How the activity in the sun impacts human level of awareness

How the activity in the sun impacts human level of awareness

The earth is run by elements which are closely hooked to each other. That means, for each element to thrive and serve its purpose, it must rely on the other. Since the time when humanity discovered spirituality until the present age of science, a lot has been discovered. For instance, it is now clear that human beings are part of a “whole”. It is therefore expected that for a peaceful existence, the golden rule (do unto others what you would want them to do to you) should be applied because whatever happens to you affects your neighbor in one way or another. Although it may not appear obvious, the changes on earth are influenced by these outer elements that humanity has little or no knowledge of.Sun's impact on human

These elements are joined and well attached to create a path for energy atoms to move through. In 2008 space physicist David Sibeck of the Goddard Space Flight Center clearly showed that there is a direct and open path between the sun and the earth. It is through this path that high energy atoms are passed from the earth to the sun. Renown scientists have discovered connections between large system of stars in the outer space and the sun.

“It’s called a flux transfer event or ‘FTE,'” says space physicist David Sibeck of the Goddard Space Flight Center. “Ten years ago I was pretty sure they didn’t exist, but now the evidence is incontrovertible.” (1)
The release of sun energy affects everything on earth including the awareness of individuals. Research has shown that the sudden large release of energy by the sun affects how people think. Human beings have electromagnetic energy field which directly correlates with the one for the sun. When talking about awareness it is important to talk about the pineal gland found in the brain also known as the third eye. Since time immemorial, it has been closely linked with matters religion, spiritualism and intuition and it helps a person to connect with both the real and spiritual world.

The issue of these sudden huge releases of energy by the sun to the earth has grabbed people’s attention lately. The transformation seen in both the environment and humans is due to electromagnetic energies at work on earth. Tchijevsky, a Russian scientist compiled data about the histories of 72 nations. He sought to know the major events that took place in those nations from 500 BCE to date and found out that every major event that took place in those countries was preceded by a major release of solar energy 5 years before the event took place.

What this means is that whenever there are high levels of activities in the sun, the life of the inhabitants of the earth is affected either positively or negatively. For instance, people’s level of awareness of right and wrong with regard to their thoughts and actions are influenced. It is an indication that you need to be more careful and alert in the next five years because there will be increased solar activities.

The sun’s increased motions do not always spell misfortunes, pain, wars and rumors of war. It can also be a great time to create new things and new ways of doing things. Researchers have discovered that this can be a great time for individuals to venture into new beneficial areas such as the art or science.

The most important thing for humans to do is ensure that their emotions and consistency are at equilibrium. Remember, synchronization is very vital during difficult times. Although these high releases of energy by the sun may seem to bring troubles, the inner synchronization in individuals will help them to use the released energy positively. When an individual’s level of consistency is high, it impacts their general life, affiliations and communal surroundings too. This translates to healthy and harmonious communities.

Human beings are different and are impacted by extraterrestrial forces in various ways. This depends on human elements such as their level of emotions, level of awareness and consistency. Whenever there is an increase in solar goings on, it sets in motion activities related to wrath, envy, and dread in the brain. Because these bad emotions tend to grow and take root during this time, it is important for people to deal with them so as to avoid catastrophic results. Right now there is increased solar goings-on and that means if any of the said emotions are not identified, processed and resolved, they could lead to chaos, unrest and turmoil in the future.

Although the days we are living in are hard and full of turmoil, we should avoid being embroiled in negative emotions. The earth has gone through a lot of the past and if individuals are able to create new systems to replace the old and outdated ones, it will be a great achievement and benefit for everyone.

Sadhguru, renowned Yogi and Mystic, says that due to the increase in the solar activity, there will be an increase in levels of awareness than before. He says that within 6 years, huge transformations will take place in the sun. According to Sadhguru, every time such transformations occur, changes in the minds of people. Nonetheless, he is quick to point out that this is not automatic. Some people will notice the changes occurring in them and others will not. People with positive energies will increase their energies towards positivity. On the other hand, people with negative energy will increase their energies towards negativity (2).

Solar activities also bring about unstable energy. This makes it easy for people to make things as they would wish them to be. He points out that during this time the external forces that affect the earth will be unstable and humanity should take advantage of the situation. The way people use this energy is what will dictate whether they will succeed or fail.