Moving towards higher consciousness through 9 easy steps

Moving towards higher consciousness through 9 easy steps

Amongst the chaos of dirty politics, aggressive economy, demanding society and deteriorating ecology, people in need of tranquility are forced to look for a complete revolution and a new way of living. Our hectic lifestyle and the businesses, so far, have made sure that continue to destroy ourselves through the increasing stress and catastrophes that we have created on our own on a course of half conscious mind. But now the time has come where we have got over with our ignorance which is gradually destroying us by throwing us into war, waste, exploitation as well as pollution.  Surrendering the ego

However, these are the issues that might be way too critical and big for an individual to solve on their own. Still a personal transformation to tranquility can be the building block to a better world. If we start one by one, may be one day we can all come to the right direction for a better life and better world as well. This is where; human consciousness will play a vital role in our collective destiny. There is also a seismic transition that is already occurring and creating a new generation people with higher consciousness. This class of people is well equipped and aware to deal with the frenzied world around us.

The seismic transition or shift we are talking about, can re-arrange our outlook by changing our body, mind and spirit. By creating and enhancing awareness of the inner spaces of mind and heart, and of the inter-dependent nature of all things, the shift can lead us to a new revolution. It is simply a re-engineering of our life based on a foundation of truth, peace, strength and flexibility. It is also very hard to achieve   and it will require a laborious and sufferable process of reflection and self-realization as well. But the end result is truly worth it. Through the shift, we will be able to achieve a world-centric perspective on life, better mental and physical health as well as discover our latent strength, valor and courage within us.

Such a transformation towards higher consciousness in people is a great experience and it unfolds in overlapping stages or steps. However, there is not fixed or particular order for those steps. In the below, we are going to describe those steps of the transformation or shift that most of the people experience on their way to higher consciousness.

  1. Contemporary consciousness

This is the first step to transition to higher consciousness where people can’t realize that they have been living their life in a wrong way. We have been programmed to accept the production, consumption, submission and nihilism as the only meaning of life. Throughout the time, we have been brainwashed in such a way, that we continue to live our life as a robot and without even questioning it. In simple words, we have accepted insanity for the sake of convenience and we have become used to this as well. This is called the Contemporary consciousness

  1. A disturbance in the force

This is the step where contemporary consciousness starts to face questions and challenges. It is like the canary in a coal that gives you warning sign when you are about to face a danger. It could be a small piece of information from any source such as alternative press, a documentary or even a person. When you find these information, they will force you to think about your life in a new way and also make you to question the how we are brainwashed to accept our surroundings around us. At this stage, we arrived at a deep and serious personal crisis and engage in a drive understand what is happening with us more carefully (1).

  1. An introspective quest for knowledge & truth

Once we become aware about the anomaly around us with the small pieces of information at the Disturbance in the Force stage, we become even thirstier for more information. This is where; An Introspective Quest for Knowledge & Truth takes place. At this stage, we get the answers that were never asked and the accompanying interest in ‘alternative’ information. People also get ideas that provide answers that profoundly contradict contemporary consciousness at this stage.

  1. The dark night of the soul

At the verge of ignorance and consciousness, people will go through an extreme time where they will be really vulnerable. Since the beginning, we have been brainwashed to accept the abnormalities around us and when we are faced with doubts about them, it will shake our values, thought and beliefs. At this stage, people will have to pass an extreme test and get out of a stage where they have been trained to accept anomalistic trends of society such as serious self-deceit, total submission to ego and to false authority, addiction, reckless endangerment of the self and others (2).

  1. Discovery of real medicine

At this stage, people will find a remedy to deal with the dark night which can be anything that can support them. It could be in any form of an artistic endeavor or exercise or even an intense study of an esoteric healing. Some examples of them are Yoga, Kung Fu, Qi Gong, meditation and so on.

  1. Purification and detoxification

When we are absolutely aware of actual goal and purpose of life, we can embark on a journey to get rid of those toxic and harmful things in our life.

  1. Re-thinking of authority, dependence and liberty

As we complete the Purification and Detoxification stage, we now move to a new arena where start to think about the bigger things in life such as the Authority, Dependence and Liberty that has been governing us for a long time. At this stage, we not only think about them but also question them.

  1. Letting go of and discarding that which does not serve

At this stage, we finally let go those things but has no value in our life. We have been holding on to them as the world has trained to. But when we will let them go, we will feel free and relaxed.

  1. Initiation into mystery

At this stage, we move into an advanced state where we make an initiation into the world of the unexplainable a common feature of the shift.