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    20 Astral Projection

    Astral projection is an out-of-body experience that presumes the existence of an “astral body” separate from the physical body and capable of travelling outside it (1). It might sound like an absurd thing, but there are many who claim that they have experienced this.  However, there are no scientific evidences of this. This has also led to a number of misconceptions regarding astral projections and if you look around you will so many myths about them. So we decided to bust some of those myths about astral projection. So here they go (1).

    Myth 1: Astral projection is not common

    If you didn’t know astral projection is not that rare and almost 5% to 10% of the total population of the world has experienced a conscious out of body experience at least once. To be precise, it is around 6 million people in the UK or around 30 million people in USA have been through the experience of astral projection.

    Myth 2: Astral projection cannot be learned, it is impulsive

    There are many people who have who claim that they have mastered the art of astral projection. According 20 Astral Projectionto them, there are numerous techniques such as meditation to master the art of astral projection. When people master these techniques, they can also experience astral projection. But keep it in mind that different things suits different people.

    Myth 3: Astral projection is an exclusive thing for a selected few

    Although many people say that astral projection is not for everyone and only a few people can experience it, it is not true at all. Anyone can experience astral projections if they can try with patience, consistency and open-mindedness. If you can learn to walk and swim, then you can also learn to astral project yourself.

    Myth 4: Astral projection is only for adult, not for minor

    For astral projection, age was never a big factor. To be honest, astral projection is more common among children. Their mind is innocent and they believe that nothing is impossible. In fact they are more open and accepting to new experiences. On the other hand, the adults tend to doubt in such experiences and this is why; it becomes quite difficult for them to open their mind to astral projection. Age in itself is never a barricade for astral projection; the only hindrance is the level of belief.

    Myth 5: Astral projection is quite risky

    While many people say that astral projection is not safe, it is almost opposite to that. It is considered as a 20 Astral Projectionnatural experience and it has been reported in different cultures and societies of the world.  Those people who have experienced astral projection have never complained about any harm. However, the astral gurus suggest that the people with psychological disorder should avoid this in the first place.

    Myth 6: A conscious Astral Projection takes years to achieve

    It is almost impossible to identify the exact time required to reach the level of conscious astral projection. Every individual is different from each other and their mentality is also different from each others. Some can achieve it in less than a year while many take more than that. However, if someone is really dedicated and able to work hard, he or she can experience astral projection in 30 days only (2).

    Myth 7: People may get lost while in astral projection and never come back

    When we sleep in the night, our astral body or soul goes out of our physical body but we do not realize this. But when we are in astral projection, we can realize that we are somewhere different place. Just like we wake up every morning, our astral body also comes back to our body once the experience is over. According to experts, our astral body is connected to our body with a silver cord and it will always come back to the body.

    Myth 8: You might get possessed in astral projection

    This is utterly nonsense. As our astral body is connected to our physical body through a silver cord no can sever. Also, when you are in astral projection, there is no physical matter with you. If you didn’t know, possession is only possible when there is physical matter.

    Myth 9: Astral projection might change a person religious belief

    Although astral projection is a deep experience, it doesn’t alter our beliefs. A study conducted on 350 people who went through this stated that their belief wasn’t changed for this astral projection. Rather the astral projection made their beliefs even stronger in their religion.

    Myth 10: You can’t go very far away from your body

    There is no defined distance or limit in astral projection. Some people have claimed that they even went to a different planet as well.

    Myth 11: There is no silver cord connecting the astral body and physical body

    Even if you don’t see it, there is a silver cord that connects your body with your astral body. Even the Bible has confirmed this.

    Myth 12: Our silver cord can be severed by other astral entities

    The silver cord can’t be severed by anything unless the time of death has arrived.

    Myth 13: The astral plane has lots of dangerous negative entities

    It is true that there are some negative entities in the astral plane but they are not that dangerous. They can’t cut the silver cord or cause any harm to you. If any of these entities do scare you, at the most you will slump back in your physical body.

    Myth 14: Astral projection is a tiresome process

    Astral projection occurs during sleep and your physical body doesn’t go through any activity. So when you will wake up after an astral projection you will feel refreshed.

    Myth 15: You cannot feel or touch objects in the Astral.

    If you are in the physical plane, you will be able to touch or feel the objects. However, under normal circumstance, you won’t be able to feel or touch objects. Your hands will simply pass through the objects in normal astral projections.

    Myth 16: Vivid visualization is necessary for astral projection

    This is not true. However, if you have better ability visualize, you will have a better experience.

    Myth 17: Drugs be used to help induce Projection.

    This is a harmful thing and you should avoid this.

    Myth 18: It is impossible to meet with other human beings during Projection.

    You can meet other people like you who are also experiencing astral projection.

    Myth 19: Astral projection doesn’t prove life after death.

    There is no base for this.

    Myth 20: In astral projection you might meet someone else with the same name by mistake

    It is not true. Our astral experience is controlled by our mind that knows whom we are looking for. There is no place for confusion here.




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