Deprogramming yourself: get free from the control of others

Deprogramming yourself: get free from the control of others

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Deprogram Yourself

If you didn’t know, all of us have been going through life long process of brainwashing and control ever since we were born. It may be our culture, our religion or even the modern day technology that has a huge impact on us. With these things, we can’t live for a day as we consider them really important in our life. But we never realize that these things are actually controlling us in a discreet manner and we are not even aware of it.

Can you recall that there were certain times when you wanted live your life in your own way but you couldn’t do as it was against your culture, norm, religion or the society? All us, in sometimes of our life, hadDeprogram Yourself to let go something that we really loved just because of the controlling forces around us. Even though we didn’t want to do that, we had to make such a decision that was actually forced on us. For example, guy who wanted to be ballet dancer but couldn’t go for it as other around him thought it was a too girly thing for the guys. Even though there was no harm in it, he was cultured in such a way that he had give up his childhood dreams. Some call it brainwashing, culturing or even classical training that started from the time of our birth. In general, it is referred as human programming. But if really want to live free and on our own term, we have get out them simply deprogram ourselves.

There are hundreds of things in our life that can control us by programming our brains. However, among them there are some prominent factors or forces that have the highest impact on human mind such as religion, education, nature, anxiety, stress, TV, and money. Although they might seem really important to us, they have somehow altered our natural course of life and only because of this, we might be feeling so much stressed or depressed. But you can deprogram yourself and reclaim your life that you actually wanted to enjoy in the first place. In the below, we will tell how these forces have programmed or brainwashed you and also how you can now deprogram yourself (1).


Religion is probably the biggest and most powerful force that has programmed almost 75% of the world population and it has been since ages. Although religion has given a safe lifestyle and belief, it has also separated us from other people following other religion. Just because of religion, so many people have lost their lives in those so called Crusades or Jihads and the killing in the name of religion still continues. What if there was no religion and all of us were equal to each others. This could have saved millions of lives. We are not saying that religion is absolutely a bad thing but overdoing religion can only cause us harm. So it is the time that we deprogram ourselves from secular religion.

Deprogramming from religion

It is not that difficult to deprogram yourself from religion. It is really easy. Just stop following everything in Deprogram Yourselfyour religion blindly and start asking questions about norms and directions in your religion. We are sure once you start to question the rituals, norms and rules in your religion, you will see that some of the rituals won’t seem that much important to you at all.


Our education system has also brainwashed us. It teaches us only the conventional things and creates a generation of robots to work in the factory or corporate houses. But it destroys their independent thinking capability and creativity. In short, our education is a complete failure and it is actually dumping down the generation (2).

Deprogramming yourself from education

Rather than following conventional education system and only reading text books, go for home school and make them to learn from our life and surrounding.


once said that one day technology will become so smart that it will make human really stupid.  Just look around and you will see that everyone is spending most of their free time sitting before the TV. To them, the TV is everything and they believe whatever the actors are doing in the TV. Now people have lost their personal life and following some dumb things from the TV.

Deprogramming yourself from TV

Just simply stop watching TV for two days. Try to enjoy the nature outside, meet new people or even read a book. You will see that you are enjoying this even more and you are no more a slave to the TV.


This is another force that has kept us under leash for a long while. Every time we want to do something, we are always afraid of our failure. Our anxiety or fear for failure or something negative always stops us from doing something really amazing. If we didn’t have that much anxiety, we could have achieved more in our life.

Deprogramming yourself from anxiety

Meditation is a great way to get rid of your anxiety. It creates confidence and calmness in you. You will see that people who have been doing mediation for a long while on a regular basis, are much more relaxed and confident that the others.

Money matters

Just after religion, we consider money matters as the second strongest force that has programmed almost everyone in the civilized society.  Everyone is now running after money and they would hesitate to commence the most disgraceful things for the sake of money. Just because money, people have become foe to others and it is the money that has created chaos in all civilizations. It is true that money is important to survive, but keep it in mind that money can’t buy you true happiness.

Deprogramming from money

Keep it in mind that money can buy you anything except true happiness. All the good things in life such a companionship, relaxation, peace of mind can be achieved to inner senses and self awareness. Try to meditate and focus on small but wonderful things that you have got. You will see that you can be happy with less money in your pocket.