My first and unintentional astral projection story

My first and unintentional astral projection story

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First Astral Projection

Many people have claimed that they had the experience of leaving their body and move into a new world where they could move around, meet new people and have an experience different from this earth. In astral terms, it is called the astral projection where our soul will leave the body and roam around in the vast sea of consciences gathering the most important information we will ever need. A number of people were lucky enough to experience this through meditation and there are also a few who went through this experience without any effort as well. Among them, I am one and I will be sharing my first astral projection with you. It is true that many people think that this is a dream of mine and there is nothing special to this. But I can swear that this is something more than a dream. This has changed me and my whole life as I was able to meet two of my guardian angels in this experience and they have helped me to realize the reason for my existence on this earth. Keep it in mind that it was unintended and I had no control over it (1).

It was February 21, 2012 when I was gifted with this experience. It was midnight and I was sleeping in my 1_anotherroom. Suddenly I could hear someone calling my name and I woke up to that. The room had no lights on but still it was quite bright. Don’t know what was keeping my room illuminated, but it was so bright that it made my room look strange. I could realize that the voice calling me was outside of the window. So I went to window and tried to remove the curtains. To my shock, my hands passed through the curtains instead of removing them. It was like I was made of air only. Although startled, I gathered my courage thinking that it was a mere dream and decided to go through the window this time. I was successful in this and when I went through the window curtains. After this, I felt like I was levitating for while and when I looked above, I could see the stars. When I was watching carefully, I could see one star which was shining brighter than other. Then all of a sudden, I found myself in a bright room.

It was a bright room and this is the room where I saw my first guiding angels. She Jacqueline and she had short hair, light skin and a huge smile on her face. When I asked her if I was in a dream she told me that, no it’s not a dream. She also told me why she called in the first place. She started with saying that we were friends in our past life and my name was Katherine in that life and many other things about our past life. She also gave the opportunity ask anything I wanted to know.

So I kept on asking her about a number of things that have amused me earlier such as Reincarnation, History of Earth, Illuminati and many more. When I asked why she was telling me about all these things, she told me that she was one of my guardian angels and alike her, I have got one more angel as well. She also told me that I was from a different planet and wanted to be reincarnated in this earth for a specific purpose that I might have forgotten already. So she called my soul just to remind me about the purpose of my life on earth. It was almost like a reminder for me and this involuntary astral projection was the mean for that. She also told me that I have another guardian angel who would like to talk to me.

This is when I saw my other Pleiadian guardian angel, Aeron. He just sort of appeared in front of me and he had beautiful face, kind smile and bright eyes. His hair was long brown with a little bit of wave. In short, he First Astral Projectionwas really handsome. When I was about to start talking with him, I could hear something in my head. It was Aeron who was talking to me through telepathy. He told me not to be alarmed and then he explained what is Pleiadian and he also told me that I was Starseed and there are many like me on earth who have lived a past life before. He was from the planet where I had lived my previous life and he also took me for a tour of that planet as well by showing images right before my eyes. It was an emotional experience for me to see my previous planet and go through this experience (2).

The planet looked like earth, but brighter and bigger with than water and more than. The houses were all pearl white and they were either small or tall. After this Aeron started to tell me about different things that I wasn’t expecting to hear in the first place. He told me that I chose to be reincarnated on earth for a reason and I might have forgotten this already.

He told me that even though they were from an advanced race, they wouldn’t stop the bad things going on in the world as it might interfere with the natural course action and lead to a worse state. Then he told me about the Reptilian Leadership who was trying to cause chaos in the world and also showed me how scary looking it is. He also told me about Andromedans and Sirians like me who are in the earth and many of them have forgotten the reason why they came to earth. So they take the help of astral projection to give us reminder about what we were supposed to do in the first place. When I specifically asked Aeron, why I am here and what is the thing that I was supposed to do, he told me that it would take too much time for me to understand. But for the time being I needed to follow my guts and instinct to recognize the bad and the good. After this, I saw bright flash of light and woke up in my own bed. This was my first astral projection experience.