Love Tea? Find the Toxic Truth about Tea

Love Tea? Find the Toxic Truth about Tea

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You probably read or heard somewhere that tea is a good drink because it is loaded with anti-cancer and anti-oxidant benefits. You also may hear someone told you that drinking a cup of tea a day can help you lose fats and so on. Well, most of these benefits have scientific basis and it is indeed true, but there’s a lot of information that you still need to find out.

There is overlooked information that reveals toxic facts about the popular tea brands! So the important question now is will the benefits of drinking tea outweigh the risk? If your tea has cancer-causing pesticides can it affect its anti-cancer properties?

Do the toxic properties outweigh the beneficial properties? If you are an avid tea drinker, you may be surprised to know that your favorite tea brands are considered as the worst for pesticides levels. These popular tea brands are marketed as a health product but producers do nothing in controlling the toxins that are present in the tea!

Sorry to say, this is another addition to the long-list of health foods that are only in the market because of profit sake! Here, you can find the list of tea brands that contain high pesticide levels.

tea brandsWorst Tea Brands – Celestial Seasonings

Do you love this brand? Celestial Seasoning is actually the worst! EuroFins which is a worldwide analytic testing company conducted a study on the content of this tea. They found out that this 91% of this tea brand contains high levels of pesticides that even exceed the limits of US Federal.   This is very alarming considering that FDA has allowed this product together with others to be sold in the market!

Celestial Seasonings started in the year 1969. It was created on the premise that all the natural teas could help people to live healthier lives. But that statement was in for 1969 because at that time there are little pesticides that are being sprayed yet. But now, you have to be very careful on the foods you consume!

There is a long list of teas that contains high levels of pesticides such as Davids Tea, Tazo, Teavanna, Mighty Leaf, Bigelow, and Tetley. Aside from the toxic pesticides, these teas also contains artificial flavoring that makes it so unhealthy and unsafe to drink. You may hear them say, that they use natural flavoring, oh well, it is another way of masking an undesirable ingredients to make it sound acceptable to the health conscious consumers.

Some so called natural additives includes Castoreum which is a chemical from the glands of the beaver located near the anus, Carmine or popularly known as Natural Red No. 4 which is made from ground up and dried Cochina bettles that give foods its reddish color and many others. Just so that the food additives come out from natural sources, it doesn’t mean that it is safe for you to consume!

You have to be sure to read the ingredients and labels before purchasing. You have to be aware because you are putting it inside your body!

Below you can find list of Popular Tea brands and whether or not they contain additives or pesticides.

Tea-Comparison-ChartWell, it’s understandable if you may feel sad about this news particularly if you are accustomed in drinking tea in the morning. But don’t worry there still some good news! There are still good companies that offers quality and organic teas to their consumer.

These companies assure the public that they strictly monitor the amount of pesticides used. They also advocate fair trade standards and sustainable farming techniques. These trustworthy companies include Rishi, Traditional Medicinals, Choice Organics, Gypsy Tea, and many others. You just have to be very vigilant in looking for the tea labels!

shutterstock_21183613Although these brands are a bit expensive than the brands that you used to buy but it is all worth it! Aside from the fact, that this organic tea brands will give you all the health benefits that you can get from tea, when you support these product you also support organic and sustainable farming practices.   The more people who prefer buying products like these, the conventional brands will be push to change their principles and practices and they will offer healthier brands.

Everybody knows that tea is a great way to help boost your health. Whether it is green, black and so on, it contains a lot of health benefit. All teas come from Camellia sinensis plant which is native to India and China.

These teas have high anti-oxidant content called flavonoid. The most potent is known as ECGC which help fight against free radicals that contribute to heart disease and cancer. There are also herbal teas that provide lots of health benefits even if they did not come from Camellia species.

Now that you know the shocking truth about your favorite tea brand, it is time to make a healthier choice! You have to be very careful in choosing tea brands.   If you love tea, you can still enjoy it but you have to choose the organic ones with no pesticide exposure.


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