustainably mean that there will be no use of synthetic chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides or even fertilizers.

    1. The farmery

    The farmery is the future of sustainable organic agriculture. This system was invented and perfected by Ben Greene. It is the use of a simple but clever idea to grow and distribute food. Simply put, growing and selling food from the same location.

    1. Free of charge and unrestricted clean energy

    Though free energy has over the years been suppressed for financial reasons the truth is that it has been possible for more than a hundred years. What we now need is free of charge and unrestricted clean energy. The good thing about such energy is that it cannot be taxed or controlled. Nikola Tesla hoped for a time when our machines and all gadgets could tap the free and unlimited clean energy wirelessly.

    1. Putting together all the homeless

    According to the United States of America estimates, there are about 3.5 million homeless people in the whole world. These people could put together at a one time cost of less than $50 billion. Such a move would be a win-win situation for both the government and the homeless. Most of these people are where they are not because of their own mistakes. The irony of the whole matter is that Amnesty International USA says that vacant homes are 6 times more than the number of homeless people. This means that all homeless people can be settled.

    1. Eliminating hunger in the world

    You might think that eliminating hunger in the world is not possible but according to a World Food Summit held by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), we only need $30 billion per year to achieve this. Compare this with what our world governments spend on wars.

    1. Substitute the dangerous nuclear power plants with the green solar panels

    If you read The Dangers and Costs of Nuclear Energy you will know the dangerous posed by the use of nuclear power. Substituting this harmful and expensive power with the cheaper and environment friendly solar power is recommended. After the Fukushima nuclear disaster of March 11, 2011Germany resolved to replace its nuclear power plants with solar panels.  Every other country should follow suit.

    It has been a long time when we started to question our consciousness. Although there has been a huge debate on this, we are yet far away from any sort of conclusion. There are different theories that try to prove the existence of consciousness which actually controls our life and everything around us. However, the scientific community has been really keen to oppose the concept of consciousness and they have been arguing that there is no scientific base for this and hence, this is nothing but a result of a hyperactive and creative mind.Consciousness Moves to Another Universe After Death

    But now things are going to change through a revolution in science. There has been a genuine paradigm shift in the arena of quantum physics. This shift in quantum physics or quantum mathematics opposes the mainstream science which is truly materialistic in nature. A substantial number of quantum physics scientists have now altered the age old thinking. Currently they are now supporting and developing a paradigm based on the primacy of consciousness. Among them Amit Goswami, Ph.D is a prominent name. He is among the pioneers of this revolutionary new perspective within science. In a recent interview he shared his vision of the unlimited potential of consciousness. He also explained and advocated for consciousness as the ground of all being. In the same interview, he also explained how this revelation can actually help us to live better.

    In the interview, Amit Goswami was asked a number of questions about quantum physic or mathematics as well as consciousness. In reply, he had some amazing things to say. According to him the value of quantum physics is really critical in terms of giving us a new world view on how consciousness can be and is the ground of our being. In other words, quantum physic helps us to see directly how we can make sense of the world only if we base the world on consciousness. According to him, the world is made of consciousness and it is based on it and Quantum physics makes this as clear as daylight. As per Amit Goswami, quantum mathematics or Science is the most fundamental description of nature. This clearly shows that movements of object are only describable in terms of possibility not the actual event that we see in our life. Quantum physics calculate only possibilities of that and if we accept this we will face another question who or what chooses among these possibilities of event (1).

    So we see that there is something that has to take a decision for those possibilities and bring in the actual event. This is what we consider as consciousness that is actually not within the quantum physics rather is beyond it. It is like an observer and it can’t be ignored. We can only describe the objects not the subjects. So we get the idea that the subject must be more fundamental than the object. Consciousness is also more fundamental and it must be the ground of being which object part is of. The objects are then described as a wave of possibilities which is well explained in quantum physics (2).

    When you take a deep breath, these are the areas of the brain that are affected by meditation in a lot of ways:

    yoga_by_you_your_brain_on_meditation-WSD-04182014Frontal Lobe

    This is the highly evolved part of your brain which is responsible for self-conscious awareness, emotions, planning and reasoning.  When you meditate, the frontal cortex seems to go offline.

    Parietal Lobe

    This is the area of your brain that process sensory information around your surrounding world.  It orients you to time and space.  When you go on meditation, the parietal lobe activity slows down.


    Thalamus is the gatekeeper of your senses.  This organ focuses your attention by transmitting sensory data deep into your brain and stops other signal in the track.  Meditation help decrease the flow of the incoming information on a drip.

    Reticular formation

    This is the brain’s patrol guard.  The reticular formation receives the incoming stimuli and alerts your brain to respond on the stimulus.  When you meditate it dials back the arousing signal.

    The study conducted by Sarah Lazar Ph. D., the senior lead author of the study mentioned that their research demonstrate that the brain structure changes – this underlie the reported improvements that people are not just feeling better but because they spend time to relax.

    You can watch the video of Sarah Lazar, Ph. D explaining how meditation affects the brain activity here.

    The Bigger Picture of Societal Benefits

    When you consider the benefits of meditation, you can start to imagine how different your world might seem like if most of the people began doing regular meditation.  Will the increase in empathy, care, happiness and mindfulness for others create an impact to your world?  How about better memory and reduced stress?

    9-26-mindfulnessThere are many unhealthy practices that are rampant in the society like drug use, smoking, drinking, television, use of pharmaceutical drugs and so on, are seen as generally acceptable. Imagine what would happen if a portion of this time doing destructive things to the mind and body is replaced by doing meditation?  Can you imagine the outcome?

    Definitely, these are some nice things to ponder when you realize that most of the issues of today stem back from lack of mindfulness. You need to take over of egoist individuality where you easily lose sight of your actions that may affect others and or you may easily get caught up when you take things personally. Studies have demonstrated that meditation makes people become more connected and compassionate with others.

    happy-people-in-the-poppy-field-1280x800-wide-wallpapers-net111As you observe, many of the day to day challenges stem from seeing others as a burden to your lives.   Is it fair enough to say that seeing beyond your perceived perceptions and gaining connection with others could create a joyous and peaceful reality?

    Many of the world’s problems are not due to the structures around you that may present limitations.  But it is your mindset or consciousness that acts as the basis of your world and it is the one who creates this experience.  To change your world, you need to change your mindset, your worldview or consciousness.

    This would trigger an understanding how you create and live your world. Instead of operating from the programming and belief that you have today, you could remove that away and create a space connected to your real selves and to your heart.  Something that you can do that could dramatically change the world you live in.


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    Human beings now have a better understanding of nature and everything that it contains. They now understand things like, self-awareness of elephants, the essentials of language in monkeys, the capability of animals that make them know what is right or wrong,  metacognition in dolphins and even formation, expansion of the bills of right for both plants and animals by countries like Ecuador and Switzerland and also the acceptance of dolphins as being non-human persons.

    People know that nature and all that is therein are more enlightened now than years before. Enlightenment comes with better understanding. Science is now able to explain what was not understood years before. The scientific discoveries that have now become a continuous process will avail to humanity all the knowledge and data regarding the environment. The new discoveries have made it clear to the human race that they have all a long been unaware and conceited as regards things like the animal kingdom, minerals and plants in relation to their wakefulness and their levels of sophistication, evolution, consciousness (1).monkey - metacognition

    Combined together, all the discoveries made can make up a whole book. However, we will look at a few of these findings and discoveries that have over the last few years been made known publicly. The first one is that rocks are considered as non-living and unconscious. However, stunning new evidence has shown that like plants, rocks too have been evolving. This was not known until now. The idea is now known as mineral evolution.

    The evolution of the animal and plant kingdoms is different from that of the mineral kingdom. This is because minerals do not reproduce, change or complete like all other living things. However, Robert Hazen, a geologist from USA has confirmed that the earth’s mineralogy has changed the same way with biology. This should not surprise you but rather make clear that evolution is an all-inclusive. This includes the rocks, our consciousness and the galaxies.

    Our next move is to the plant kingdom. Although rainforests have in the past been considered the lungs for the planet, it has recently been discovered that they also play the role of the heart to the planet. This simply means that they are responsible for the various weather changes and patterns that we experience. It is the rainforests that form the winds that moves water all round the planet. The upper air is kept moist by the rainfall that evaporates and then re-circulates from the rainforests.

    This is why most governments have taken upon themselves to advocate the preservation of the plant kingdom. They have concluded that plants too have rights that should be protected. That is why Ecuador has changed its constitution that now says that “the right to the maintenance and regeneration of its vital cycles, structure, functions and evolutionary processes.” It is also the reason why the idea that plants having a degree of consciousness has been acknowledged.

    Much more has been said about the animal kingdom. Human beings now have awakened to the fact that animals too have a right to exist. One of the latest findings is that dolphins are smart beings. This explains why harming or killing a dolphin was an offense punishable by death. It has been found without any reasonable doubt that human language and dolphin movement have shown a lot of resemblance.

    Such discoveries and the many others that have been made explain why humankind is now awakening to the intelligence of nature. It is also why they are described by scientists as non-human persons that ought to be taken as such. To prove this, discoveries have shown that dolphins have brains with major features that are linked to intelligence; they have a strong sense of self, separate traits and have the capability to think about what will happen in the future.

    The other striking discovery about dolphins and other animals for example macaque monkeys is that they have a metacognition that is alert. There is now a growing amount of evidence that animals and human beings share vital similarities with human conscious metacognition. In the past metacognition which is the capability to regulate, reflect upon and monitor the different conditions of the mind was considered as the exclusive are of humankind.

    It is also now widely accepted that animals too have self-awareness. This ability was first identified in gorillas, and later on in elephants and dolphins. This means that self-awareness is no longer solely recognized as a capability for human beings. This is why an animal that has developed self-awareness will identify its own mirror image. Remember that this is one of the things that require cognitive connection and a certain measure of theoretical thinking.

    Although this kind of information might sound interesting, you should also know that research have also revealed that several species of animals, e.g. whales, monkeys, bats, wolves, rodents, coyotes, chimpanzees and elephants all have a sense that is referred to as “morality”. This is why they are able to differentiate “wrong” from “right”.  Scientists who have carried out a series of studies have also discovered that apes and monkeys are able to make judgments on fairness; they empathize with other animals and also offer unselfish assistance.

    The other interesting thing that you should know is that some animals for example the chimpanzees are fond of rewarding others as they reward themselves instead of just rewarding themselves alone.  Monkeys like human beings have an interconnected consciousness. The last demonstration in this article is that the essentials of language are also present in monkeys. Monkeys like human beings also use rules of grammar (2).

    All the above discoveries that have been made in the last few years show that there is an undisputed rise in awakening in humanity. The awakening is higher than have been ever before. This is a move to a new era when humankind and nature will most likely get a more symbiotic and unifying relationship. Thus there will develop an increase in respect for the environment. Regardless of how slow the steps are moving, they are definitely moving to the right and better future.

    When you talk about Karma, you know that it is a concept that evolves in different culture throughout the human history. It is in fact an idea that ancient people have been using for thousands of years. Despite its popularity, the understanding of Karma is generally not clear and more often than not, people have been using the word without a real understanding of what it truly means.

    Defining Karma

    What is Karma? The Bhagavad Gita, which is the text from many cultures that speaks about Karma, believes that there are continuous dialogues about how one can attain Moksha. Moksha is release from what they call cycle of rebirth. It is a sort of transcendent or freedom from the world that people know – the world where people used their senses.

    Moksha is a state of bliss that can be attained if you freed yourself from the web of Karma. Once you reach that point, your soul is ready to move further on another experience that goes beyond the rebirth.

    The Hindu Philosophy believes that the single higher activity that one can engage for a person to perform a fruitful and selfless action is the cultivation and quest for the truth, contemplation and spiritual knowledge.

    karma 2So what does Karma really means?

    According to Paramahamsa Tewari, Karma revolves around the principle that requires the experiences of an individual being. It is based on the person’s action during his or her lifetime. It is believed that these actions are imprinted in the delicate body which has to possess an organized structure of matter with mental state in it.

    The body will be impelled to move to specific locations for rebirth. The Karma principle is basically revolving around this concept. The deeds of today will shape the future events for man. The most intellectual beings are gifted with an ability to discriminate in addition to their instinctive habits that all creatures possess.

    The overall idea is that when you perform an action there is a cause created that will have its corresponding effect. When you talk about Karma it literally translate into deed or action and included within are the intentions and thoughts of that action.   The principle of Karma is clear that the universe will respond in the next life or in this life.

    Every action has consequences, even your thoughts, as well. When it comes to good and bad karma it depends on the consequences of your action. Like for example, a person can have a different perception on what they call a good or bad experience. The truth is whatever your experiences it depends on how you perceive and label it.

    You can choose to learn and grow from these experiences and untangle yourself from the web of karma. Or you may continue to view the experience as bad and prevent yourself from moving on.

    In some Indian Philosophy like Jainism, they believed that Karmas are invisible particles of matter that exist around you. Your soul attracts this karma through different action. Like if you are angry, you attract Karmas just like when you are greedy or deceitful.   If you hurt or even kill someone, you attract Karmas.

    Janism believes that karma form layers upon layers over your soul and keeps you from realizing your true potential and your ability to hear the voice of your soul.

    It is interesting to note that the concept and philosophy of Karma is presented in various ways by different religion, philosophers and culture over this period of years.

    Karma-yoga-retreat-centerWhat is Karma Yoga?

    Karma is all about doing action. In the Hindu Philosophy, they believed that a purified mind will be the one to partake in jinana yoga or what they call yoga of knowledge. As stated earlier, the quest for contemplation and truth is believed to be as a superior act of being as opposed to karma yoga which is doing good deeds without caring for consequences or rewards like a selfless act. Both of these path lead to a similar destination.

    When you perform Karma Yoga, you do an act that will benefit the planet. It is an act that is rooted from the pure intention of the heart to provide benefit for others and to the world. It is important to note that many perform good deeds so they can get benefit from it and reap their reward. They want to look good on others.

    When you perform an act that forms an incorrect place in your heart, you are not doing your karma. But you are actually performing a selfish act to disguise the good deeds. This is something that can cause you to get more karma instead. Karma is about the place that you are coming from within your heart that brings you to the next point.

    karmaWhat are the Difference between the Real Karma and Mainstream Karma?

    When you talk about the Mainstream Karma, it is more of talking about the concept that one will get what is coming to them. It is like the idea that performing good deeds will give you good rewards.

    Although the good deeds may come in full circle and with positive rewards, just as the bad deeds does, karma has nothing to do with people getting what is coming for them, as a result of a bad action. It is all about learning from your past experiences and not about receiving the consequences of your negative actions for the sake of getting it.

    Your focus should be on achieving personal growth as a part of your deeds. Even if you are not aware of it consciously, there is a growth occurring at the level of your soul. Karma is the opportunity for you to advance forward.

    If you see someone hurting a person and you see that aggressor suffer or get hurt afterwards, you are not in the right place to point a finger and say to him or her karma or you get what is coming to you. Karma is piled up so you can eventually get rid of it. Learn what you have to learn from this human experience and then move on. It has nothing to do with the energy of blame and judgment.

    More so, if you believe that you do good deeds because good rewards will come back to you a hundredfold, you are contradicting the entire concept of Karma. If you ask why, this is because performing karma is about the actions that come from the selfless place in your heart not expecting any reward; it is a pure intention to help the world.

    If you have an idea in your mind that you will soon be rewarded if you engage in good deeds for others to see, or it is your way to advance in your career and in other aspect of life, you might be wrapping yourself to more karma. You have to consider that the most important thing is the reasons and intent behind your actions.

    Any action performed without any desire for rewards and with spiritual consciousness will contribute to the achievement of liberation. When the fulfillment is achieved, a person attains the ultimate level of his or her consciousness and the liberation will be automatically included. When performing actions in this manner a person becomes a being of non-action.

    Renunciation is giving up the desire to get rewards in their actions. When you perform action in spiritual consciousness without seeking for personal desire this will lead to liberation.

    You may encounter this quote over the net. It says that in Karma, there is no need to revenge. You just have to sit and wait for those who do something wrong to you to eventually screw themselves up. If you are lucky, God will allow you to watch them suffer!

    This concept is absolutely erroneous about Karma. The idea that you can enjoy in another person’s misery is not an accurate description of the theory of karma. There is no place for judgment in karma. It is all about knowing the opportunities and learning the lessons for spiritual growth.

    spiritualradianceCollective Karma

    As mentioned in the 14th Dalai Lama, The universe that you live in and your shared perception of what is it are the results of common Karma. More so the places that you will experience in the future rebirth are the outcome of karma that you share with other living beings. The action of every living being whether nonhuman or human have contributed to the planet that you live in. Every person has a common responsibility for the world and everything in it is connected.

    When you accumulate karma as a human being, you do it on a collective level. All the actions of the human race will have its own consequences, and you have seen it over and over again. One of the best examples on how you operate on the Mother Earth is your relationship with the life forms and the environment that you live in.

    The most important question is to know why you are here – what are you thinking, how are you acting and to examine the type of reality that you are contributing as an outcome of your actions and thoughts. In fact, quantum physics shed light on how important the human consciousness is, and how the factors associated with consciousness is affecting your physical material world.

    Although, this quote is of different topic, yet you can get an idea of karma in another perspective. As Dalai Lama shared that generally, there are quite a number of differences, but Quantum Mechanics and Buddhist philosophy can both agree on their view of the world. You can see these in the examples of the fruits of the human thinking. Regardless of the awe you feel for the great thinkers, you should not lose sight that they were also human beings just as you are.

    In summary, you have read a condensed and brief explanation of Karma based from Hindu philosophy. But please bear in mind that the concept of Karma is presented in different ancient cultures that has been around the planet for thousands of years. Understanding the true meaning of karma will help you use it on a proper perspective and it can be a key for you to attain a higher level of consciousness.


    Do you want to achieve the highest form of consciousness?  Do you want to become at peace with yourself, with the people around you and your environment?  Here are 100 steps on how you can rise up your consciousness.

    But before we proceed, let’s define what consciousness is?  Consciousness is the ability to create a quality of awareness to oneself and the presence of something outside the self.  It is a state to feel selfhood, subjectivity and wakefulness. If you want to be fully conscious, read on and see how this will bless your life!

    1. Be in connection with nature.

     Go out in the woods, smell the flowers and enjoy the beauty of nature.  It is possible for you to feel a sense of oneness and peace with nature when you allow yourself to do so.  When you learn how to appreciate and connect with nature you allow your consciousness to level up. 

    1. Move your body

    Dancing and exercise will help heighten your consciousness by promoting a health brainwave pattern, provide a great circulation through your nervous system, and develop healthy neurotransmitters.  Aside from exercising, you can also raise your consciousness by going out on a friendly walk with your friends or go to a club for fun dancing.  Both of the examples are empowering, and enjoyable! 

    1. Meditate 

    A simple mediation will allow you to enter into the highest state of consciousness if you stay long enough.  Whether you’re a beginner or advanced mediator these act will surely raise your conscious awareness. It will also allow you to reach greater discipline, focus and develop a sense of joyous connection with life.

    1. Spend quality time with real friends

    Find friends that share your belief, values and interest.  They will help you become more conscious.  If they are true friends, for sure, they will be tough to find.  Once you found them, cherished them, and make a habit to call them once in a while.  So you can spend more quality time with them.

    1. Have a commitment to raise your consciousness

    If you have a commitment to raise your state of awareness and consciousness, you will never go wrong.  When you are committed you will be more focused on raising your consciousness.

    1. Be truthful

    When you tell the truth, you raise your consciousness level.   Why some people have to tell lies?  Telling lies will protect them from the lower state of consciousness.  People who say the truth are in a higher state of consciousness because they are true to themselves and to others.  Thus, making their relationship with humans more conscious.

    1. Find your purpose and meaning in life. 

    Finding a purpose in life will help you find the reasons why you are here on earth. Once you find the purpose, share it to the people around you and you will continue to elevate your consciousness level.

    1. Take control of your decisions

    Take a conscious control of your decisions in life.  If you do, you activate a particular neural pathways in your brain that aid in promoting calmness, inner peace and self control.  If you let others dictate you with your decisions and you do not take full responsibility of your actions, you are conditioned to become less conscious when you’re making decisions.

    1. Be open-minded always

    Open-mindedness is the key in becoming a more conscious individual.  You have to learn to accept that Mother Earth is filled of diversity in terms of beliefs, cultures, religion and wildlife. If you fail to accept the diversity that it has to offer, you will stay in the same level of consciousness or worst, drop into a lower state.  Being open-minded doesn’t mean you have to be open for other people’s belief. It can also be having an open-mind to seek and try something different like trying new foods, new exercise routine, and spiritual practice.

    higher consciousness 1q


    1. Chase Higher Intelligence 

    There are many ways on how you can pursue higher intelligence.  Although, not all are born intelligent in some aspects of their life, for examples some are emotionally intelligent, others have high IQ while others are spiritually intelligent.  All kinds of intelligence can be enhance and develop.  If you find ways on how to cultivate this gift you will become more conscious and aware of your human being.

    1. Respect Yourself

    Respecting your action and yourself will boost the amount of love that you give to yourself and to other people.  Always do wise and respectful decisions.  This will reflect your strong respect and values for your personal welfare. If you treat others with respect you become more conscious as a human being.  But before you learn to respect others, you have to learn first how to show respect for yourself. 

    1. Put into practice the art of forgiving

    Forgiving yourself is very difficult particularly if you are operating on a lower quality of consciousness.  You have to realize that for you to advance and rise up as a conscious person, you must be compassionate in forgiving yourself and others.  Any negative and hateful thoughts will pile up negativity and hurt emotions that you will be holding unto.  You need to release these negative emotions and thought because it is like a poison inside you that can easily lower your level of consciousness.  You have to practice forgiveness and compassion to others. 

    1. Live and practice high-performance mindset 

    Practicing a high-performance mindset is invigorating and fun process that involves access to your brainwave state that you choose consciously. This high performance mind will come out naturally if you think it is appropriate for a particular situation.  There is no best brainwave state to live in, but you can train your mind to switch states consciously upon command. If you want to understand and develop a high-performance mindset you can read the book The High Performance Mind authored by Anna Wise.

    1. Pray 

    The act of saying a little prayer will raise your consciousness level.  There are lots of ways on how you can practice prayer.  When you pray, you enhance the supremacy of conscious message.  As a whole, prayer is a great spiritual experience that helps you in attaining your conscious awareness.

    1. Confront your belief system 

    This task is very difficult for individuals whose belief system is influenced by their parents, teachers or guardians during their formative years in childhood.   For example, the beliefs that you can alter includes spiritual (from Atheism to Christianity or vice versa), dietary (changing to vegan diet), emotional (from state of sadness to happiness) and many others. When you challenge your belief system and experiment on new beliefs, you open yourself to the endless possibilities that life has to offer. 

    1. Be friends with like-minded individuals

    As your journey begins to becoming a more connected and conscious individual, making friends with like-minded people is extremely helpful.  If you go through mental, emotional and spiritual challenges alone, the process can be more confusing and difficult to handle. Unlike if you have a guru, friends, and guide with you that are travelling at the same pace with you; your journey will become healthier.  Surrounding yourself with a support system will be optimal to attain consciousness and the journey will become less than a burden.

    1. Engage in spirituality

    When you pursue a path of spirituality, it will help you in the process of being more conscious human being.  Do not be afraid to chase and engage in spiritual practice – you may never know how it can create a life changing experience.

    1. Be grateful

    Developing a habit of being thankful for everything that happens is a fulfilling and positive exercise to follow.  There are many ways on how you can express gratitude including saying thanks for your food, being grateful for the good and the bad things that happens to your day, and by saying a prayer.  You can also complement others and let them know how happy you are for being a part of your life. By expressing and sharing your gratitude, you become more satisfied and you will become consciously aware of the things that truly matters in life. 



    1. Find ways to make you happy

    What makes you happy?  Interestingly, every person has different answers on what will make them happy.  Do yourself a favor, make a list of everything that can make you happy in life and how you can act on those listed item. Experiencing and feeling happiness in life can give you powerful drive that helps you to be more conscious.

    1. Take action on your desires

    If you desire to achieve something, you raise the level of consciousness.  The yearning in you encourages you to take action and advance consciously.  The state of indifference or not caring about your consciousness will lower your consciousness level naturally.  Having a desire is a powerful means of raising your consciousness.

    1. Enhance your brain functioning and power

    There are lots of ways on how you can heighten your level of brain functioning and brain power.  Raising your consciousness level will increase your overall brain power, and vice versa.  Both have an equal effect on your level of consciousness. 

    1. Take Lifestyle Matters into Your Hands

    Are you having the kind of lifestyle that is beneficial with your physical and mental well being?  Are there any bad habits that you need to get rid off or any good habits that you need to add in your routine?  Take full control of your lifestyle.  Act now and make the necessary changes in your life that can help you achieve a full and conscious control.

    1. Pick out empowering beliefs

    When you are on the process of choosing or changing a belief pick out a principle that is empowering to your soul and assess yourself how you feel about it.  If you have a strong connection with this new belief and you feel a sense of excitement, it could probably mean that you made a great choice.  Make an effort to remove all beliefs that are less satisfying.  When you become a more conscious person, changing belief is a natural and easier process.

    1. Avoid abuse and physical fighting

    Physical fighting is caused by negative emotional expression, hatred and misunderstanding.  It is the opposite of tranquility and peace.  Abuse and other forms of physical fighting can easily destroy you and prevent you from being a conscious human being.  If you stop any forms of abuse and physical fighting, it will make you and the individual become more consciously aware.

    1. Recognize and accept your emotions

    Whatever your current emotion is, you can do yourself a favor if you accept your emotions.  Not recognizing and accepting your emotions will make your life more difficult.  If you try to escape from your emotions you lower your level of consciousness. Once you accept what you truly feel and understand why you have that emotion, your awareness rises.

    1. Talk compassionately

    When you converse with other people, do you choose wisely the words that you say?  Or are you care less on what you say to others?  The truth of the matter is individuals who consciously think and choose words wisely during a conversation are those who show more respect and compassion for others.  Make an effort to speak talk compassionately and positive results will follow. 

    1. Think positive 

    Being a positive person is a good example for you and for others.  Positivity has direct effects on raising your awareness.  Practice becoming more positive person in all aspects of your life, and notice its beneficial effects in your level of consciousness.

    1. Have sexual intercourse with your partner 

    Having sex with your partner is an incredible way to share and spread the love with that person.  The best way to have sex is to have a healthy and positive person in which you truly trust and love. Sex is a loving way of sharing and transferring energy with another human being.  Sexual intercourse can significantly raise your conscious benefits. 

    1. Connect with your soul

     You have to realize that when you connect with your core, you become a spiritual being living in a physical body. In lower levels of consciousness, this concept seems unrealistic and difficult to attain. As you connect and identify with your soul, you will become better at working your way to an awareness level.

    1. Look at the perceived fault as mirror image

    When you see other people mistake, identify with them.  Use their experiences as a teaching tool for you.  The people that you come across in life were there for a purpose, they are not put by mistake.  They came to teach you an important lesson about yourself.  By taking the initiative to take responsibility of the actions displayed by others, you put in your conscious effort to take that information and make positive changes for yourself.

    1. Widen your horizons

    Trying something is applicable to any area of your life.  It could be trying a new healthy habit to add in your routine, hosting a block party, or shop at an organic store.  Have courage to raise your consciousness by continuously trying new things.  It will help increase your cognitive ability to help you push and adapt to any low state of fear.



    1. Have courage to face your fear

    Do you have any fears that you are holding inside that keeps you from making a conscious advancement. At some stages of the ladder of consciousness, it can be difficult to face your deepest fears. With that when you learn to face your fears you equip your consciousness with more energy and empowerment.  Healthy fears could be singing in front of a group, giving speech, throwing a party, or any fears that you need to face and encounter. The courage to face your fear will help you to advance in your consciousness levels. 

    1. Use a powerful incantations

    Incantations are phrases or words that are repeated again and again with emotional intensity for spiritual and personal benefit.  They are commonly used in religious practice to give praise to God or divine being for your personal development and to attain a higher level of consciousness. Whichever incantations you use, it can be a powerful and helpful catalyst of helping you to become more conscious individual.

    1. Practice giving positive affirmation

    Affirmation is not similar with incantations, although the concept is almost the same.  Affirmation is used to change thinking patterns and beliefs.  An example of positive affirmation are “I am intelligent”, “I am positive”, and “I am healthy”.  The main goal of affirmations is to replace thought patterns and unhealthy beliefs with healthier ones, making it easier for you to attain consciousness.

    1. Be aware of your level of awareness

     There are lots of people who don’t know their current level of awareness or what consciousness is all about.  It could also be possible that the person doesn’t have any awareness of the different levels of consciousness because the person has not experienced one functional primary state throughout his or her lifetime.  If you are the person who doesn’t understands your level of awareness or experienced other levels, you are certainly missing a lot of important aspects and you fail to understand what conscious perception is all about.

    1. Set a good example for others

    Being a good example for others pertains to any area of life which is highly encouraged. When you set a positive and healthy example for others, you spread a positive and direct image into the minds and live of others.  When you try to consciously spread a good example for others, you will heighten your level of consciousness.  If you set an unconscious or bad example, your conscious development will halt, slow or be reversed.

    1. Help and guide others in raising their consciousness

    If you are consciously advanced person, there are many ways on how you can help others attain higher levels of awareness.  The odds are good if you will do some personal work of raising your own consciousness first before you can be in the effective position to assist others in raising their awareness. What you need to do, is encourage others to practice some principles written on On how they can raise their levels of consciousness.

    1. Share your wisdom and insight

    Every person has different perspective on how they look at their personality, experience and purpose.  Therefore, each person has unique insights that they can share with.  There are many opportunities and ways for you to share and express your knowhow with other people. All you need is to take action on finding that medium that is most effective for you to share your insight. 

    1. Learn wisdom from others

    No person holds the entire wisdom of the universe.  Thus, it is important to gain and learn wisdom from others and try to apply it in our life.  As mentioned a while ago, every individual has a unique knowledge and perspective to share to others.  Gaining wisdom from others can be done in a lot of ways.  For example, you can meet them face-to-face to be more consciously advanced person and ask for their advice.  Attending personal development seminars or reading a personal and positive developmental websites can also be a great tool in gaining wisdom.

    1. Be aware of your ego

    If your aware of your ego, the easier for you to become conscious.  With that, awareness increases and your state of consciousness, the reverse can also be applied, as your consciousness raises, your awareness also heightens.  If you fail to control your ego and you allow it to take control of your consciousness, it has a potential to lower your state of functioning.   Take full responsibility and control of your ego when you are faced with adversity to allow you to advance consciously in a healthier manner. 

    1. Put into practice the personal development

    Practicing the concept of personal development is an effective way to take action of your life and make yourself a more conscious human being. Look at personal development as the act of leveling up in every area of your life to function at its highest possible level in terms of your relationship, finances, and health.  Virtually, all the aspects of personal development can pave way to a greater conscious development.

    1. Shift your focus on awareness

    If you are preoccupied with the past events and what lies ahead, you have the potential to lead your awareness in the wrong path.  You need to focus on the here and now moment, because it is a great way to increase your level of consciousness.  By learning the techniques that allows you to shift your consciousness on the now moment, you can work with wonder on the process of consciousness advancement. 

    1. Increase your energy levels 

    Increasing your energy levels is a powerful tool in advancing your level of consciousness and inspiring others to also become consciously advanced.  When your body is energized, your brain can also become energized.  When the two works on operating at maximum energy and intensity, you are at a peak of your conscious performance.

    eat healthy


    1. Choose a healthy dietary changes

    Making a change for a healthier dietary choices means you are searching for the best possible options that will fit your physical, mental and spiritual needs.  Are you conscious of what you are eating?  For you to raise your consciousness level, it is important that you are aware of the food that you are consuming to be more accepting and respectful of the diets of other individuals without making any negative judgments. 

    1. Accept other people for who they are 

    It is important for you to be accepting of the choices that other people make.  For example, being conscious of what you are consuming will also entail for you to be accepting of the diet others choose to consume.  Whether they make a decision to have unconscious decision like having unhealthy diet, accept their choices.  Accept others for who they are apply to all areas of life.  Even if you disagree with the person’s action, their perception of life and personality, it is important to accept them and don’t force any changes with them.  You can settle your disagreement with others if you accept them as who they are.

    1. Love and accept yourself for who you are 

    Life’s journey becomes significantly enriched and easier if you learn to love and accept yourself.  It depends on your present state of awareness, it may be a difficult task to accept and love yourself for who you are.  Take time to count the good things that happen to your life, be more accepting of yourself and your state of consciousness. Realize that in this moment you are trying your best to know how you can advance consciously.

    1. Understand your Thought process

    An effective way to become conscious is to take note and understand your thought process to the best that you can.  There are many people who run in mental circles because they are ineffective in understanding their thought process. Learn why you are thinking your thoughts and be aware of them is the key step in creating an understanding of your reality.

    1. Be thankful for everything that happens

     There are moments in life when a lot of great things happen to you and there are also times when upsetting events happens.  Practicing the habit of accepting who you are and being thankful for everything that happens to your life is a great way of boosting consciousness.  Even if the event is too bad, it can still have the potential to create positive impact in your life on the long run.  Your ability to appreciate and bless even if others perceived it as a worst case scenario, will ultimately guide you to an amazing conscious satisfaction.

    1. Spend time for internal reflection

    Spending time for internal reflection is the most effective way for you to learn about your current level of consciousness and to learn more about yourself. Internal reflection will help you to better understand your spirituality, emotions, and thoughts.  It also helps you to have clarity in thinking about your current situation.  If you don’t have the time to reflect internally, you can do well if you start with 20 minute meditation routine every morning and observe the difference.  It will quickly make a difference in your level of consciousness.

    1. Focus on advancing your consciousness

    During the process of conscious development, it is important that you focus on what you want to accomplish – to become more conscious.  During the process, it is important that you remove all the unhealthy distractions like illicit drugs, fighting, abuse and negative relationship.   If you allow yourself to get distracted with unconscious and unhealthy habits then the act of advancing your awareness will become a slower process or more difficult than normal to attain. 

    1. Be conscious of your breathing

    Being conscious of your breathing means being fully aware of your breathing pattern which is very important, regrettably, many people don’t know how to breathe properly.  A proper way of breathing is optimal for your brain and body.  Proper breathing involves inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth upon every breath.  The process of being aware of breathing can be done through exercises like conscious breathing and meditation will help you to significantly raise your overall focus, level of consciousness and emotional stability.

    1. Spend time with yourself 

    The fast paced lifestyle of this generation, allows people to spend time with others, yet never take a personal time for them and focus on their life. If you are a kind of individual who never take time to spend with yourself, it is time for you to start a personal routine. There are many ways on how you can spend time with yourself, and contribute positively for your life which includes letting yourself know that you love yourself, spending time for mediation or internal reflection, being grateful for everything that happens to your life, going on for a walk and listen to your thoughts, or getting into a hobby that will inspire you.

    1. Listen more and speak less

    In this time, it seems that there is someone who wants to be the apple of the eye or center of attention.  Conversations has become as egoistic competitions.  Being a center of attention is a rewarding and great feeling but it can be consciously dangerous for your consciousness if it is motivated by ego.  When you practice to listen more than you speak, you train yourself to be consciously aware of other people, while holding on the conscious ability to contribute politely to conversations.

    1. Develop a sense of courage

    When you are conscious it means you do what pleases you.  You say what you really want to say, and live your life how you want it to live in every moment.  Somewhere, when you are developing your highly conscious mind, you will be challenged to be courageous.  Developing and mastering a sense of courage is the first step.  This phase may last for several years as your journey continues to become more conscious. 

    1. Act with compassion

     Being compassionate with others is a result of being more conscious.  Sorry to say, there are some people on earth that are honestly claiming to them that they act with compassion for others. Compassion meditation allows you to learn how you can shift your mental focus from any state into pure love for others.  As you know, practicing compassion is a powerful exercise for raising your consciousness levels.

    1. Develop and enhance your mental focus

    Improving your mental focus help you to have a better understanding of reality and provide you with an inner clarity.  As you improve your level of clarity and focus, the concepts that seemed very difficult to understand become a general knowledge.  You get a better sense of learning within yourself and the world around you.  As you raise your level of focus, you also raise your level of consciousness. 

    1. Think logically and rationally

    Being able to think logically and rationally allows you to interact positively with reality easier than being illogical and irrational.  In fact, when you’re illogical and irrational you will lower your present level of consciousness.  Rational thinking is a product of a high performing and functioning brain particularly on your left-prefrontal cortex.  One way to increase your rationalizing ability is to strengthen your brain’s functioning level is to boost your brain power.

    1. Cleanse your body

     A great way to attain high conscious levels is to cleanse your body.  By going to a specific diet, you eliminate certain toxins thus decreasing your stress.  You also learn to relax deeply when you cut some substances in your diet, or you go sit in to a sauna and sweat out the toxins.  When you do your detox routine, be aware of what it does to your body.  Be conscious of choosing the right detox routine that is proven effective to avoid any damage to your body.  Choosing to purify your body can work magic for your present level of consciousness. 

    1. Start your personal blog or journal

    Starting a personal blog or journal is a great investment for you that will allow yourself to be more conscious of your beliefs, philosophies, feelings, thoughts and actions.  Writing daily entries into your journal or personal blog can be very helpful in understanding your state of consciousness.  The great thing about making a journal about yourself is that you can watch your progress as you pave way for a conscious journey. Whatever your strategy is in making a journal, you have to understand that it can help you in developing a deeper sense of knowledge and understanding about yourself and your conscious awareness.



    1. Be funny –Make people laugh

    Being a funny person and making other people laugh is a great way of easing stress and making a more positive outlook in life for you and for others, as well.  Even if you are not a comedian, being able to help other people laugh is satisfying and rewarding.  When you smile and make others happy, you help shift the attention away from the negative emotions and pains towards a pure happiness and enjoyment.  The ability to laugh at jokes can help change your perspective to a serious and grim situation to a more positive and happier outlook.

    1. Practice your religion 

    Being active with your religion is a phenomenal in becoming a more conscious person.  As you increase your level of consciousness, you discover that there is no best religion to practice.  What matter is there is a conscious advancement in getting a feel of what practices that can actually makes you become consciously aware?  Do what you think is best for you.  You can try to be open and see the different types of religion.

    1. Respect others belief

    You have to be respectful and loving on other people’s belief.  It is important that you respect the actions and thoughts of the other person regardless of how advanced you are consciously.  When you try to impose others to adopt your beliefs, lifestyle and force them to become a conscious human-being, you indirectly express negative emotion to that individual.  You get your ego to be involved.  Forcing others to change is not accepting them for who they are.  If you feel the need to increase their consciousness, perhaps you also need to raise your awareness more!  You need to realize that every person has their own time table on where they advance consciously.   In the right time, they will eventually reach their mountain on their journey to higher consciousness. 

    1. Ask questions about life 

    When you attempt to learn more each day, you increase your knowledge and you become a more conscious person.  Nobody knows everything in life, that is why you need to keep asking questions and about certain life situations will help you on your journey.  The thing is you need to learn more about life as soon as you can. This will help you to be more knowledgeable and conscious about your actions.  If you don’t like to ask questions, this will be a great time for you to ask yourself internal questions.  Often time, you fail to realize that the answer is within you.  Meditation is highly recommended as an exercise to learn more about your inner-self. 

    1. Accept and understand that everything changes 

    Everyone and everything is in a constant change.  It is undeniable fact that happens to you and to others.  There is no way you can do to prevent change, but you can consciously control your changes. Be the kind of change that you want to see on Earth.  If you can make a conscious and positive change! 

    1. You are not alone

    On your journey in becoming a conscious human being, it is important to know that you are not alone in this process.  Somehow and someone is also going through a similar process what you have gone through.  There are many individuals who are more consciously advanced than you are which is great.  You have to look at these individuals as your role model through your journey.  You can always look for more conscious individuals to seek advice and personal guidance in life.

    1. Push your limits

    Pushing your limits to become the best that you can be is something that you should work hard for.  You need to push your personal limits in every area of our life in terms of spirituality, finances, consciousness, exercise, relationships and many others. Pushing your limits in the area that you feel you are more soulfully-connected will give you the greatest feeling of fulfillment. 

    1. Make an investment to yourself

    When you get your salary, do you invest in stocks?  Have you thought of making yourself an investment?  Do you invest in your values, goals, vision and purpose in life?  Besides money, can you invest in giving time for yourself?  Investing time for yourself is an effective way to become highly conscious individual.  It will allow you to discover your real purpose and become a conscious human being. 

    1. Be open to explore consciousness 

    There are lots of ways on how to openly explore your consciousness.  These methods includes mediation, brainwave entertainments, trying out new hobbies and activities, raise your consciousness, explore different social groups, explore spirituality, travel a lot and change your environment and or try neuro-feedback and many others.  If you don’t have any ideas on healthy ways to raise your consciousness, you can start from the suggestion given here. 

    1. Develop trustworthy relationship 

    Developing a trustworthy and deep relationship with other people is great for helping people to become more conscious.  This is a great way for you to share joy and love with others.  If you want trusted someone deeply, try to develop at least a personal and deep relationship for at least one person. It could be your boyfriend or girlfriend, spouse, friend, your therapist or someone that on the same mindset as you are.  It could be someone at the same consciousness level.   Having another person to talk to and discuss about your inner and personal thoughts, someone who could share your emotions, joy and turmoil with, will make you a more conscious and happier person. 

    1. Call your spirit guides 

    Every person has spirit guides – whether you believe on it or not.  Before you are born, you were assigned a spirit guide to do what their name tells you, to guide your spirit. They can provide you with precious advice and a form of intuitive connection that you never imagined possible. The best way for you to connect with your spirit guide is to learn the proper meditation.  The spirit guide is there to help your spirit in choosing the right direction.  They really want to have connection with you to help you increase your levels of consciousness. So find ways on how you can connect with them on a more personal level. Find a spiritual seeker or psychic that knows about the spirit guides and how you can connect with them. Erin Pavlina has some great reviews in her ability to help people connect with their guides.  Her reading is somewhat expensive, but getting an advice could be a great investment for you to accelerate your conscious development and personal growth.

    1. Clear your emotional blocks

    Every individual has some subconscious emotional block that they were able to suppress within their subconscious.  These emotional blocks can develop in childhood and be forgotten as the person reaches adulthood.  Suppressing these emotional blocks can drain your conscious control on your life if you don’t learn how to release it.  It is not advisable to deal with repressed traumatic memories or very powerful emotional blocks on your own. You need to consult a psychologist or therapist to help you through your powerful dark emotions. If you learn to work through your emotional blocks, you allow yourself to attain a higher level of consciousness. 

    1. Clear your subconscious cobwebs

    What are subconscious cobwebs?  A subconscious cobwebs refers to any unfulfilling emotions and beliefs that have been carried out in your subconscious mind for too long. There are times when your subconscious mind carries around an extra emotional and negative baggage and other limiting beliefs that need to be replaced or released.  If you want to remove all your subconscious cobwebs, you need to take full control of your mind.  Try to consider meditation.  It helps take your conscious awareness on a deeper level that makes reprogramming your mind an easier process.

    1. Turn the TV off

    Depending on the state of consciousness, watching TV can actually be good for you. But for those persons that are operating on extremely low level of consciousness, watching TV helps them to get satisfaction, hope and heighten their consciousness level.  For you to permanently raise your consciousness level, it would be better if you turn the TV off. If watching TV does not reflect your purpose in life nor it prevents you from becoming fully productive.  If the time that you have to spend watching TV can be put for a better use like accomplish a personal goal, boost your brain power and or provide extra time for exercise.

    1. Read inspiring and good books 

    Are you fond of reading non-fiction or fiction books or both?  Reading a book is a great way to raise your conscious brain power.  When you read books it provides you with ways to expand your intellect, creativity and knowledge.  Reading can help you become smarter person with a mind that is filled with new ideas and thoughts.  The more credible the information that you were able to read, the more knowledge and information your consciousness will be able to absorb.

    be creative


    1. Be creative

    There are lot of ways to expand your abilities and creativity to be able to act and think creatively.  When you develop ways to think creatively you help boost your brain power and raise your consciousness.  Using brainstorming, mediations, creative visualization and Zen koans have been known to help increase creative thinking. Being creative is important when you deal with reality.  Creativity allows helping your mind solve the most difficult problems.  If you have low creative thinking, think of possible ways to keep it up, it will surely give you lots of conscious benefits. 

    1. Enhance your strong people-skills

    Enhancing your strong people-skills will help you to become more conscious in a lot of ways.  Having this skill allows you to be more comfortable in expressing who you are in any social situation. Without a strong people skills, you will be in a state of fear around others when you are in social settings or even worse.  You may also feel uncomfortable expressing your values, beliefs and lifestyle in front of others.  When you develop strong people-skills, you allow yourself to become a more conscious individual and share your love with people. 

    1. Be inspired

    Being inspired will help you to make passionate action. If you want to be inspired, you need to have an emotional connection.  Maybe you are inspired by a song you heard over the radio, or you find Pablo Picasso’s artwork inspiring, or you were inspired by Hilary Clinton or Barack Obama.  Every person is unique and they have different views on how to be inspired.  Inspiration can work magic if you let it in.  Take actions based on positive inspiration to help raise your consciousness in a higher functioning.

    1. Be courteous

    Being courteous is a great way to share positivity, love and setting a good example.  When you set a good example, you create an impact into the life of others. When you practice a habit of putting courteous actions for others, you will see that they will be inclined to follow you.  When you are courteous to every person you meet, you raise your consciousness through compassion.

    1. Go for a spiritual retreat

    There are many spiritual opportunities and retreats that can quickly raise your consciousness levels.  Meditation gatherings and retreats with your religious community are two ways on how you can boost your consciousness.  When you go to church, it is an act of spiritual gathering.  Going to Holosync retreat is also a great way to connect with a positive and fun group of individuals that could be your lifelong friends.  You will never understand or know the possibilities of conscious transformation have to offer until you make a point to attend.

    1. Create your mastermind group 

    Forming your mastermind group is a phenomenal way to help raise your consciousness and complete your goal.  To form a mastermind group, you have to gather some of your trustworthy friends.  Next, you have to schedule the time where your entire group will meet and discuss goals, personal challenges and accomplishment.  Meet and discuss your goals. Be encouraging and positive towards one another. Offer suggestion and motivate the rest of the group.  Mastermind groups offer positive and conscious support that allows you to accomplish your goals easier.  Social support from a positive group of friends is a great way to become more conscious.  Do what you want with the group, be positive, have fun and raise your consciousness along your journey!

    1. Be a mediator

    There are situations wherein negativity will arise. One way for you to break this situation peacefully is to become a mediator.  A person who acts as mediator is able to resolve conflicts between two parties and be able to find peaceful solution to the problem that both parties agree upon. In the end, the great thing about mediation process is you get a satisfaction from helping people bring peace to the world.  When you help others, you get a real sense of happiness in your life.  When you bring peace and collective consciousness in humanity, you take positive action.

    1. Build a truthful model of reality

    Building a truthful model of reality is an incredible way of exploring the endless possibilities that life can offer.  When you gain conscious control of your thoughts, you will help yourself in creating your model of reality. When you take control on your focus, building a truthful model of reality become an easy task.

    1. Become a leader 

    Becoming a leader is a great way to boost your consciousness level and that of other people.  If you become a leader who has positive influence in large groups of people, you will help raise your conscious power. Every person that supports your message adds to your capability to share your meaning and purpose in life.  If you haven’t become a leader, it is now the best time to consider becoming one.



    1. Travel around the world

    Travelling the world has the potential to expand and change your level of consciousness.  When you see different places, you learn about the unique ways of thinking, religions, values, customs and many others.  This is why it is common for a big change in perception to happen.  Traveling to different parts of the world is one way of exploration that lets you to experience life on a bigger scale.

    1. Practice empathy

    Developing advance empathetic abilities can access the lower brainwave states both the delta and theta brainwaves.  When you make a conscious effort to become an emphatic person you try to relate and understand others and their emotions in an effective way as possible.  Being empathetic is a great way for you to spread compassion and love in the word.  Spreading compassion and love is a great way to help you become more conscious person!

    1. Set your goals and accomplish them

     Set positive goals and work hard to accomplish them is a very effective way to advance consciously, even with you having the intention to do so.  For example, if you set a goal to regularly exercise a day for a month to improve your health.  When you set and complete your goal, your main focus is to improve your health but you are actually indirectly improving your consciousness level.

    1. Do brainwave entrainment

    Brainwave entrainment is a currently new and experimental technique. But it is a great way to advance consciously because it actually works.  Brainwave entrainment work well, it is an effective way to develop a powerful brain and advanced your state of consciousness.  When you practice brainwave entrainment, you brain becomes more flexible in the process of shifting to different brainwave states. You can give brainwave entrainment a trial and evaluate its effectiveness in advancing consciously. 

    1. Try to do self-hypnosis

    Many people fail to realize that the act of self-hypnosis is a helpful way of achieving controlled and complete relaxation.  Self-hypnosis helps you to develop complete and full control of your beliefs that are imbedded in your subconscious mind. Self-hypnosis relaxes your body and helps you to achieve a deep and highly-focused relaxation.  No matter whether you enjoy mediation or self-hypnosis or more, they are both exercises that will elevate your consciousness.  If you haven’t done it, give it a shot! It is an extremely safe exercise that will give tremendous benefit to your consciousness.

    1. Develop Chakras

    Learning to cleanse and clear chakras is the best investment you can made for yourself.  Chakras hold the key to connect with the energy from the universe and to allow you to reach your higher self.  When you work directly with your chakras, you help yourself become more conscious person, making you more conscious of your body’s energy center and how it can affect your life.

    1. Release Kundalini energy

    Kundalini or latent energy is a force that is found at the base of your spine.  You feel Kundalini energy when you experience strong emotional moments, when you experience powerful situations or hear a song playing. Kundalini feels like there is an energy that makes your spine tingle. You get goose bumps throughout your body and your entire spine tingles with emotional energy. Kundalini is a powerful and healthy method to advance consciously.  It is not recommended to experience Kundalini blindly.  Read on Kundalini energy and consider working with a person who has been through the entire process as you hope to release your Kundalini energy.

    1. Be appreciative of your surrounding

    An effective way to raise your consciousness is to become more thankful and appreciative of your environment.  Every day has its own little things that you should not take for granted.  Most often, you will see amazing forms of beauty. Appreciating the beauty of flowers, sunset or the beautiful expressions of your neighbor face can a simple thing to help you appreciate the beauty of life.  When you realize that everything is actually connected, you will realize that you are meant to appreciate and love one another.  Naturally, you become grateful for your surrounding and what the earth has to offer and you become more conscious.



    1. Bring a new life to earth

     When you make a new contribution to life on earth, you bring another brilliant expression of the universe. When you bring an animal life, plant life, and human life on earth, it is something that you can be proud of. The ways that you could contribute to bring life to this planet includes raising an animal, planting flowers, adopting a child and raising children. The inner feeling that you feel as a result of bringing a new life are perfect for taking yourself to a higher conscious level and finding real happiness.

    1. Be flexible 

    Flexibility is what gymnastics is all about.  It also plays a key role in the process of becoming a more conscious human being.  If you lead an overly-structured life you become unpleasurable and overwhelming. Take time to appreciate every moment with spontaneity even in spur-of-the-moment events.  Being flexible is an incredible way to cultivate your life. Though learning to be flexible is a small habit to make you more conscious by opening your life to new opportunities, it is also an important guide to implement in your life. 

    1. Learn from consciously advanced individuals

    Consciously advanced persons have a lot to offer for those who have lower consciousness level.  They provide great insights, discoveries, and guide for your life in a more positive direction. If you know someone at a higher cognitive level of functioning than you, spend some time with that person.  Ask those questions about life or any questions in general.  See how these individuals feel about raising consciousness and how they can help you increase your awareness.

    1. Live a balanced life 

    Living a balanced life can be difficult.  However, when you keep your activities in proper balance, you can be more involved and aware of many areas of your life.  Make conscious effort to focus your energy to things that inspires you most.  Don’t forget to be flexible and take time to spend quality time with important people like your friends and family and do activities like exercise and expressing yourself.  Doing well-balanced activities helps provide you with greater conscious satisfaction.

    1. Take health supplements

    Health supplements have been known to aid in boosting physical functioning and mental processing. Taking a multivitamin in combination with 3.6 grams of fish oil daily is a good example.  Most people have find this combination a phenomenal way of boosting their mental and physical functioning.  Be open-minded – consider supplements if you are not taking it.  Do your personal experiment to see what supplements work best with you and how supplements can affect your level of consciousness.  At the end, you will decide which supplements are ineffective for you that seem like placebos.

    1. Celebrate your achievements

    Celebrating your achievements is a form of self-respect and self-praise.  When you appreciate and value yourself, you celebrate your accomplishment and actually achievements are a way to celebrate!  Celebrating is a rewarding and fun activity to make you happier.  It increases your overall respect and self-love both of which are the key factors in raising your consciousness.

    1. Maintain positive intentions

    A positive intention arises from positive mindset.  If you have a positive mindset you form the habit of holding to good intentions which will help boost your consciousness awareness.  When you want positive events to happen, you need to have positive expectations to your life.  You will attract positive people that will bring more happiness.

    1. Re-read this article 

    Constantly remind yourself to be more conscious by reading this series again and again.  This article provides you with a most priceless advice to help raise your consciousness level. The main focus of this article is to help boost your brain power and your consciousness.   The more you develop a powerful mindset the easier for you to raise your consciousness.  Each time you recommend this series and website to another person, you help guide others towards positive change.  This article comes with a blessing to everyone who will read, recommend, or apply the message to help themselves.

    domore what makes you happy


    1. (This space is blank for you to fill it in)

    Nobody understands and knows what strategy works best to boost your consciousness better than yourself.  Be more creative, fill the 100th space!  Choose the activity that you enjoy and renews your sense of welfare and resonate with your soul.  Blessings are sent to people who made this far in reading down the list!


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    Sleeping soundly and peacefully at night gives you enough energy to face the demands and challenges of the day.  When you have a good and long night sleep, you allow your body to rejuvenate. Aside from this known fact, there are other important perceptions and realization of sleeping that you need to come into terms with.

    You know that sleep is very important for your body.  It is where you get enough fuel so your body can function as unit.  Sleeping also gives your system time to repair worn out cells and tissues.  It reenergize your entire system for a better and fresher you.

    In fact, humans cannot survive without sleeping. It is the main source of processing energy. Sleeping is an innate process in humans.

    Baby-Picture-Baby-Sleeping-With-Teddy-WallpapersA newborn sleeps roughly 20 to 22 hours a day for the first few weeks. Even if you try to provoke the newborns attention, they remain focused within their bodies. They cry to get what they need and get back to sleeping. This behavior continues for the first three months of life until they become accustomed with their environment.

    Why Sleep is Very Important?

    Why do you need to sleep?  Why do you need to give your five senses a rest? Have you ever wondered what will happen to your body if you choose not to sleep?

    There are hypothesis that when you indulge in the realm of sleeping and you allow your physical body to withdraw from consciousness.  You enter into a new level that is not perceived by your senses.

    But first, let us answer the question, why sleep is very important? Most people would say that they need sleep to get the energy that they needed.  If you read between the lines, you may ask, can you not get the energy that you need when you are awake?

    Isn’t it absurdity to say that you need a state of restfulness for you to get the energy that you need? Well, even if you are at rest, your internal environment continues to function, and in fact it doesn’t stop from working!

    When you go to sleep your brain and body fires into action, each night your brain is stimulated to refresh its neurons.  Brain cells that were used up all day, shuts down for repair and certain brain chemicals stimulate the neurons to grow. During REM or Rapid Eye Movement sleep, your brain is so busy that the blood flow is increased to nearly double.

    This means that there is an active communication between your brain cells and your internal organs like the heart, arteries, bones, and other cells of your bodily system.  These organs never stop from what they are doing during sleep.  It is actually the best time for them to reactivate and refresh the cells.

    frontlobe11What Part of the Body Shuts Down During Sleep?

    If there’s a part of your body that shut downs during sleep, it is the frontal lobe of your brain.  Frontal lobes are considered as the control center of your emotions and home of your personality. This is the only part that remains inactive in the entire sleep process.

    This leads us to question, why do the personality and emotional center of the brain is removed in the sleep process?  Do you wonder why removing the conscious mind to participate in the sleep process necessary to replenish your energy?

    Is the conscious mind replenished from other sources? Where does it get the energy?  Have you considered the magnitude of the power of the conscious mind?

    If you observe, an average human sleep around 6 to 10 hours a day which means 18% to 20% of the day is spent in unconscious state.  This state is what human needs to receive the energy that they need. Suffice to say, that the source of the energy is coming from non-physical sources.

    You need this state to fuel the energy that you need at your conscious state. This leads to the idea that humans are not as human as others believe because it is the non-physical energy that helps sustain the energy that the human body needs. An individual needs non-physical retreat from the consciousness to continue to perceive the limits of the five senses.

    If this idea is true, it is worth considering that the permanent withdrawal from consciousness or what you know as “death” can be seen as a full focus on the non-physical source.  Sleep is a way where you enter the realm of a non-physical source in your entire lifespan.

    ManSleeping1Hence, sleep is like a cousin of death or more closely like a sister. These ideas come from the notion that each night every person seems to “die” wherein the consciousness is removed from the world.  In sleep you are separated from the world that you see, smell, taste and touch.

    You need this process to replenish your body, but when you come to think of it, which part of the body is actually replenished?  Your human form lives on food.  You get energy from the foods that contains the essential nutrient such as proteins, sugars, and carbohydrate that you need for physical survival.

    The truth is, if your body is not released to consciousness once in a while, you may not even focus your mind to the waking world. Your body is a brilliant mechanism of delight and wonder.  It cannot be perceived as a dwelling place but seen as indication of perception.

    If your body functions like vehicles, sleep is like removal of the consciousness to get fuel while death is perceived as the removal of the vehicle, but not the driver!

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    20 Astral Projection

    Astral projection is an out-of-body experience that presumes the existence of an “astral body” separate from the physical body and capable of travelling outside it (1). It might sound like an absurd thing, but there are many who claim that they have experienced this.  However, there are no scientific evidences of this. This has also led to a number of misconceptions regarding astral projections and if you look around you will so many myths about them. So we decided to bust some of those myths about astral projection. So here they go (1).

    Myth 1: Astral projection is not common

    If you didn’t know astral projection is not that rare and almost 5% to 10% of the total population of the world has experienced a conscious out of body experience at least once. To be precise, it is around 6 million people in the UK or around 30 million people in USA have been through the experience of astral projection.

    Myth 2: Astral projection cannot be learned, it is impulsive

    There are many people who have who claim that they have mastered the art of astral projection. According 20 Astral Projectionto them, there are numerous techniques such as meditation to master the art of astral projection. When people master these techniques, they can also experience astral projection. But keep it in mind that different things suits different people.

    Myth 3: Astral projection is an exclusive thing for a selected few

    Although many people say that astral projection is not for everyone and only a few people can experience it, it is not true at all. Anyone can experience astral projections if they can try with patience, consistency and open-mindedness. If you can learn to walk and swim, then you can also learn to astral project yourself.

    Myth 4: Astral projection is only for adult, not for minor

    For astral projection, age was never a big factor. To be honest, astral projection is more common among children. Their mind is innocent and they believe that nothing is impossible. In fact they are more open and accepting to new experiences. On the other hand, the adults tend to doubt in such experiences and this is why; it becomes quite difficult for them to open their mind to astral projection. Age in itself is never a barricade for astral projection; the only hindrance is the level of belief.

    Myth 5: Astral projection is quite risky

    While many people say that astral projection is not safe, it is almost opposite to that. It is considered as a 20 Astral Projectionnatural experience and it has been reported in different cultures and societies of the world.  Those people who have experienced astral projection have never complained about any harm. However, the astral gurus suggest that the people with psychological disorder should avoid this in the first place.

    Myth 6: A conscious Astral Projection takes years to achieve

    It is almost impossible to identify the exact time required to reach the level of conscious astral projection. Every individual is different from each other and their mentality is also different from each others. Some can achieve it in less than a year while many take more than that. However, if someone is really dedicated and able to work hard, he or she can experience astral projection in 30 days only (2).

    Myth 7: People may get lost while in astral projection and never come back

    When we sleep in the night, our astral body or soul goes out of our physical body but we do not realize this. But when we are in astral projection, we can realize that we are somewhere different place. Just like we wake up every morning, our astral body also comes back to our body once the experience is over. According to experts, our astral body is connected to our body with a silver cord and it will always come back to the body.

    Myth 8: You might get possessed in astral projection

    This is utterly nonsense. As our astral body is connected to our physical body through a silver cord no can sever. Also, when you are in astral projection, there is no physical matter with you. If you didn’t know, possession is only possible when there is physical matter.

    Myth 9: Astral projection might change a person religious belief

    Although astral projection is a deep experience, it doesn’t alter our beliefs. A study conducted on 350 people who went through this stated that their belief wasn’t changed for this astral projection. Rather the astral projection made their beliefs even stronger in their religion.

    Myth 10: You can’t go very far away from your body

    There is no defined distance or limit in astral projection. Some people have claimed that they even went to a different planet as well.

    Myth 11: There is no silver cord connecting the astral body and physical body

    Even if you don’t see it, there is a silver cord that connects your body with your astral body. Even the Bible has confirmed this.

    Myth 12: Our silver cord can be severed by other astral entities

    The silver cord can’t be severed by anything unless the time of death has arrived.

    Myth 13: The astral plane has lots of dangerous negative entities

    It is true that there are some negative entities in the astral plane but they are not that dangerous. They can’t cut the silver cord or cause any harm to you. If any of these entities do scare you, at the most you will slump back in your physical body.

    Myth 14: Astral projection is a tiresome process

    Astral projection occurs during sleep and your physical body doesn’t go through any activity. So when you will wake up after an astral projection you will feel refreshed.

    Myth 15: You cannot feel or touch objects in the Astral.

    If you are in the physical plane, you will be able to touch or feel the objects. However, under normal circumstance, you won’t be able to feel or touch objects. Your hands will simply pass through the objects in normal astral projections.

    Myth 16: Vivid visualization is necessary for astral projection

    This is not true. However, if you have better ability visualize, you will have a better experience.

    Myth 17: Drugs be used to help induce Projection.

    This is a harmful thing and you should avoid this.

    Myth 18: It is impossible to meet with other human beings during Projection.

    You can meet other people like you who are also experiencing astral projection.

    Myth 19: Astral projection doesn’t prove life after death.

    There is no base for this.

    Myth 20: In astral projection you might meet someone else with the same name by mistake

    It is not true. Our astral experience is controlled by our mind that knows whom we are looking for. There is no place for confusion here.

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    First Astral Projection

    Many people have claimed that they had the experience of leaving their body and move into a new world where they could move around, meet new people and have an experience different from this earth. In astral terms, it is called the astral projection where our soul will leave the body and roam around in the vast sea of consciences gathering the most important information we will ever need. A number of people were lucky enough to experience this through meditation and there are also a few who went through this experience without any effort as well. Among them, I am one and I will be sharing my first astral projection with you. It is true that many people think that this is a dream of mine and there is nothing special to this. But I can swear that this is something more than a dream. This has changed me and my whole life as I was able to meet two of my guardian angels in this experience and they have helped me to realize the reason for my existence on this earth. Keep it in mind that it was unintended and I had no control over it (1).

    It was February 21, 2012 when I was gifted with this experience. It was midnight and I was sleeping in my 1_anotherroom. Suddenly I could hear someone calling my name and I woke up to that. The room had no lights on but still it was quite bright. Don’t know what was keeping my room illuminated, but it was so bright that it made my room look strange. I could realize that the voice calling me was outside of the window. So I went to window and tried to remove the curtains. To my shock, my hands passed through the curtains instead of removing them. It was like I was made of air only. Although startled, I gathered my courage thinking that it was a mere dream and decided to go through the window this time. I was successful in this and when I went through the window curtains. After this, I felt like I was levitating for while and when I looked above, I could see the stars. When I was watching carefully, I could see one star which was shining brighter than other. Then all of a sudden, I found myself in a bright room.

    It was a bright room and this is the room where I saw my first guiding angels. She Jacqueline and she had short hair, light skin and a huge smile on her face. When I asked her if I was in a dream she told me that, no it’s not a dream. She also told me why she called in the first place. She started with saying that we were friends in our past life and my name was Katherine in that life and many other things about our past life. She also gave the opportunity ask anything I wanted to know.

    So I kept on asking her about a number of things that have amused me earlier such as Reincarnation, History of Earth, Illuminati and many more. When I asked why she was telling me about all these things, she told me that she was one of my guardian angels and alike her, I have got one more angel as well. She also told me that I was from a different planet and wanted to be reincarnated in this earth for a specific purpose that I might have forgotten already. So she called my soul just to remind me about the purpose of my life on earth. It was almost like a reminder for me and this involuntary astral projection was the mean for that. She also told me that I have another guardian angel who would like to talk to me.

    This is when I saw my other Pleiadian guardian angel, Aeron. He just sort of appeared in front of me and he had beautiful face, kind smile and bright eyes. His hair was long brown with a little bit of wave. In short, he First Astral Projectionwas really handsome. When I was about to start talking with him, I could hear something in my head. It was Aeron who was talking to me through telepathy. He told me not to be alarmed and then he explained what is Pleiadian and he also told me that I was Starseed and there are many like me on earth who have lived a past life before. He was from the planet where I had lived my previous life and he also took me for a tour of that planet as well by showing images right before my eyes. It was an emotional experience for me to see my previous planet and go through this experience (2).

    The planet looked like earth, but brighter and bigger with than water and more than. The houses were all pearl white and they were either small or tall. After this Aeron started to tell me about different things that I wasn’t expecting to hear in the first place. He told me that I chose to be reincarnated on earth for a reason and I might have forgotten this already.

    He told me that even though they were from an advanced race, they wouldn’t stop the bad things going on in the world as it might interfere with the natural course action and lead to a worse state. Then he told me about the Reptilian Leadership who was trying to cause chaos in the world and also showed me how scary looking it is. He also told me about Andromedans and Sirians like me who are in the earth and many of them have forgotten the reason why they came to earth. So they take the help of astral projection to give us reminder about what we were supposed to do in the first place. When I specifically asked Aeron, why I am here and what is the thing that I was supposed to do, he told me that it would take too much time for me to understand. But for the time being I needed to follow my guts and instinct to recognize the bad and the good. After this, I saw bright flash of light and woke up in my own bed. This was my first astral projection experience.

    Scientist identify Human Aura and Energy field

    The topic of human aura and energy field has fascinated the people for a long while. Whether in ancient documents or in modern Tantra, all monks & spiritual leaders have discussed about them and how they can change an individual and also the environment around them. But these were so far only a concept and there was no scientific evidence for that. However, researchers and scientists have finally identified human aura and energy field through scientific evidences.

    If you didn’t know, the human Aura is an energy field of 7 Layers. It surrounds and goes through our body in an egg shape or bubble of spiritual light, color, sound, feelings and life energy. These are also the teaching Scientist identify Human Aura and Energy fieldof yogis and gurus throughout the ages. Although these concepts have been around for a long while, they have no backing from the scientific perspective. But now that there have been some findings on this, it was found as really interesting to see how similar these new scientific discoveries are starting to relate to the ancient teachings of the spiritual leaders from the past.

    It was Russian scientist Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, a professor of physics at St. Petersburg State Technical University who has finally made a breakthrough on this. He has been working on this topic for a long while and claims that he has identified human aura and human energy through the use of scientific tools. But this is not all. He also claims that out aura and body energy can be affected i.e. boosted by our thought to such a level that they can even have an impact on our surrounding environment. Nonetheless, he also claims that both of our negative and positive thoughts have an impact on us and the environment around us as well. According to him

    “We are developing the idea that our consciousness is part of the material world and that with our consciousness we can directly influence our world,” (1)

    Dr. William Tiller, Stanford University has also come up with evidences of aura and human energy field through Kirlian photography. This is a collection of photographic techniques used to capture the phenomenon of electrical discharges all living organisms emit and by using the same technology; he has found that human body is emitting energy that actually alters based on human thoughts or meditation. According to him,

    “A condition of health exists when each chemical in the physical body has the etheric chemical counterpart in the etheric body at the appropriate concentrations.” (1)

    There is another scientist named Dr. Bruce Lipton who is an expert on Epigenetic. By using bioelectrophotography, a similar scientific experiment has also tracked down human aura or energy field. Through this technology, he has come up with images where constantly emitting energy which is seen as a light around the body or what some people would call your aura (2).

    These are some amazing findings by the scientists who are now on their way to bridge our understanding of the unseen world of energy. Although these studies are their primitive stage, we are confident that one day there will be some truly amazing discovery on these topics and their application.




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    You know that like poles attract. That is why it is true to say that positive people are attracted to positive energy and negative...