Mind-blowing Photos Show What Food The World Eats

Mind-blowing Photos Show What Food The World Eats

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What are the foods that you and your family eat every week?  You may be surprised to see the significant differences that exist between relatively similar countries when it comes to their diet preference. While most of the family in Mexico and United States choose sodas and fast food into their core diet, the families in Bhutan survive with a traditional base food items like grains and vegetables.

Now you would understand why disease rates are increasing in most of the developed countries where nutrition is not considered as primary importance.  In fact, in this article you will see what the world really eats. You will see the variations in each nation worldwide.

Interestingly, the United States is the biggest spender when it comes to health care as compared with any country in the world.  Despite the fact that US spend $7,960 per capita, it is still ranked as the last when it comes to providing quality health care. The truth is when you ignore proper food intake the accumulation of toxic ingredients from the addiction to processed food will result to increase in disease rates!

HUNGRY PLANET what the world eatsThese pictures below where taken from the book entitled Hungry Planet: What the World Eats.  You can see the diet of an average family from each country in a span of one week.

North Carolina, United States

usanorthcarolinaeatThis family from North Carolina is a not so surprising photo showing what the average income families from this area eats every week. Their diet is mostly composed of pre-prepared and processed foods with heavy amounts of fast food and junk foods.  They consume mostly sweetened fruit drinks and large-size sodas from Mc Donald’s and Burger King.  This kind of usual American diet will lead to rampant sickness and chronic diseases.  Some of their favorite foods include fast foods and pizza.


mexicofamilyeatThe Mexican families prefer to consume processed foods and sugary sodas, although, the family have higher intake of fruits and vegetables as compared with their US family counterpart.  Their favorite food item includes chicken, pasta and pizza.


whatcanadaeatsThe families in Canada enjoys the same processed foods from the US and Mexican families.  The Canadian families consume processed meats and chips but you will notice the display of fresh fish and vegetables on the table.  The high amounts of cheese and yogurt are also featured.



Italian families love pasta, assorted fruit and bread.  Grains are the major part of their diet including foods that are high in carbohydrates.   Italian families also tend to give up some meal options which are high in protein as seen in their traditional Italian dishes like pasta with ragu.  Most of these items are freshly baked at home.  Italian families also consume high amounts of sodas such as Pepsi.  As you can see, this family drinks about 6-large sized bottles every week.


Here is the photo of what the family in China eats.  This particular Chinese family listed shredded pork with sweet and sour sauce as one of their favorite dishes.  They also eat processed food with items mixed with packaged fish and meat.  This Chinese family also eats more fruits compared with vegetables.  In fact, their produce selection is considered as the smallest aside from US.


chadThe family living in the developing country like Chad spends an equivalent amount of $1.23 per week on their food to feed the entire family.  The favorite food of the family is soup with fresh sheep meat.


JAP01.0001.xxf1sThis may seem surprising, but this family from Japan consumes high processed sugary and junk treats. This Japanese family favorite food includes sashimi, potato chips and cake.



melander-Family---Germany-005The German family has an adopted American-style diet stating that their favorite foods include friend noodles, fried potatoes, vanilla pudding, and pizza.  You may observe an increase amount of alcoholic drinks and beer over the country.

Great Britain

britaindietThis family spends more than $250 per week for their food.  This average family from Great Britain eats mostly processed candies and meal.  The family’s favorite food includes prawn cocktail, mayonnaise sandwiches, and chocolate fudge cake.

While this picture of each country cannot show you what each nation eats and ultimately what the world really eats.  It gives you an insight and discussion for those who wants to learn more about the different cultures around the world.