Human thoughts influence water configuration

Human thoughts influence water configuration

The assumption that if you direct certain objectives on water it can have an impact on the formation of water ice particles began in Tokyo Japan. In this experiment, 2000 persons directed good objectives on water specimens which had been placed in electromagnetically protected spaces. These rooms were found in America in the state of California. The people who were directing these objectives on the water did not know that there were other water specimens which had been put in other places to act as controls. After the experiment, water ice particles found in both places were taken and photographed by a specialist and the pictures presented to a jury of 100 people to judge. The conclusion from the jury was that directed objectives on water are able to have an impact on the organization of water (1).Masaru Emoto – The Power of Intention

Awareness has a huge impact on the configuration of water particles. This means that there is a connection between human thoughts and configuration of water. Awareness has a huge impact on the general formation of water particles. There is a possibility that water has a component in it that is equivalent to the awareness found in humans.

There is a common factor between water and human thought system. There is a possibility that this will be a motivation for you to provide positive energy to your meals before consuming them.

One of the people who have been actively involved in research about the relationship between thinking patterns and water over the years is Dr. Masaru Emoto. He came into existence in 1943 in Yokohama Japan and graduated at the Yokohama Municipal University. He started IHM Company. In the month of October 1992 the Open International University gave him an official recognition as a Doctor of unconventional medicine. He was later taught the idea of micro cluster water in America and Magnetic Resonance Analysis technology. After this he started a mission to unearth the hidden secrets about water.

He did a lot research on water around the world. With time he came to discover that when water has been crystallized it shows us its real nature. Dr. Masaru has been recognized the world over because of his revolutionary work. He has also been praised for his findings that there is a direct connection between individual human beings and combined awareness.

He has written informative books with details about the above facts. The titles include “Messages from Water, The Hidden Messages in Water, and The True Power of Water.” Over the years he has been a campaigner of peace in matters water. Presently, he is the leader of IHM General Research Institute and the current President Emeritus of the International Water for Life Foundation which is a non- profitable organization.

Over the years he has been taking photos and creating images of the molecular transformations of water. Usually, he takes drops of water and then ices them up; he then carefully looks at them under a black field microscope which has the ability to take photographs of the frozen water particles.

The following are some samples of his work:

Clear water coming from mountain springs and rivers had strikingly shaped crystalline organization, while the particles of impure or dormant water appeared malformed and unclear. Condensed water left open to the elements of conventional music had balanced crystalline forms. Purified water with taped appreciative words such as “thank you” on containers formed shapes resembling the water that had been left in the presence of “Goldberg Variations” songs. These songs were created because of appreciation to the person they had been created for.

When the same water was left exposed to heavy rock music or bad words or emotions were taped and objectively targeted on the containers, the pattern of crystals was disorganized and disjointed. Some of the words which were taped on the bottles include “Adolf Hitler”. Water that was exposed to a good ambience such as good scents from flower oils, the water would take form of the flower from which the scent came from.

When we offer prayers and no answer seems to be forthcoming, it may appear to us that we have been unsuccessful. However, from what we are seeing here, the notion of disappointment gets reflected on the real things around us. Therefore, it is good to realize that even when what we are praying for is not seen by our eyes, it is still in existence. If we appreciate our physical beings they answer back to us and if we pass our affection to the world around us it answers back as well.

The one thing that human beings and the earth have in common is that they both have 60% water each. This means that water is not lifeless as some people may think. It is alive and hence answers back to our feelings and thoughts. This should show you the power that humans have and how this power can be used to heal both the earth and human body. The most important thing to do is learn to objectively send positive messages to the things around us and also to our bodies. However, you will have to believe to see these things happen (2).

It doesn’t matter if you do worldwide ruminations or the usual ones that people do in their thoughts and heart, it is possible to cure the world and form a new, pure and a perfect earth. It all depends on our intention to think the right thoughts and pass the right feelings and emotions in the earth that we live in. Remember, just as human beings possess bodies, the earth has a body which can be sick or healthy and if meditation is done correctly, it will be easy for humans to heal the earth’s body. It is possible for humans to create a whole and healthy earth which they will not be ashamed to give to the future generations after they are gone.