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    You know that like poles attract. That is why it is true to say that positive people are attracted to positive energy and negative people are attracted to negative energy.    In most cases we deceive ourselves that only other people have negative energy. However, that is not true. The truth is that negativity could be deep-rooted in you but might go unnoticed.    This is because there are times when negativity disguises itself.

    In some cases you might even think that positive people are not acting real. You might think that they are just naïve, are faking their smiles, they are living in denial or they are simply hiding their heads in the sand. Do you think there is something positive about the way those people act or are they simply happy?

    Think about this: Who said that being realistic means that something will go wrong and that you have to agree to that? It is also not true to say that being realistic is definitely negative. If your view for the world isNegative Energy realistic, you will always be negative. Things will always go as you think. If you think that they will go wrong, they definitely will and on the other hand, if you think that things will go right, they definitely will. Your unconsciously held beliefs will change you into a negative person without you realizing it.

    Now if you have a lot of negativity in yourself and do not know it, it will be hard to know whether you are trapped in a cloud of negative energy that could be pulling you to the wrong people, feelings and situations. Now how would you know that it is not you who is responsible for the negativity? Below is a quick test to measure the height of negative energy that is in you.

    • Do you grumble? Always or sometimes
    • Are you always taking about what is not right in the world than about what is right? This includes the bad weather, government, traffic, in-laws, economy and such other things.
    • Do you disapprove? Always or about some people.
    • Do you pay attention to tragedy and drama can you go away from the TV when there are news about disaster or is it possible for you to disassociate yourself with the lives of celebrities who are dysfunctional?)
    • Do you hold other people responsible? Always or sometimes?
    • Do you think that you are not in charge over most outcomes?
    • Do you feel like an injured person? Do you speak about those who have done things to you?
    • Do you appreciate what you are or have or do you wait until you feel that things are working right for you before you start appreciating?
    • Do you think that things are happening to you? Or do you think that they are taking place through you?

    The following are two important points;

    You are a negative person if you are only grateful when your things go right. Appreciation is a positive move. You should be grateful for all things even the not so pleasant ones.  You are a victim if you always believe that something wrong will happen to you. At such times it is usually easy to act negative because that is power that you can easily give up. Think about this option. Who or what would you blame when there are good things that are happening to you: Do you always give yourself credit for all the good things that happen to you? Do you think that the good things happened to you because you worked hard so you deserve it? Do you blame other people or other external forces for the bad things that happen to you and your failures? Why should it be that way, you think that good things happened because of your efforts but you blame others for the bad things? Most people only want to get credit, but no-one wants to take fault.

    If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then there is some degree of negative energy in you. This is something you should get rid of.  To do this, you simply need to train your mind to choose positive energy. Here is yet another point that you should take into consideration:  Have you ever noticed that positive thinking people always get what they desire in life. Such people continue enjoying their lives even when things are not going right.

    The following are 3 steps to enable you deal with negative energy

    1. Have power over your possession

    Don’t always think that every bad thing that happens to you is another person’s fault. Dalai Lama had this to say “When you think everything is someone else’s fault, you will suffer a lot. When you realize that everything springs only from yourself, you will learn both peace and joy.”

    1. Get rid of negative feelings and replace them with positive thoughts

    Most people think that it is not easy to get rid of negative feelings but the truth is that it is possible. You can do this by putting a lot of practice, show commitment and decide to look at the world through the eyes of anything that can do right instead of wrong. Be your own guard. Train yourself to speak only positive things. No negative things should come out of your mouth.

    1. You can make use of Love and Above Spiritual toolkit to make your energy clear. This will bring additional love, more light into your life. Imagine your positive side as a replacement of negativity. Triumph over what happened more from your soul instead of what is the reality. Craft in you what you would want and let it in on the outside world. No one would want to have negative energy leak into their lives yet this is something that most of them allow.  However, most of us allow this to happen unwillingly.

    It is advisable that you realize that you are responsible for what your future holds. This is why you should start shaping your life the way you would want it to be.

    It has been a long time when we started to question our consciousness. Although there has been a huge debate on this, we are yet far away from any sort of conclusion. There are different theories that try to prove the existence of consciousness which actually controls our life and everything around us. However, the scientific community has been really keen to oppose the concept of consciousness and they have been arguing that there is no scientific base for this and hence, this is nothing but a result of a hyperactive and creative mind.Consciousness Moves to Another Universe After Death

    But now things are going to change through a revolution in science. There has been a genuine paradigm shift in the arena of quantum physics. This shift in quantum physics or quantum mathematics opposes the mainstream science which is truly materialistic in nature. A substantial number of quantum physics scientists have now altered the age old thinking. Currently they are now supporting and developing a paradigm based on the primacy of consciousness. Among them Amit Goswami, Ph.D is a prominent name. He is among the pioneers of this revolutionary new perspective within science. In a recent interview he shared his vision of the unlimited potential of consciousness. He also explained and advocated for consciousness as the ground of all being. In the same interview, he also explained how this revelation can actually help us to live better.

    In the interview, Amit Goswami was asked a number of questions about quantum physic or mathematics as well as consciousness. In reply, he had some amazing things to say. According to him the value of quantum physics is really critical in terms of giving us a new world view on how consciousness can be and is the ground of our being. In other words, quantum physic helps us to see directly how we can make sense of the world only if we base the world on consciousness. According to him, the world is made of consciousness and it is based on it and Quantum physics makes this as clear as daylight. As per Amit Goswami, quantum mathematics or Science is the most fundamental description of nature. This clearly shows that movements of object are only describable in terms of possibility not the actual event that we see in our life. Quantum physics calculate only possibilities of that and if we accept this we will face another question who or what chooses among these possibilities of event (1).

    So we see that there is something that has to take a decision for those possibilities and bring in the actual event. This is what we consider as consciousness that is actually not within the quantum physics rather is beyond it. It is like an observer and it can’t be ignored. We can only describe the objects not the subjects. So we get the idea that the subject must be more fundamental than the object. Consciousness is also more fundamental and it must be the ground of being which object part is of. The objects are then described as a wave of possibilities which is well explained in quantum physics (2).

    Amongst the chaos of dirty politics, aggressive economy, demanding society and deteriorating ecology, people in need of tranquility are forced to look for a complete revolution and a new way of living. Our hectic lifestyle and the businesses, so far, have made sure that continue to destroy ourselves through the increasing stress and catastrophes that we have created on our own on a course of half conscious mind. But now the time has come where we have got over with our ignorance which is gradually destroying us by throwing us into war, waste, exploitation as well as pollution.  Surrendering the ego

    However, these are the issues that might be way too critical and big for an individual to solve on their own. Still a personal transformation to tranquility can be the building block to a better world. If we start one by one, may be one day we can all come to the right direction for a better life and better world as well. This is where; human consciousness will play a vital role in our collective destiny. There is also a seismic transition that is already occurring and creating a new generation people with higher consciousness. This class of people is well equipped and aware to deal with the frenzied world around us.

    The seismic transition or shift we are talking about, can re-arrange our outlook by changing our body, mind and spirit. By creating and enhancing awareness of the inner spaces of mind and heart, and of the inter-dependent nature of all things, the shift can lead us to a new revolution. It is simply a re-engineering of our life based on a foundation of truth, peace, strength and flexibility. It is also very hard to achieve   and it will require a laborious and sufferable process of reflection and self-realization as well. But the end result is truly worth it. Through the shift, we will be able to achieve a world-centric perspective on life, better mental and physical health as well as discover our latent strength, valor and courage within us.

    Such a transformation towards higher consciousness in people is a great experience and it unfolds in overlapping stages or steps. However, there is not fixed or particular order for those steps. In the below, we are going to describe those steps of the transformation or shift that most of the people experience on their way to higher consciousness.

    1. Contemporary consciousness

    This is the first step to transition to higher consciousness where people can’t realize that they have been living their life in a wrong way. We have been programmed to accept the production, consumption, submission and nihilism as the only meaning of life. Throughout the time, we have been brainwashed in such a way, that we continue to live our life as a robot and without even questioning it. In simple words, we have accepted insanity for the sake of convenience and we have become used to this as well. This is called the Contemporary consciousness

    1. A disturbance in the force

    This is the step where contemporary consciousness starts to face questions and challenges. It is like the canary in a coal that gives you warning sign when you are about to face a danger. It could be a small piece of information from any source such as alternative press, a documentary or even a person. When you find these information, they will force you to think about your life in a new way and also make you to question the how we are brainwashed to accept our surroundings around us. At this stage, we arrived at a deep and serious personal crisis and engage in a drive understand what is happening with us more carefully (1).

    1. An introspective quest for knowledge & truth

    Once we become aware about the anomaly around us with the small pieces of information at the Disturbance in the Force stage, we become even thirstier for more information. This is where; An Introspective Quest for Knowledge & Truth takes place. At this stage, we get the answers that were never asked and the accompanying interest in ‘alternative’ information. People also get ideas that provide answers that profoundly contradict contemporary consciousness at this stage.

    1. The dark night of the soul

    At the verge of ignorance and consciousness, people will go through an extreme time where they will be really vulnerable. Since the beginning, we have been brainwashed to accept the abnormalities around us and when we are faced with doubts about them, it will shake our values, thought and beliefs. At this stage, people will have to pass an extreme test and get out of a stage where they have been trained to accept anomalistic trends of society such as serious self-deceit, total submission to ego and to false authority, addiction, reckless endangerment of the self and others (2).

    1. Discovery of real medicine

    At this stage, people will find a remedy to deal with the dark night which can be anything that can support them. It could be in any form of an artistic endeavor or exercise or even an intense study of an esoteric healing. Some examples of them are Yoga, Kung Fu, Qi Gong, meditation and so on.

    1. Purification and detoxification

    When we are absolutely aware of actual goal and purpose of life, we can embark on a journey to get rid of those toxic and harmful things in our life.

    1. Re-thinking of authority, dependence and liberty

    As we complete the Purification and Detoxification stage, we now move to a new arena where start to think about the bigger things in life such as the Authority, Dependence and Liberty that has been governing us for a long time. At this stage, we not only think about them but also question them.

    1. Letting go of and discarding that which does not serve

    At this stage, we finally let go those things but has no value in our life. We have been holding on to them as the world has trained to. But when we will let them go, we will feel free and relaxed.

    1. Initiation into mystery

    At this stage, we move into an advanced state where we make an initiation into the world of the unexplainable a common feature of the shift.

    Different people seek awareness in different ways. There are those who choose the help of bang to increase their level of awareness. Such people will find this piece fun and informative to read.

    People who smoke bang are aware that it works based on the reasons why it is being smoked. That means that the user will have to settle in their minds the purpose of smoking and if they don’t, their subliminal level will make the choice for them. It also means, bang operates under the command or reasons of the user.

    For instance if the user wants to have a better appetite, work without feeling tired, get energized, feel high or meditate, bang will help them to achieve their goal. In this case we are not negating the fact that the amount consumed and how it is being consumed plays a big role in the end results. However, bang works in the same way when it comes to rumination; what matters is the reason behind the act of smoking.cannabis culture

    Another surprising thing that bang does is that it increases the electromagnetic energy in a person. It raises a person’s level of awareness and that is why many people view it a holy plant. It was highlighted in the Vedic Literature 7000 years ago. Chakras are the gateways to both the visible and energetic bodies. In simple terms there are 7 chakras and they are found along the spinal cord of a human being (1).

    The 7th one is at the top of the head while the last one is at the end of the spinal cord. For a person to identify these chakras, all they need to do is pay special attention to the parts of their body with increased levels of emotion at a certain time. These include the tummy, esophagus and heart. These parts tend to contract or behave differently when others get in an area where the individual is.

    This is not true only in the physical body but there is usually a spiritual impact among humans which is made possible by chakra. Our feelings from time to time definitely impacts on those near us very deeply even without our knowledge. Ingesting bang leads to the expansion of chakras since it pulls chi into the individual’s scheme. The chakra expands hence allowing a free flow of this energy.

    Due to the sensations found in bang the chakra may expand and become twice their size. The high emotions derived out of this makes individuals feel relaxed and more at peace with others. On the flip side, low emotions lead to despondency and mistrust. Bang increases the spiritual connectivity between individuals and that explains the reason why the word “contact high” is commonly used. Due to this, bang not only connects people spiritually but it makes them get in touch with their inner self, their environment and deity.

    Your responsibility:

    Concentrate on your heart’s emotions and goings-on every time you smoke. Be keen and you will become aware how the individuals near you affect your level of awareness. Become aware how your level of awareness impacts other people although you may not have conversed with them and they may also not be aware of it. As you continue concentrating on the activities in your heart, make it your objective to increase those emotions. If you manage to do this you are in essence increasing your chakra effortlessly. The activity described here is also known as “expansion”.

    Begin by concentrating on the tip of your head which is also known as chakra number 7. You can also choose to begin with chakra number 4 which is the heart and then experience the emotions here after every smoking you do. When you are elevated, you will echo the usual activities of the soul which is also the throne of awareness. As this takes place, be keen to sense the spontaneous information that come to mind as you stay alert.

    Let it be your objective to line up the mind with the soul’s awareness. Also let it be your objective to keep what you have acquired in the steps above lasting. Remember, although you may attain it with ease, it can also be lost. Following the above steps is way of meditating with awareness, and objectivity which is also known as “right alignment”.

    The experience also harmoniously aligns people with nature. If you are ingesting bang in an area surrounded by vegetation, make it your objective to increase your spiritual line up with the vegetation around you. If you are able to do that successfully and carefully, it is possible to have a sure line up with the entire environment and the ground where you are. The person smoking will begin to feel some concern on whatever is surrounding them. This leads to powerful “rushes” of emotions coming from the physical vicinity.

    The line-up we have just talked about above is called “the earth mind” by the WMS. As you smoke, make it your objective to spread into the environment this spiritual energy the same way you would pass on positive feelings such as fondness and warmth to someone you really care for (2). Not only should you do that, but make it your objective to have the vegetation and everything around you to respond to you with the most excellent that it has. In simple terms you will be communing with nature by passing your positive emotions to it.

    As expected in any form of communication, one person shares as the other receives and then it is the turn of the receiver to give. Therefore, after passing positive feelings, allow nature to shower you with its best in return. Use that link and keep doing this and experience the best that nature and the earth have to offer to you.

    This concept applies also when individuals want an increased relationship with their deity. Deity like human beings has awareness, character, objectivity and power.

    Kali is a Sanskrit word which means the Fourth Cycle of Time.  There is no connection between Kali Yuga and the goddess named Kali or kAII. These words are “spelled” which means they are written differently in Devanagari and should not be confused.  The Kali Yuga means the apocalyptic demon Kali that implies contention, quarrel, conflict and discord.

    Most of the people are familiar with Kali as the only Yuga that you may heard in this lifetime and it actually lives within the dense frequencies.  The way you think, your perception of the reality and the way you think is influenced by the vibratory frequency of time that lies within the Kali Yuga. As a human, you have been “cooked by time” in such a way that only the five senses remain available for you to understand the world around you.

    It is not surprising that most people are confused with these five senses.

    The five senses can be tricked and programmed by tyrannical wizards who want to control your lives.  If you observe today the media monopolizes your mind and they know how to manipulate and entrain these five senses. In the modern world where the information received suits the benefit of the multinational corporations who are the ones who own and control the monopoly media.

    Your five senses are susceptible to manipulation and deceit. But in the other cycle of time, the information gathered solely by the five senses would be highly suspicious. SEERs or those who see were the ones trusted with the source of wisdom that concerns the mankind’s future and they are your interconnection with the ways of the universe.

    It is the SEER that lies within you, who has a quiet mind and can attain a connection to the inner God who can give you insight to the real nature of authenticity.  Only the inner-knowingness will lead you out of your current dilemma – out of your mist of amnesia, which is like the soup that you are still “cooking in”.  When you transcend in the illusory power of your five senses, you can have an understanding of the mechanics of GUNA-MAYA and Prakriti’s Matrix – you will be human beings that comes back to authenticity.

    symptoms of Kali YugaWhat are the Symptoms?

    There are a number of descriptions of the Kali Yuga symptoms in the ancient text of Sanskrit of Puranic.  Take note that the writing itself is already a symptom of Kali Yuga.  The text is composing and transmitted orally in the preceding cycle of times and handed down through memory that are based on verbatim repetition from one age group to another generation.

    But in 500 BC, the grammarian Panini memorized the text and codified the Sanskrit language and put it into writing. The laborious precision of the Sanskrit was designed intentionally to protect and preserve the ancient knowledge from the confusion consequent in the Kali Yuga.

    One convincing symptom that was written in the Cycle of Time that was indeed true was they were able to predict that in time “ready cooked food will be sold”.  This is written in LINGA Purana Chapter 40.  This means that the ancient people have – foreseen fast food! The ancient people know that pre-prepared food have lost its nutritional value.

    As you can see when the genetically-modified and chemically-sprayed vegetable is shipped from California, then processed and package and added with more preservatives and additives in New Jersey, then shipped in an air-polluting diesel truck to Mississippi or Kansas, where it is placed in an oven and pack in an endocrine disrupting chemical Styrofoam package before it is finally sent to your home – where very little of its goodness is left!

    Age of DarknessThe Dark Rules

    Kali Yuga is considered as the Age of Darkness.  The Light primarily is lost but not completely gone.  It is hidden and veiled in the Kali – where the Dark Side rules! You can bring back the light in the world around you if you realize and remember the God-within you and by allowing the frequency to flow out of you.  Even the people around you do not fully accept what you are saying; they will soon be uplifted by your silent consciousness.

    However do not expect the people around you to like you or love you.  The Kali Yuga within their egos is firmly instilled in their subconscious mind and they are threatened by your mere presence. The small identity of the self-ego will not give of its power and if the individual is unwittingly allowing the denizens of the Phantasmal Hierarchies which is in the form of addiction to tyrannical power, alcohol, or drugs – then eventually these parasitical entities will soon attack you.  They will do just anything to get their way from the “food supply” or their power source!

    The Kali actually seems to reward the Dark Side. Those cruel ratzoids who are greedy, weak and liars without any principles, morals and integrity often are the ones who succeed while those with maverick minds, who have compassion for others, who possess a quiet sense of integrity and honor, and those who respect the primordial truth are berated and easily pushed aside often publicly and brutally by the ruthless elite.

    The pleasures that spring from the sense of impressions are the sources of misery because it has beginnings and end as stated by Bhagavad Gita 27(5) 23.

    kali-yugaReligious Fanatics

    There is another strange phenomenon of the Kali Yuga which is the externalization of the faith into an extreme that the people become crazy and obsessed with their own belief system.  For a thousand of years now, human beings have different interpretation of God.  They even inflict stupid and endless destructive wars on each other doing theft, torture, slavery and mass murder in the name of God!

    When you become conscious that God is within each and every person whether men, women or child, the idea of forcing a religion upon another is an absolute absurdity!

    There are corrupt priest that has become willing accomplices to these atrocious conflicts. They become imaginative torturers of the non-believers and even sold the tickets to heaven in a form of indulgences to the rich people to line their pockets and build lovely and enormous temples and cathedrals while many of the common people remained close to hunger or starvation!

    Most people choose false beliefs.

    The Kali Yuga Symptoms that are written in the Sanskrit texts in the Linga Purana and Vishnu Purana are posted on the Metaphysical Musing.  In fact, there are many intellectuals who appreciate the accuracy of the four Symptoms of Kali Yuga which are:

    • The thieves will become the kings and the kings will be thieves
    • Rulers will be responsible in confiscating property and use it for their own good. They will end their promise to protect the people.
    • People will choose the false ideas.
    • Low-minded men who gained certain amount of knowledge and learning without having the necessary virtues for its used will be esteemed as wise.

    Bear in mind that these are prediction that were composed and seen before the Kali began.  The Puranic and Vedic texts were held in memory and transmitted verbally from other cycle of times and was written only after writing came to use.

    Below you will find some of the Kali Yuga symptoms written in the BHAGAVATA PURANA Skandha XII:

    Chapter Two

    1. From then on, day by day, under the power of the relentlessly prevailing Time, sharpness of memory, physical power, duration of life, mercy, forbearance, purity both mental and physical, truth, and righteousness will go deteriorating.
    2. Wealth will be the basis of nobility of birth, merits and righteous behavior. It is the only brutal force that will be the standard decision or arrangement of what is just or righteous.
    3. Cheating will be the order of business relations and sexual pleasure satisfaction is the only basis of consideration of feminine and masculine worthiness and excellence.
    4. Justice become weak and it will be based on bribes.
    5. The hunger for influence will be the cause of one’s sinfulness or wickedness, while the hypocrisy will be the index of one’s goodness.
    6. The highest purpose or meaning of life is to put food on ones stomach and the arrogant boldness is regarded as authenticity.
    7. The self-advertisement of one’s fame of goodness that the righteous acts are to be performed. The entire world will be filled by wicked people.
    8. When the Kali of religion will be primarily heretical, the kings will be as good as the thieves and the men will enhance their livelihood through theft or economic offenses, willful violence to life, mendacity, and other pursuits.

    4_yugasChapter 3

    1. In the age of Kali, people will be selfish, take on wicked behavior, they will be merciless, indulge in hostility without any cause, extremely covetous for wealth and women for worldly desires, become unfortunate and seek higher social status.
    2. When the falsehood, deceit, sleepiness, lethargy, despondency, violence, delusion, grief, poverty-stricken and fear prevail this will be the Age of Kali which is characterized by TAMAS the GUNA of indolence, delusion and ignorance.
    3. As the result of Kali’s influence, mortal beings become voracious, unlucky, dull witted and destitute of wealth yet voluptuous and the women reckless and unchaste.
    4. In the Age of Kali, men will abandon their parents, relatives, brothers, sisters and friends and establish friendliness based on sexual basis. Their life will be miserable.

    From the Brief SRIMAD BHAGAVATAM:

    Even the trees will become stunted on the accounts of the ruthless exploitation by the unrighteous men.

    And two from the Mahabharata:

    The world will be run by many imposters… discussing the virtues of the great meals.

    Mahabharata, the Book of the Forest 3 (37) 186.43

    The countryside will be full with towers.

    The Mahabhrata the Book of Forest 3 (37) 186.37

    This could refer to the tall buildings seen in industrial parks and their adjacent apartments or perhaps more on the bristling side means the towers that transmit microwaves and radio or these monster electric-tower grids.

    Confusion as Control

    The Confusion Age is dominated by – Confusion!  Practically everything that you will read is clouded with the mist of Kali Yuga fog.  As the history is written by conquerors and the loser’s side of the story will be routinely forgotten.

    When you thought about it, throughout the history all the magnificent works of Art are sadly the symbols of propaganda that are paid and brought by the ruling religion and tyrants that dominate the world’s population. Ask Leonardo da Vinci who have on the same line of work with Michaelangelo or Casara Borgia who all labored under the iron ruling of the Vatican priest.   Today, the artist is answerable to the power and influence of multinational corporations around the world.

    Even the most wonderful explanations of enlightenment that give people hope were not experienced in the density of time that people are presently living in.  With no any disrespect intended, it occur that Jesus, Buddha or Lao Tzu did not have to fight off with the endocrine disrupting chemicals, childhood television programming, microwave and chemical trails!  In these days, the Twilight of Kali Yuga is the Razor’s Edge which is the very step on the way Home.

    Our Refuge

    The awareness of the essential Oneness is hard to understand in the Kali Yuga.  In the umbrella of multiplicity – there is only ONE!  This could mean that behind the obvious diversity of billions of people living on the Mother Earth, they are all considered as one.  All are called ISNESS.

    If you remember past lives, you may notice a striking and intriguing similarity in the basic characteristic of each life.  There are certain repeating compulsions and flaws, qualities or traits that you may notice to have shown over and over again lifetime after every lifetime. You may be a dancing slave girl during the 8th century in Kashmir or a high priest in Atlantis.

    There is an existing pattern that continues throughout the lifetime.  This is because the genes in your present physical body are the products of a long life of lineages and many bodies.  You need to access the memories contained within the DNA of the body that you presently inhabit.

    It is like as if the Creator generates particular waveforms or rays which contain the expression or qualities that remain in the genes throughout the cycle of time.  As the time descends down the vugas further into density, more variations of expression will be created like impulses, likes and dislikes and more.

    Time does not exist outside of the temporal matrix of illusory holographic.  Thus the so called Four Cycle of Times is continuous and as what you called past life.

    But underneath this temporal multiplicity is Oneness where all people are including yourself and everyone even the farmers in rural India, factory worker in China, corporate tyrants and world leaders, Pigmy Tribes in Africa and the Aborigines in Australia.

    We are considered as ONENESS beneath the temporal illusory of the Curtain of Multiplicity.  This understanding of Oneness is hidden from the people by the Kali Yuga.  But if you realize that there God within you, you will become what you have always been.

    Then the floodgates of Love and Knowledge will open and you will never be the same person you are again.  You will look at one another with compassion and you will never turn to judge other people because you know that you are one of them. If you judge them, you also condemn and judge yourself.

    It will turn out that the boring, dreadful and harrowing Kali Yuga is in fact the fast lane to realizing God.  The intensity of Kali forces you to WAKE UP!

    oneness kali yugaThe Quick Way to Reach Liberation

    The acceptance of the Theory of the Cycles of Time may lead you to a kind of complacent resignation.  After all if you are ineluctably snared by the frequency of confusion – then why worry?

    This is because what is really exciting is that Kali Yoga is the awareness that in fact it is the quickest cycle to determine who you really are.

    The conclusion of Kali Yuga is a favorable period to seek real knowledge.  Some may attain wisdom in a short period of time.  The merits acquired in a year during Treta Yuga can be attaining in one day in the Kali Age as mentioned in Shiva Purana a Danielou.

    Linga Puran Section 1 Chapter 40

    1. For this reason, in the Kali strength and longevity the features become lesser and lesser. Men can attain perfection in a short time.

    46-47 What can be gained in practice of dharma for a year in Treta Yuga is attained by practice for a month in Dvapara Yuga.  In Kali an intelligent devotee will attain it in the same day through practicing Dharma strenuously.

    This is a Cosmic Bargain sale of all kinds.  Thus, take up the challenge and remember who you really are!  Don’t give up.  The Dark side is fulfilling its Dharma, doing its own job of spreading the tyranny in the planet and poisoning everything in its power.

    So what are you going to do?  In these challenging moments of awakening consciousness and sorrow, how are you going to behave? Can you find the courage within you and the compassion for your brothers and sisters?  Can you master and learn the divine detachment that comes from understanding what is on the grand Cosmic Design?

    Will you be able to remember that everything and everyone is God, the ISNESS and ONENESS within You? You are part of this world and you are the love that breathes the temporal illusory holographic matrix that are out into multiplicity and inhale back into quiescence and then out again, eon after eon.  This is a world without an end!

    This universe is present for all the people to play in.  If you look into your life and the lives of others, despite that pain that you are experiencing, you will recognize the grandness and beauty of Creation.

    So the real question is – what are you going to do now in this exciting moment?  Are you ready to move into the a thousand of other universe with some polarities.  Or you will be waiting or inviting to come to another wonderful adventure of consciousness?

    The answers are all yours!


    In all my posts concerning the brain I have not explained what meditation does to your brain. I have not given any scientific evidence to show what effect prolonged meditation have on your brain. However, this is a topic that should not be taken for granted but rather one that should be studied in great deal. This is the only way you can embrace the benefits that come with meditation (1).

    It is no doubt that you have heard people talk about the many benefits of meditation. Whether you believe this information or not, the truth is that meditation have positive effects on your brain. Meditating for 15 – 30 minutes daily will show an improvement on the way you handle life and the things that come your way and how you relate with people. Meditation makes you more compassionate; it makes you able to see things better and makes you calmer. This is why you should not think of substituting meditation. Brain on meditation

    This article is meant for those who wish to know how meditation changes the brain. However, the information might be a bit technical but the good thing is that it is interesting.  It is amazing and fascinating to know how you can mold your brain. Below is what you need to know.

    Lateral Prefrontal Cortex

    This is that part of your brain that permits you to take a look at things from a more unbiased, coherent and reasonable point of view. This part is also known as the Assessment Center. It is the part that changes your emotional responses and reduces your chances of taking things that come your way personally.

    Medial Prefrontal Cortex

    This is the part of your brain that refers back to you the experiences that you go through and your perspective of things. It is also referred to as the “Me Center”. This is because it is the part of your brain that is responsible of handing out any information that is associated with you. This includes times when you show sympathy to others, involved in social interactions, thinking about your future and when you are reflecting on yourself. This is why it is also known as the Self-Referencing Center.

    There are two sections in the Medial PreFrontal Cortex (MPFC)

    1. Ventromedial Medial Prefrontal Cortex (VMPFC)

    This is the part of your brain that process information concerning you and people who have similar views to yours. It is the part that makes you take things personally. However, it has a number of positives.

    1. Dorsomedial Prefrontal Cortex (dmPFC)

    This is the part that process information that concerns people whom you consider different from you. It is a vital part because it is the part that maintains your social connections.

    1. Xcinsula

    This part keeps check of bodily sensations and is also concerned with experiencing “gut-level” feelings. It is the guide to how hard you will react.

    1. Amygdala

    This is the part that is also known as the “Fear Center”. It is your brains alarm system. It is responsible for all reactions, fight or flight and emotional responses.

    The Brain without Meditation

    There are physically powerful connections in brains of people before they begin meditation. This is why you might think there is trouble each time you are scared, anxious or have a funny feeling in your body. This is what happens if you overload your Me Center. When this is the case, you will never forget about the mistakes you made in the past. You will also over concentrate on how your body feels.

    The Me Center plays this major role because the Assessment Center has a weak connection. If the Assessment Center was stronger or had a higher ability, one would take up all vital information, do away with flawed data and have a better viewpoint of things taking place.  It would also reduce over thinking.

    The Brain with Meditation

    A number of good things happen if you practice meditation on a regular basis.  For example, when the bond between the fear/sensation center and the Me Center breaks down, you will no longer think that something bad is about to happen each time you get a strange feeling. This is why an increase in meditation is a decrease in anxiety. You gain the capability to pay no attention to sensations of anxiety. You start looking at things the way they actually are (2).

    There is also a healthier link between your bodily fear/sensation center and the Assessment Center. You now gain the ability to look at things more rationally regardless of how they look.  For example it will help you watch any pain you could be going through as it increases and as it decreases. Such an experience will no longer make you anxious.

    The other good thing about meditating is that it will strengthen the link between your Me Center and your bodily sensation center. It will be easy for you to know where the other person has come from especially if you have no ability to understand them.

    Meditating an important daily practice

    In summary, it is true to say that Science proves what we already know to be the truth about meditation. It strengthens our assessment Center, weakens the not so helpful part of the Me Center, makes stronger the helpful part of your Me Center and also alters the link to and from the bodily sensation/fear centers. When this happens, you react less; you become more holistic and balanced. This clearly shows that you are doing a lot of justice to your brain whenever you meditate.

    If you make mediation a daily practice, you will view yourself and those around you from a clearer and better point of view. Meditating will also help you in being more present, it will make you kind hearted and more considerate of other people’s wellbeing regardless of how things are.  However, to get the full benefits of meditating, you should make it a daily practice. When you meditate regularly your brain will not revert to the old ways that it was so used to.

    There are different ways of defining remote viewing. It is the capability that different people have when they describe an isolated geographical location. Though there is prove to this effect, it is still not clear how it has been reached to. One thing though, is that, there is information on this research that is still classified.

    Though there is information all over, the problem is that we do not know exactly where we can get it. Remember that it is not always that scientific discoveries relating to human beings are stressed. This is why we still consider some information to be untrue yet it was proved many years ago.   Nikola Tesla stated that there will be a lot of progress the day science will commence the study of non-physical phenomena.

    Also classified is the scientific study of non-physical phenomena. Most people still do not know much about the discoveries that have been made linked to non-physical phenomena. The term parapsychology has been used in the place of “psychical research”. There is still no reason why paranormal phenomena continue to be associated with controversy since studies have been done and research carried out to prove that the paranormal phenomena are valid. The good thing is that many people are now aware of this fact. There is no exception regarding the intelligence community. Since the start of the 1970’s, there has been a co-operation between several universities and the department of security to prove the validity of the remote viewing phenomenon.  The aim of this study and research is to find out the application of paranormal phenomena through programs and experiments. This is where remote viewing comes in. It is one of the major phenomenon that has continued to receive a lot of attention for different quarters.Remote viewing

    Below is a look at some of the research that is accessible for the public domain. The truth is that you will be scared by some of the revelations.


    The CIA in 1995declassified and accepted that documents be released to prove that it was involved in the program that was conducted at the Stanford Research Institute in Menlo Park, CA. The purpose of the program was to determine whether CIA and such other agencies would make use of those phenomena for intelligence collection purposes. The research lasted for several years (1).

    The study involved many people including Ingo Swann and personnel from the department of defense. Doctors Harold E.Puthoff and Ressel Targ headed the research program that took place for 23 years at Stanford University alongside Defense Intelligence Agencies and Army Intelligence.

    Scientific evidence that have taken place in various laboratories has proved that the remote viewing phenomenon is real. To back up this evidence was the discovery that an increased number of people were seen to display super remote viewing which they were not even aware of. The CIA played the role of remote viewers so that they could assess the procedures.

    After the reality of this remote viewing phenomenon was confirmed through the use of objects that were previously hidden in envelopes and indentifying physical characteristics that were a number of hundred kilometers away, Ingo Swann recommended that they conduct test to  remote view the planet Jupiter.

    However, before NASA made the flyby of the planet Jupiter, Ingo managed to see a specific ring that was around the planet Jupiter. This meant that he was all along correct because he was able to remote view the ring very successfully. Before the discovery of the ring, Stanford University published the results of the finds. However, the existence of other anomalies in the planet Jupiter was also described.

    The Jupiter planet experiment was covered with very strict protocols because it was considered unofficial. However, the remote viewing raw data was revealed because there was needed to prove that it was there even before the NASA vehicles got to Jupiter. The data was distributed all over. Most scientists who included two at jet Propulsion Laboratories accepted it.

    Many people including the Intelligence community and Stanford University have verified the remote viewing reality. The American Institute for Research even prepared an assessment of remote viewing and its investigative application. They explain how remote viewing could have a potential value for the intelligence community. A panel composed of a number of professors from different universities carefully went through at least 80 different journals. The aim of doing that was to prove that there existed beyond reasonable doubt confirmation of the remote viewing phenomenon. The other confirmation about the existence of the remote viewing phenomenon was established by a study carried out and published by the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research department (2).

    Even though there are numerous programs that have authenticated the reality of the remote viewing phenomenon, there still exists massive secrecy that surrounds the findings. Despite the fact that the department of defense is fond of classifying information, the astuteness that has been collected from the remote viewing practice is also to unearth all the secrets that has gone on to afflict planet Earth.  The information given in this article has gone a long way in waking up people who never knew that the remote viewing phenomenon is now a reality.

    So what does the whole thing tell us? It simply means that all things in the universe have a connection. In fact whether you look at it scientifically or you look for facts, you will find out that we are pieces of a larger thing. This means that we all have a link. The things that the intelligence community is attempting to keep to keep secret are opening up to the whole world day-by-day.

    You can’t help the fact that being a human, you are prone to do mistakes, and you are prone to failure and even do nasty things! A famous psychology study experiment conducted in 1971 by Dr. Zimbardo – he made it abundantly clear that in basic history and in reality – humans can be and do nasty things.

    Dr. Zimbardo stressed that he didn’t even have to go to private girl school to prove his point. He pointed out that humans are drawn in doing something that separates themselves from others to the point of having an inter-group conflict on the mass and minor scales.  More often than not, human being categorizes and discriminate others according to their superficial similarities.

    The-Giving-Spirit-LA-homeless-bags-graphic-Givingspirit-orgOn the other side of the coin, humans can also be compassionate, loving, and awesomely generous species. Currently on the research press, a creative study was conducted determining how six-week practice of meditation characterized by loving and kindness can help reduce the discriminatory and stigmatizing attitudes towards the homeless people.  Interestingly, when you talk about kindness and loving, these two positive words did not produce any good result – researchers found out that you have to literally do it in practice!

    To get the results, the researchers assigned the study participants into one of these three conditions such as six week loving and kindness meditation, a six week of loving and kindness discussion, and a wait list for the control group. Moreover, to suggest a reduction of negative attitude to the homeless, the researchers showed the study participants that racist attitude is tougher to shift than their negative attitude toward homeless people.

    homeless personThe researchers hope that this disturbing and interesting finding will challenge researchers to conduct further research on the mechanism of discriminating behavior of people.  They want to prove if these strategies will help them become better human species.

    Researchers also stress a more important question.  How can people use their research in their actual lives and in their meditation practices?  For those starters, it is the right time to get a meditation book and read about meditation.  The thing is reading meditation is not the same in actually practicing it.

    Perhaps, this study shows the most important thing – you need to practice kindness and loving.  It can be helpful to be honest with yourself.  Ask, why do you judge?  It will also be helpful if you think of the persons or group within your circle whom you have feelings of loving and kindness.

    meditation loving and kindnessWhen you do it on your own and regularly, it becomes a part of your system.  It will come out naturally and help you become a better and kinder loving person.  Being human has a lot of challenges, but being able to help others is said to be the real essence of being a human.


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    In times when we are anxious, worried or are going through any other of the extremely destructive states of mind, it is not easy or stay positively focused. During such a time, it would be unthinkable that you can become anything else than what you are. This is a bad state of mind that hinders our capability of seeing what we can become. “Your Self is already inherently liberated. It is the ideas that have been imposed on that Self which must be set free,” as Gangaji once mused.

    Below are 10 methods of changing your awareness to a more advanced state of being. They are meant to ease the process of expanding your awareness.


    Whenever you express your sympathy to others, you take up their suffering, with the aim of ending it. Expressing sympathy is also making purpose to sacrifice our all for the sake of other people. We forget about our desires and only focus on other people’s. This puts us at a better par with humanity.

    Boundary Dissolution

    When we understand boundary dissolution, we experience a deconstruction and dissolving of boundaries whose creation are societies and human cultures that have been in place as far as egoism has authority on humankind. Boundary dissolution is vital in the elimination of lies that divide humankind. Getting rid of these boundaries is a sure way of changing your world into one that is peaceful, serene and calm. This way oneness will become real (1).

    Positive Perception

    Each time that you show your sympathy and thankfulness to others you harmonize with all their goodness. This turns you to a greater person. It is a way of rejuvenating ourselves in order for us to be in sincere relations with other people. Be thankful for the fresh and warm air that you get from the sun. When doing this, think about what you are getting. Regardless of how things are, there will always be something to be thankful for. If you think that you have no reason to be grateful, just look for a single item daily that you can focus your attention to. Be Mindful

    Inner Peace

    When you are at peace both spiritually and mentally, we say that you have inner peace. This is a time when you have enough strength that enable you handle any nerve-racking or complex experiences that might come your way. In some cultures, people believe that they can get inner peace by practicing yoga, Tai Chi or meditation. To have inner peace you must look at your problems from a positive perspective. However, remember that there is no way that we can change the World’s nature or any of its problems.

    Through meditation we are able to achieve cheerfulness and calmness. We have the ability to make the life of our family’s lovely, peaceful and show them more care. This means that we are also able to make a better society by giving peace to our neighbors. Inner peace also comes with outer peace. Meditation should however not be confused with getting away from the reality. To be real and alive does not mean going to the mountain top or to a cave.


    When you pardon others for the wrong that they have done to you, you also get inner peace. You become one with those that you have pardoned. Pardoning should be taken as an act of truth, love, acceptance and peace. It should take the place of all forms of bitterness such as deceit, loathing, disapproval and emotionalism.

    When you forgive, you become at peace with your mind. On the other hand when you resent you get inner turmoil and suffering. When you pardon other people, you are ready to see the loveliness and excellence in all things (2).

    Be Mindful

    When you are mindful, you become alert. Mindfulness practice extends your awareness thus getting an enhanced oversight. For a beginner, it gives them a better view of what is taking place and how it is happening. Mindful mind does not criticize. There is no room for judging or blaming others or being subject to surprises. With it there is only registering of experiences but no comparison.  There is also nothing like labeling or categorizing experiences. You view things as though they are happening for the very first time.


    Self-sacrifice means thinking about other people’s well-being more than us. It is practicing unselfishness and reducing the satisfaction of individual needs and requirements. There are many ways through which you can achieve this.  Cleanse yourself and give your full soul, body, mind and heart to others. Give unlimited time to those who need it and be glad that you are doing it. Remember that you have much to gain spiritually when you give willingly.


    Have the desire to return to the past. People who have longing for something are known to have an increased level of self-esteem and rarely go into dejection.  Giving yourself 15 – 20 minutes of precious memories will make you happier and a more cheerful human being. Longing boosts your mood. Any time you feel down, think about the good things that happened to you in the past.


    Czech poet-president Vaclav Havel once said, “If the world is to change for the better, it must have a change in human consciousness.” Albert Einstein on his part said that repeating one thing and getting different outcomes is insanity. A basic and deep change in human consciousness is the only way that we can solve the many problems that are in the world. However, to achieve this we have to appreciate the impact of ecological degradation, climatic changes, population and consumption for toxic waste.  We should appreciate the value of oneness and the interconnectedness of things and human beings.


    Give wonder an opportunity. This will take us to a higher level. Religious practice and customs spread and make modification in how we perceive things. The best thing about wonder is that it will take us to getting a taste of united and never ending survival.

    Grounding simply means getting linked to the Earth. It is a term that means diverse spiritual practices, traditions and cultures. Though it is related to sinking, feelings of balance, being anchored, linking, in the flow and centeredness, I wish to look at the larger impact of what takes place whenever you are relaxing outside your house. It is important that we know that different systems all aim at returning to, maintaining and achieving a state of clean consistency. Every time regardless of whether we know it or not, we are participating in a process that does not change within our world. This takes place regardless of where you are or what you are doing. There are energy fields all over that we interact with from time to time but with different results and degrees.

    It is important to know that there is a lower range in the Earth’s field of approximately 7.8Hz. This range is also known as the Schumann Resonance.   This rhythm that is considered natural is present in different places inside the human organism. It is natural for it to function whenever we are at our most sustainable, resourceful and articulate state. The body cavity of a human being reverberates at 7.8hz. The brain waves that border at the frequency of 7.8Hz are related to quietness, insight, rest, sixth sense, reflection and motivation (1).

    Consequently the Earth reverberates with our natural system to take us to a higher state of reasoning. This in turn improves our bodily, psychological and emotional wellbeing.  When not in motion, organisms normally function in a more harmonious and specialized manner enabling them to easily get access the Earth’s stabilizing electromagnetic energy. As a result our lifespan is extended and there is also an increase in fitness, wellbeing and vigor.

    All these are old facts that are uttered in different spiritual practices, civilizations and traditions. What people should know is that the Western model that is currently governing the whole world is simply a creation with a setting that purposes to isolate people to prevent this linking to the Globe. However, there is what is known as the economic system whose setting is aimed at keeping people within the generate information in all big metal and stone buildings which would otherwise cut us off from the world. Modern technology and machines for example television sets, telephones and computers and others that are all around us continuously attack us with electromagnetic emission.  The pieces of rubber and insulating plastic that we are sold for putting on our feet whenever we are out in the open are known to curtail the proper flow of energy from nature up inside our physical vessel. Toxic waste and procedures that are all-encompassing within the world deform the electromagnetic field.Venture Outside


    The good news is that we can develop our link to Nature in order to enable a more logical, fit state of being in the process of grounding. Here below are comprehensive methods that can be used to reverse human organism into agreement with the Earth’s energetic field:

    1. Venture Outside

    Venture outside; you can either go to the ocean, to the field, beach, and stream, mountain, to a river or even to a swamp. Be in the company of life or nature than in the office or on the couch.

    1. Walk Without Your Shoes On

    Have the joy of walking without your shoes on. It is known that many years ago human species lived barefoot. It is a perfect idea to get back to that ancient practice.

    1. Give a tree a hug; you can venture outside as a couple to give your energy field balance by touching a different organism.
    1. Make Use of Grounding Technology

    Different companies have invented technology that can either refill your body or ground you with unconstructive ions. The Earth is the major electron giver and taker, and the right PH of our bodies should be alkaline to neutral.  Viruses, germs, parasites and bacteria, all that survive in acidic environments have a charge that is positive. This is not good for any immune system that is healthy.

    1. Make Use Of Mental Pictures

    As long as you are awake, it is possible to change and normalize energy field through our changing emotions. Creating mental pictures is an old practice that you can do any time regardless of where you might be. Below are methods that work perfectly (2).

    1. Grounding chord

    Create mental pictures, feel, perceive or just be conscious of the middle of the Globe and the free of charge energy that it discharges. Get down to the center with both your heart and mind. Follow this process on a regular basis but make use of a variety of chords with differing thickness and color. Through this you will experience a wide range of feelings.

    1. Tree Meditation

    Image, you are a tree. Think about your feet growing roots that go down into the Earth. See your thighs and legs turning into wood with the roots interweaving your legs and into the rest of the body. Imagine your body getting stronger as your spine becomes a trunk. Think of energy going up from the Earth and into all your body parts. Sense your arms turning into growing branches that can touch the sky, change into energy and even drink in the light that comes from the sun.

    1. Mountain Meditation

    See in your mind’s eye your whole body turning into a stone or a mountain. Suppose that the lower part of your body from the legs were to get attached to the bedrock and Earth’s stone. Feel the stillness and quietness that comes with this. Think about yourself becoming the bottom of the mountain growing upwards to touch the skies. Consider your crown becoming the mountain top.

    All the above information shows that it is possible for us to change our state of being. We are a product of what is around us often in the midst of other outer influences and forces. However, it is upon us to decide how we feel or how we will react. It is in our ability to alter both our inner and outer environment in order to get to a higher level of consistency and agreement. The above information will assist you in attaining a higher consistency and elevate your vibration as you take authority in changing the Earth into what you would want it to be (1).






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    You know that like poles attract. That is why it is true to say that positive people are attracted to positive energy and negative...