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    Honey and cinnamon are the common staples in many cupboards.  But the question is – are you consuming the real honey or cinnamon?  Are you aware of the benefits that you can get from consuming the authentic honey and cinnamon?

    Is your Honey Real?

    2014-01-26-GoldenAmberHoneyEarthDrReeseHalterIn 2011, FSN asked the expertise of Vaughn Bryant a leading melissopalynologists or known as the expert in identifying pollen in the honey and Palynology Research Laboratory Director at Texas A & M University – he studied more than 60 products that were labeled as “honey” which was purchased by FSN from the District of Columbia and from the ten different states.

    Bryant found out that 76% of the product labeled as honey that were purchased from big grocery store chains and 77% of the sample purchased from the big box chains did not contain any pollen.  If that is not crazy enough, honey samples were taken from fast food restaurants and drug stores and the result showed that 100% of them contain no any pollen! These simply mean that none of the products labeled as honey that were tested in the drug stores and food restaurants are actual honey!

    If you are choosing honey in the grocery store, make sure that you read the label carefully so that you can get a product where honey is the sole ingredient.  If you can manage to get unpasteurized honey that is better.

    Nutritional Benefits of Honey and Cinnamon

    Cinnamon and honey are favorite ingredients in many breakfast foods.  You can use it quite easily in savoury recipes, sauces and snacks.  Considering the benefits that you can get from these two nutritional ingredients, why not plan to add them into your next meal?

    Honey contains panthothenic acid, riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, Vitamin B6 and some amino acids.  The minerals that can be found in honey are zinc, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, iron, copper, and calcium.

    Cinnamon is an excellent source of, calcium, iron, and manganese and small dose of fiber.  Cinnamon contains Vitamin K and Vitamin A but the daily values are not that significant.

    Health Benefits of Cinnamon and Honey

    Together with its nutritional benefits, cinnamon and honey contain a lot of health benefits that you should consider.

    honey and cinnamonImmune System

    Cinnamon and honey are great for boosting your immune system, prolonging life span and effective in eliminating chronic fatigue.  If your immune system is compromise, you open yourself to viruses, flu and colds.  Using cinnamon and honey can help you fight illnesses as well.  Both contain antioxidants that are used to combat free radicals in your organ’s system.


    Cinnamon contains flavonoids an antioxidant whose effect resembles that of insulin.  This means that it can encourage the glucose out of the bloodstream and into the cells where it is needed as functional energy source.   Energy which is a pure source of natural sugars does not cause fluctuation of the blood sugar levels that most of the artificial sugar does.

    Cinnamon effects when combined with honey shows steady use of glucose by the body and improvement in the management of Type 2 diabetes.

    Weight Loss

    honey and cinnamon for weight lossA mixture of honey and cinnamon with warm water is considered great for weight loss.  It is important to remember that combining with exercise and proper diet is the key in healthy weight loss.


    Honey contains large amounts of phytochemicals which is linked in preventing the onset of cancer while cinnamon contains anti-tumor properties that reduce the chain of metastasis or spread of cancerous cells through its tumorous growth. Acids found in honey can directly shut down the activity of the two enzymes namely phosphatidylinositol-specific phospholipase C and lipoxygenase which are both linked to producing cancer materials in the body.

    Insect Bites and Itching

    If you take a part of honey, and add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and two parts lukewarm water, you can make a paste and then massage it on the itching part of the body where you had the insect bite.  In a minute or two the pain will go away!


    Cinnamon and honey help to increase the functionality and health of the digestive system.  If you take two tablespoon of honey with cinnamon sprinkled it on top before consuming, it can help relieve the indigestion that normally occur after eating.


    Patients with arthritis should prepare one cup of hot water, plus two spoons of honey and small teaspoon of cinnamon powder.  Take this drink daily preferably in the morning and evening.  If taken on a regular basis chronic arthritis can be cured.

    Skin Care

    face mask cinnamon and honeyThe benefits of cinnamon and honey extend to skin care.  If you have pimples and minor skin infections, these can be treated by simple application of paste formed from these two incredible foods. This can be applied directly on the wounds or on the skin for general spread because it has antioxidant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory characteristics, which can help reduce the age-related wrinkles and spots.  It also helps lessen the free radicals impact on the skin.

    Heart Disorder

    Cinnamon and honey are used for decreasing cholesterol levels which provides additional protection to your heart’s health.  A high LDL or bad cholesterol level may result in plaque build-up or atherosclerosis on the walls of arteries and vessels.  This increases the chance of forming clot that may result in stroke or heart attack.

    Choose the Right Cinnamon

    Ceylon Cinnamon

    There are different types of cinnamon but this article specifically refers to Ceylon Cinnamon.  The reason to choose the right cinnamon is because different types of cinnamon contain various level of Coumarin which is associated with causing kidney and liver damage at higher doses.  Ceylon cinnamon on the other hand, has very low amounts of courmarin and it is safe for daily consumption.

    Next time you shop at your favorite grocery store, make sure to check the type of cinnamon you are purchasing.

    Undoubtedly, there are many benefits that you can get if you buy and consume the real honey and cinnamon. But make sure that you read the labels, so you can get the real one!

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    What are the foods that you and your family eat every week?  You may be surprised to see the significant differences that exist between relatively similar countries when it comes to their diet preference. While most of the family in Mexico and United States choose sodas and fast food into their core diet, the families in Bhutan survive with a traditional base food items like grains and vegetables.

    Now you would understand why disease rates are increasing in most of the developed countries where nutrition is not considered as primary importance.  In fact, in this article you will see what the world really eats. You will see the variations in each nation worldwide.

    Interestingly, the United States is the biggest spender when it comes to health care as compared with any country in the world.  Despite the fact that US spend $7,960 per capita, it is still ranked as the last when it comes to providing quality health care. The truth is when you ignore proper food intake the accumulation of toxic ingredients from the addiction to processed food will result to increase in disease rates!

    HUNGRY PLANET what the world eatsThese pictures below where taken from the book entitled Hungry Planet: What the World Eats.  You can see the diet of an average family from each country in a span of one week.

    North Carolina, United States

    usanorthcarolinaeatThis family from North Carolina is a not so surprising photo showing what the average income families from this area eats every week. Their diet is mostly composed of pre-prepared and processed foods with heavy amounts of fast food and junk foods.  They consume mostly sweetened fruit drinks and large-size sodas from Mc Donald’s and Burger King.  This kind of usual American diet will lead to rampant sickness and chronic diseases.  Some of their favorite foods include fast foods and pizza.


    mexicofamilyeatThe Mexican families prefer to consume processed foods and sugary sodas, although, the family have higher intake of fruits and vegetables as compared with their US family counterpart.  Their favorite food item includes chicken, pasta and pizza.


    whatcanadaeatsThe families in Canada enjoys the same processed foods from the US and Mexican families.  The Canadian families consume processed meats and chips but you will notice the display of fresh fish and vegetables on the table.  The high amounts of cheese and yogurt are also featured.



    Italian families love pasta, assorted fruit and bread.  Grains are the major part of their diet including foods that are high in carbohydrates.   Italian families also tend to give up some meal options which are high in protein as seen in their traditional Italian dishes like pasta with ragu.  Most of these items are freshly baked at home.  Italian families also consume high amounts of sodas such as Pepsi.  As you can see, this family drinks about 6-large sized bottles every week.


    Here is the photo of what the family in China eats.  This particular Chinese family listed shredded pork with sweet and sour sauce as one of their favorite dishes.  They also eat processed food with items mixed with packaged fish and meat.  This Chinese family also eats more fruits compared with vegetables.  In fact, their produce selection is considered as the smallest aside from US.


    chadThe family living in the developing country like Chad spends an equivalent amount of $1.23 per week on their food to feed the entire family.  The favorite food of the family is soup with fresh sheep meat.


    JAP01.0001.xxf1sThis may seem surprising, but this family from Japan consumes high processed sugary and junk treats. This Japanese family favorite food includes sashimi, potato chips and cake.



    melander-Family---Germany-005The German family has an adopted American-style diet stating that their favorite foods include friend noodles, fried potatoes, vanilla pudding, and pizza.  You may observe an increase amount of alcoholic drinks and beer over the country.

    Great Britain

    britaindietThis family spends more than $250 per week for their food.  This average family from Great Britain eats mostly processed candies and meal.  The family’s favorite food includes prawn cocktail, mayonnaise sandwiches, and chocolate fudge cake.

    While this picture of each country cannot show you what each nation eats and ultimately what the world really eats.  It gives you an insight and discussion for those who wants to learn more about the different cultures around the world.


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    You have been with this before.  You may already feel that familiar tickle in the throat, stomachache, stuffiness in your nose and so on.  Then you look for a solution so you can prevent what you are supposed to go through.

    You even ask for advice or pull your computer to check on Google about what is the best thing that you can do?  There are many products and practices that aim to fight those illnesses.  But why do you have to wait for these symptoms to appear before you start to realize that you have to take care of your bodies?

    Will it be simpler to look for ways on how to take care of your body like giving yourself a good rest and ample amount of nutrients so your body can function properly?  Have you not realized that there are abundant tips on the online community that can give you wise advice on how to be strong and healthy?  Don’t let yourself have colds and sore throat to realize this stuff!

    Believe it or not, one of the common behaviors among people is that they took their bodies for granted.   You become so focused on the busyness of life and you forget about the important vehicle that you use to do the activities that you need to do.  When you pull yourself to do an assignment all night, when you eat fast foods because it is readily available rather than choosing healthy foods, all these takes a toll on your body.

    If you measure the amount of stress that you put on your bodies daily, it is indeed amazing to note how your body constantly tries it best to compensate on these changes.  It is indeed a miracle that you didn’t get sick immediately.

    Most of the time, you are used to how your body operates on a regular basis. You get hungry twice or thrice a day.  You sleep for at least 5 hours and from time to time appreciate the value of exercise if you find time.

    Just imagine if you actually took good care of your body. For sure, that whatever changes that you would experience outwardly, the overall capability and functionality that you will experience will smash out what you thought to be as norm.

    So what do you have to do?  There are a hundred things that you can adopt and most of them you may probably know already, but here you will find some of the simplest and most effective things to do that will help you in good health.

    girl-drinking-bottled-water1. Drink Lots of Water Daily

    Your body consists of 45-75% water, so it is not surprising to note that it is one of the essential components for good health.  The amounts you consume daily vary from your food sources. Instead of giving you a concrete amount, it is best that you choose plain water.

    Rather than succumbing to the more tasty alternatives, save your body from the stress of having to draw the water from the mixture.  It is best if your body can get the water directly.

    The good thing about this is that you can help hydrate your body so it can function properly. Drinking lots of water is great for detoxifying the toxins out of your body.  You can use your urine as an indicator.

    The more yellowish the urine is, the more toxins you carry so make sure that you pee at least 1 or 2 clear pees per day.

    You can also check your water source and find financially feasible ways to give yourself the cleanest access to water.  Public water system contains chlorine, fluoride, unwanted chemicals and pharmaceuticals that new existing water filter system can remove.  The clean and clearer the water is, the more benefits you can get.

    111611-man-deep-breathing-dock2. Take Few Deep and Full Breaths Throughout the Day

    Breathing is the source of life and most people fail to take time in breathing properly.  It is best if you could find time to practice deep breathing daily. Again, you may notice that there are conflicting ideas as to what is the adequate amount.  But health experts suggest doing at least 2 to 3 deep breath thrice a day.

    This breath is nothing more than filling the lungs with air with a tiny suspension and then a full release of the same air.

    The benefits of deep breathing is said to be great in releasing toxins and tension.  It also helps massage the organs and assist with digestion.

    It is also best if you can try to upgrade your deep breathing exercises to meditation or yoga.  Both of these practices revolve around breathing.  Deep breathing can also have a number of wonders for your physical body.

    o-DRINKING-LEMON-WATER-facebook3. Drink a glass of water daily with a squeeze of lemon

    A mug of hot water with a squeeze of lemon depending on your preferred amount can help cleanse and coat your throat to prevent any form of voice loss and other ailments.  Lemon helps clear your skin, balance your pH level because of its alkaline properties and help boost your immune system.

    Drinking room or warm temperature beverages instead of cold is favorable for your body process.  Better to opt for non-chilled beverages as your daily drinking habit.

    Organic-Fruits-and-Veggies4. Buy Organic Vegetables and Fruits

    Organic produce are becoming readily available for a lot of good reason.  When you are purchasing vegetables and fruits choose organic foods, as much as possible.  It may cost more than non-organic produce but as more and more people make regular purchase, you can actually help put the prices down.

    The benefits that you can get in consuming vegetables and fruits are well documented.  So give your body the benefits of getting these organic produce in its purest form.  If you purchase non-organic produce you deprived your body with the nutrients that it needs because non-organic stuff are heavily masked with pesticides and most of them are genetically modified organism.

    You also need to look into the food items that have the most pesticide content.  Potatoes, leafy green and berries have thin covering so they are said to be heavily hit by pesticides as compared with avocadoes, grapefruits and melons are considered as the less hit.

    paraben free5. Shampoo and condition your hair using Paraben-Free Products

    Did you know that your pores are incredible receptacle of chemicals and toxins, and those pores on your head are no exception?  So when you are cleaning your pores choose products that does not contain multitude of chemicals particularly parabens. Buy paraben-free shampoo and conditioners which are affordably priced and readily available in the market.

    When you avoid using parabens products you are keeping yourself away from the other harmful effects that these product has.  In fact, parabens are known to cause hormonal issues that are linked with breast cancer.

    Preferably, use biotin-enriched products.  Biotin is the primary components of your hair that needs to remain on your head.  It also helps promote blood flow to your scalp keeping it healthy and help in the natural grow of your hair.

    These simple tips are not guaranteed to be effective for everyone.  But based on the experiences of most people, these are generally effective in larger population.  Whether you are in perfect shape or not, take time to give your body all the love and nourishment that it need.

    Don’t be contented in a problem-reaction-solution kind of thing that you used to do.  Nourish and take care of your body, so you can achieve your optimal health.


    Would you believe that with just a simple drink that refreshes you – may also help reduce the stored fats in your body?

    mint lemon ginger cucumberHere are the ingredients:

    12 leaves of mint

    1 medium-sized lemon cut into pieces

    1 medium-sized cucumber, medium-size, peeled and cut into thin pieces

    1 spoon of grated ginger root

    8 glasses of water


    1. Mix all the ingredients with water.
    2. Leave the mixture overnight so the ingredients can release their aromas.
    3. Consume the drink on the next day.

    fcg_opening_ginger_lemon_mint_teaIf you are thirsty, you can take this drink.  Preferably drink this for 4 consecutive days.  Make sure to prepare fresh water so you will see the positive result.

    Bear in mind that this amazing drink alone cannot make your desired weight loss. You also need to eat moderate amount of food preferably take smaller meals.  You also have to do physical activity to help your waist become thinner and your abdomen flatter.

    You don’t have to starve yourself.   Drink at least 8 glasses of water to maintain good health.  Whether you want to lose weight or maintain your existing weight, keep in mind that water helps a lot in the proper performance of your bodily function.

    Surely, if you develop this discipline, you will be healthier and free from sickness.  Cheers!

    Are you fond of drinking energy drinks? Do you know that energy drinks has been found out to cause an irreversible damage to the tooth enamel and it has detrimental effects on heart contraction? An ongoing study conducted by the Radiological Society of North America or RSNA  reported that the popular energy drink which is consumed by millions of people may not only increase the heart’s contractility but it may also cause long-term health risks.

    In an annual meeting in Chicago, Dr. Jonas Dorner of the Cardiovascular Imaging Section of the University of Bonn who is currently working on the study said that up to date no one has worked on the exact effects of these energy drinks on the heart functioning.

    Dorner pointed out that there are concerns regarding the potential adverse side effects of energy drinks on the heart function especially in young adults and even in adolescents.  Dorner said that there is no or little regulation in the US market when it comes to the consumption of these products.

    In a recent study published in May to June 2012 issue of General Dentistry which is a per-reviewed Clinical Journal of the Academy of General Dentistry, the researchers found out an alarming rise in the consumption of energy and sports drink especially among adolescent population.  This is of concern because it can cause irreversible damage to the teeth especially so that these drinks have high acidity levels which may cause erosion of tooth enamel – the glossy outer covering of the tooth.

    energy-drinknb021Three Times More Caffeine

    Did you know that the caffeine levels of energy drinks are three times more than any other caffeinated drinks such as cola or coffee?  Dorner said that the known side-effects of these drinks are palpitations, increase in heart rate, and rise in blood pressure and in most severe cases it can lead to seizure or even sudden death!

    Synthetic caffeine is manufactured by the chemical industry.  It is a big business in a lot of drinks that contain the drug.

    Natural Caffeine

    Real and natural caffeine comes from different plant species.  The caffeine content found within these plants varies throughout the year.  It depends on several factors like time of the year harvested, soil and weather conditions and so on.

    Thus, the exact caffeine content is impractical and impossible to determine for labeling products found in tea or coffee. They are constantly changing the amounts. So naturally, caffeinated products will not have the exact caffeine measurement or ingredients used that are seen on the label.

    Synthetic Caffeine

    You will easily know that you are drinking synthetic caffeine when the exact measurement of caffeine is listed on the label. This is the most common and cheapest among the caffeine source.  The compounds and processes may vary among chemical companies, but overall the amounts are all disturbing!

    Fortified Caffeine

    Still this is usually synthetic which can be obtained from coffee decaffeination industry.  Although fortified caffeine is expensive and rarely used.  You can determine if it is fortified caffeine based on the label with a measurement.

    This industry uses caffeine supply with ethyl acetone, formaldehyde and methylene chloride for its removal.  Take note that there is no such thing as removing the caffeine with just using plain water.

    Drastically Higher Peak Strain

    heart-healthDorner and his team used cardiac magnetic resonance imaging or MRI to measure the potential effects of energy drink consumption on the heart function.  In the study they had 18 healthy volunteers which include 15 men and 3 women.  Their average age is 27.5 years.

    The subjects were given one cardiac MRI before they consume an energy drink containing caffeine (32 mg/100ml) and taurine (400 mg/100 ml), and another one was given after an hour of consumption.

    The second MRI showed drastically peak systolic strain rates and higher peak strain in the left ventricle of the heart.  These measurements are used to categorize the level of heart contraction or contractility. This technique is used to see how the heart receives oxygenated blood from the lung and pump it into the aorta which is then distributed throughout the body.

    Toxic Sweeteners and Preservatives

    Red Bull, Monster, Nos, Rockstar, Full Throttle and all other energy drinks contain the following toxic ingredients:


    Sucralose or Splenda is a chlorocarbon or simply a chlorinated sugar.  The common chlorocarbons include methylene chloride, trichlorethelene, and carbon tetrachloride which are all deadly! Chlorine is considered as Doberman Attack Dog of Nature which is a highly excitable and ferocious atomic element that is employed as biocide in insecticide, disinfectants, bleach, hydrochloric acid and World War I poison gas!

    As the US Food and Drug Administration noted on 1998 – 11 to 27 percent of the ingested sucralose can be absorbed by the human body. A research by Roberts last 2000 mentioned that there is a research published by the sucralose manufacturer wherein 8 healthy male adults were given sucralose with 1 mg/kg amounts between 10.4% and 30.6 % of the sucralose were absorbed. More so, 1.6% to 12.2% of the sucralose were stored in the body.


    A multi-potential carcinogen – aspartame which is consumed daily at 20 milligrams per kilogram of body weight that is of lower quantity compared with the maximum recommended dosage by FDA which is 50 mg/kg of body weight and European Union of 40 mg/kg.

    Studies show that aspartame increases the incidence of having malignant tumors in rats. In the females it can increase the incidence of lymphomas and leukemia as well as other cancerous cells in the urethra and pelvis.  In the males, it can specifically increase the risk of malignant tumors in the peripheral nerves.


    Energy drinks contain Acesulfame-K (Potassium) which represents as one of the favorite food additives used in sweetening drink. ACE-K is approved by FDA but there are many possible problems correlated with its consumption. Although, there are many studies that confirm its safety, ACE-K is still suspected of causing benign thyroid tumors.

    In the rats the tumor development took 3 months wherein the period of consumption of the additive is between 1 to 5 %. The period is so short hence the substance is believed to contain significant carcinogenic properties.  The methylene chloride which is a solvent used to manufacture the ACE-K is the substance that is primarily responsible for its carcinogenic characteristics.

    Potassium Benzoate

    Benzoate is known to damage the important area of the DNA which is known as the powerhouse of the cell called the mitochondria.  This chemical is capable of causing severe damage to the DNA in mitochondria to the point that it can actually inactivate it.  It can literally knock it out.

    Potassium Benzoate is used as an artificial color and it is considered as carcinogenic poison used in making foods and other products that are visually appetizing and appealing.

    Potassium Phosphate

    There are a dozen of different phosphates containing food additives that are use in a hundred of processed foods. Studies have shown that among healthy adults, people with higher phosphate levels have higher mortality rates.  Phosphate causes rapid progression of specific illnesses like chronic kidney disease.  The phosphate additives has been linked to accelerated aging and increased risk of heart disease

    They also interfere with the way the body activates vitamin D.

    High Fructose Corn Syrup

    High fructose corn syrup causes increased weight gain, diabetes hypertension, and insulin resistance plus the fact that it is manufactured from the genetically modified corn.

    In the 2013 Canadian Neuroscience Meeting, the results of the conference showed that high-fructose corn syrup may cause behavioral reactions that are similar with those produce by drugs of abuse like the cocaine.

    Increased amount of HFCS consumption may cause depletion of chromium in the body which is important in helping glucose pass through the bloodstream into the cells.

    In a recent US study, half of the tested samples of the commercial high-fructose corn syrup contain mercury which was found in nearly a third of the 55 popular brand names in the food and beverage industry where HFCS is the first line or second line labeled ingredient.

    Potassium Sorbate

    The Food and Chemical Toxicology have labeled the potassium sorbate as carcinogen.  This shows positive mutation results in the mammalian cells.  Some studies have shown broad toxic and systemic effects on the non-reproductive organs of the animals.  There are no long-term studies that have been initiated on either humans or animals, so there is not enough evidence to theorize what could happen after long term use of this preservative.

    Nevertheless, based on the short-term toxic and carcinogenic effects, is this worthy to find out?

    No-Red-BullLong-Term Health Risk Still Unknown

    Dorner said that there is still a need for further studies to understand how elevated heart contractility can affect the athletic performance and a person’s daily activities.  They also need to know how long the possible effect of the drink will last.

    He also pointed out that the long-term health risks associated with energy drinks are unknown. But they advice that people especially children with cardiac arrhythmias should not consume these drinks.  There is also a need for new studies to assess the possible risk posed by energy drinks in addition with alcohol.

    The Heart Foundation has not issued any statement on this unpublished research whether heart contractility is a bad thing.

    The Radiological Society of North America is composed of 53,000 radiologists, medical physicist, radiation oncologist and other related scientist.  They publish two-peer reviewed journals on Radiology and Radio Graphics.

    For now that everyone is waiting for the outcome of the study, one thing is clear – energy drinks contain lots of chemicals that poses potential risk to your heart and overall health.  Thus, consuming high amounts of energy drinks may not be good for your

    Harvard University recently published a meta-analysis which was funded by the National Institutes of Health or NIH.  Based from the results of the study, the researchers concluded that those children living in areas with high fluoride water have significantly lower IQ scores than children who live in low fluoridated areas.

    The 32 page report can be downloaded for free in the Environmental Health Perspective site.  The researchers mentioned that the report from the US NRC or National Research Council in 2006 stating that high fluoride concentrations in the drinking water have adverse affects that warrants concern and additional research.  Studies showed that fluoride can cause neurotoxicity in the laboratory animals, including effects on memory and learning.

    The researchers summarized the existing literature and performed a systematic meta-analysis and review of published studies on increase exposure on fluoride in the drinking water and its association with neurodevelopmental delay.  They specifically targeted the studies that were done in rural China which has not been widely disseminated.  This further complements the existing studies that are already included in the risk assessment reports and previous reports.

    The findings from the meta-analysis of the 27 studies published for a period of 22 years suggest an inverse association existing between children’s intelligence and high fluoride exposure.  The study has shown that fluoride can be a developmental neurotoxicant that may affect the brains proper development at the level of exposure which is below than those that cause toxicity in adult population.

    The concentrations of serum-fluoride is associated with high intakes of fluoridated drinking water that  may exceed 50 Smol/L or 1 mg/L, which is more than 1000 times the level of other neurotoxicants that can cause neurodevelopmental damage. To support their findings, experimental rats were exposed to 50 Smol/L or 1ppm of fluoridated water for one year.   The result showed alterations on the morphology of the brain and high levels of aluminum found in the brain tissue compared with control animals.

    In summary, the results support that there is a possibility of adverse effect from fluoride exposure on the children’s neurodevelopment.  The researchers also encourage future research that would formally evaluate the dose-response relations based on the individual level of exposure over time.  These include assessment on the prenatal exposure and extensive standardized measures on the neurobehavioral performance in addition to control of possible confounders and improving assessment.

    Growing Research Studies Have Consistently Linked Fluoride to Brain Damage and Reduce IQ Levels

    FLOURIDEThere is growing number of research studies showing the toxic and direct effects of fluoride on the body.  It is indeed interesting to note that despite this claims, it is not even considered as a scientific consensus.  Despite the existing evidence against it, fluoride remains to be added to almost 70% of the public drinking water supplies in the US.

    It is in fact unbelievable how the medical and dental communities are so stubborn in connecting and analyzing these findings when in fact there is a growing number of behavioral issues in children and cognitive decline in adults. The authors believed that the behavioral problem in children such as depression, ADD, ADHD and other learning disabilities can be associated with fluoridated water. As a matter of fact, there are over 23 human studies and more than 100 animal studies conducted that link fluoride to brain damage!

    Fluoride can also raise the level of manganese absorption which could worsen the problem because the presence of manganese in drinking water can be linked to lower IQ levels in children.

    The reported effects of fluoride on the brain include:

    • Accumulation of fluoride in the pineal gland
    • Increased aluminum uptake
    • Impaired defense system of antioxidants
    • Exacerbations of the lesions caused by iodine deficiency
    • Damage to Purkinje cells
    • Reduction in lipid content
    • Formation of the beta-amyloid plaques which is a classic brain abnormality seen in Alzheimer’s disease
    • Damage to the hippocampus
    • Reduction in the receptors of nicotinic acetylcholine

    Six Facts that You Need to Know on Fluoridated Water


    1. Did you know that Fluoride is a Drug used for mass medication for the population with no control of dosing?
    2. The two most common types of fluoride present in drinking water are hydrofluorosilisic acid and silicofluoride which are waste products from wet scrubbing systems of fertilizer industry and classified as hazardous waste.
    3. There are more than 23 human studies and over 100 animal studies that are associated fluoride with brain damage.
    4. 50% of the ingested fluoride is directly stored on the children’s bone while 10% is deposited on the adult bones.
    5. According to the evidences of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC – 41 % of children in America have dental fluorosis which is caused by excess fluoride.
    6. Almost 99% of fluoride water goes down and drain into the environment.

    Harmful Effects of Fluoride have been known for Over 50 Years!

    It is surprising to note that the harmful effects of fluoride have been known for over half a century by conventional medical organizations.   Record shows that in the statement issued on September 18, 1943 published in the Journal of American Medical Association or JAMA, researchers said that fluoride are generally protoplasmic poison that can change the permeability of the cell membrane through certain enzymes.

    Another editorial issue published on October 1, 1944 in the Journal of American Dental Association stated that drinking water with at least 1.2 ppm fluoride may cause developmental disturbances.  They even recommend stopping it because of its serious systemic disturbances.  They pointed out that the harm outweighs the good.

    The problem with fluoride is that it is an accumulative toxin that in time may lead to significant health issues that are not immediately associated with over-exposure to fluoride.  In a 2005 paper entitled Fluoride – A Modern Toxic Waste, Lita Lee, Ph.D. writes that in Yiamouyiannis book entitled Fluoride the Aging Factor, the cumulative effects of tissue damage caused by fluoride was documented. This is commonly seen as gastrointestinal disorders, acne, skin rashes, aging or collagen damage and other conditions such as osteoporosis.   The Safe Water Foundation and the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that almost 30,000 to 50,000 excess deaths have occurred in the United States every year in areas where the water has only one ppm fluoride.

    Lee further states that fluoride suppresses the functioning of the immune system.  It also inhibits the white blood cells movement by 70% decreasing their ability to reach the target.  Yiamouyannis even cited 15 references in his pamphlet called Lifesavers Guide to Fluoridation which documents the immunosuppressive effect of at least 10 percent of the amount of fluoride present in fluoridated water.  Immunosuppressive effects runs in a gamut from a cold that just don’t go away to higher risk of cancer and other kinds of infectious diseases.

    water-or-fluoride1Research shows that fluoride toxicity can lead to wide-array of health problems including:

    • Increased infertility and damage sperm
    • Disruption of the Immune System
    • Increased cancer and tumor rate
    • Cell death and genetic damage
    • Inhibited formation of antibodies
    • Inhibits more than 100 enzymes and inactivates 62 enzymes
    • Osteosarcoma or bone cancer
    • Reduced thyroid function
    • Bone Fracture
    • Dementia
    • Arthritis
    • Thyroid Disease
    • Muscle Disorder
    • Lethargy or Hyperactivity
    • Disrupt Collagen Synthesis
    • Increased Absorption of Lead

    Fluoride Link to Cancer: A Suppress Science

    dr dean burk national cancer institute fluorideDr. Dean Burk who worked for 34 years at the National Cancer Institute said a disturbing statement, he quote that, the point of the fact is, fluoride causes more human cancer death and its effect is faster than any other chemical!

    This long-lost research establishing a connection with fluoride to cancer has recently resurfaced in a Dutch film clip featuring Dr. Burk.  He cofounded the US National Cancer Institute or NCI in 1937 and headed the cytochemistry department for over 30 years.  In the taped interview, he compared fluoridation to public murder referring to the study that has been done on the 10 of the largest cities in the US with fluoridation compared with the 10 largest cities without.

    The study demonstrates that the abrupt rose in cancer death arises a little as a year or two after the fluoridation began.  This and many other studies linking fluoride to cancer were ordered by the government but were hidden quickly once fluoride was found out to be linked to a dramatic increase in cancer.

    This disturbing information will hope to shed a light for people to understand the possible effects of fluoride on drinking water and its neurotoxicity.  The authors hope that the public will not be blinded by the false belief and find ways to reveal the truth.

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    Are you suffering from depression, brain-fog, cardiovascular disease and irritability?  If you do, you may have an underlying heavy metal poisoning! These heavy metals are present in industrial products, contaminated foods, beauty products, medical waste and other environmental pollutants that you regularly encounter every day.

    Sadly, heavy metals have become a major part of your daily life and possess a threat to your overall well-being and affects the proper mind functioning. In fact, there are dozens of heavy metals that can cause various health issues.  Among the most common are aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury.

    In here you will find a list of medical conditions that are associated with heavy metal poisoning.

    neurological-problemNeurological disorder

    Various neurological disorders including anxiety, autism, aggression, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, bipolar disorder, depression, developmental delays, epilepsy, insomnia, migraine, and memory loss are all rooted to heavy metal toxicity.

    Recurrent Infections

    Heavy metals can displace your body’s most important vitamins and minerals especially zinc.  Lack of these essential minerals can weaken your immune system which can pave way for the development of chronic diseases, cancer and infection.

    HeavyMetal-01Cardiovascular Disease, High Blood Pressure, and Heart Arrhythmia

    Research studies shows that high levels of lead in the blood may contribute to the build-up of artery-clogging plaques that leads to heart disease and the onset of high blood pressure.  Airborne particulates like mercury also induce heart arrhythmia.

    Electromagnetic Field Sensitivity or EMFs

    Naturopath Brian Clement who has a doctorate degree in nutrition explains that if the brain contains heavy metals it will enhance and attract electrical frequencies such as lighting rod that will make the person develop EHS or electromagnetic hypersensitivity symptoms.  So, if your body contains more heavy metals, the more you will have problems with EMFs.

    The other possible indicators of toxicity includes metallic taste in the mouth, low body temperature, acne, parasites, inability to lose weight, sensitive teeth, muscle tremors, dark circles under the eyes, headaches, migraines, and chemical sensitivities to perfumes, pain fumes and smoke.

    If you experience any of these symptoms, a urine test or hair mineral analysis can accurately confirm the ratio and presence of heavy metals in your body.

    Importance of Detoxification

    Water-DrinkingDetoxification or Cleansing is very important to lighten your heavy metal load.  Consuming lots of water, brushing your dry skin and getting enough rest are crucial in removing the heavy metals in your body.  Going to infrared saunas, and bentonite clay baths are also effective in removing these toxins.

    Spirulina and Chlorella

    Spirulina and cholerella are excellent choice for removing toxic metals including arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury.  More so, aside from attracting heavy metals chlorella also encapsulate the harmful toxins, thereby preventing its reabsorption in the digestive tract.


    Zeolite has an exceptional magnetic attributes and it is considered as one of the best technique for eliminating these troublesome metals.  In Los Angeles, at the University of California eleven healthy study participants were given zeolite for 30 days.  The researchers concluded that zeolite causes a significant reduction in heavy metal concentrations, without any negative side effects on vital electrolytes.

    cilantro teaCilantro

    The Director of Medical Research at the Heart Disease Foundation – Dr. Yoshiaki Omura, discovered that a lightly-cooked cilantro can cause mercury to be flushed out from the system through the urine.  The herb can also chelate lead and aluminum.

    Dr. Dietrich Kinghardt also found out in his clinical research that 1 teaspoon or 5 grams of cilantro a day is the minimum dose.  For an effective detoxifying tea, here is an effective ingredient:

    8 Teaspoon Chopped Cilantro

    1 Liter Boiling Water


    1. Add 8 teaspoon of chopped cilantro in a 1 liter of boiling water.
    2. Cover for at least 20 minutes in Non-reactive container like CorningWare or Pyrex.
    3. For an effective cleansing method, drink the tea for two to three months.

    Detoxification will help you fight debilitating illness such as cancer.  It will also help you to have a clear and more focus mindset. Be good to your body, cleanse now and see the difference!

    You want to know interesting facts about banana?  Nature has endowed banana with three sugars namely glucose, fructose and sucrose plus with high amounts of fiber.  Consuming banana can give you substantial, sustained and instant energy boost.

    Studies have proven that eating two bananas can give you enough energy if you want to do a strenuous and high-energy 90-minute workout.  Now you know why banana is one of the first choices of the world’s best athletes to be included in their diet.  But giving you energy is not the only thing that banana has that helps make you fit.

    Banana can also help you prevent and overcome a lot of medical conditions and diseases.  Thus, it is a must to add it in your daily diet.

    doctor-suprised-high-blood-pressureBlood Pressure

    This tropical fruit is an abundant source of potassium yet it contain low amount of salt that makes it to fight high blood pressure.  Because of this, the US Food and Drug Administration has allowed the banana industry in making official claims that the fruit has the ability to fight stroke and reduce the risk of getting blood pressure.


    In a current study conducted by Mind, they found out that patient suffering from depression felt well after they eat banana.  The depression fighting effect of bananas is due to tryptophan, which is a kind of protein that is converted to serotonin that is known to improve your mood, make you generally happier, and help you to relax.

    Premenstrual Syndrome

    If you are having PMS, forget taking pills, eat banana instead.  This incredible fruit regulate the levels of blood glucose which may affect your mood.


    Bananas contain high amounts of iron that can help stimulate hemoglobin production in the blood and help anemia cases.

    Brain Power

    In Twickenham School in England, 200 students were helped in their exams by eating bananas at breakfast, snack time and lunch to boost their brain power.  Studies have shown that this potassium-packed fruit can aid in learning by helping pupils become more alert.


    This fruit contains high amount of fiber.  Consuming bananas in the diet can help restore the normal action of the bowel which helps overcome constipation without necessarily taking laxatives.


    This tropical fruit contains natural antacid effect in your body, so if you have heartburn, try to eat banana for a soothing relief.

    Morning Sickness

    Eating bananas during snack time helps to raise your blood sugar levels so you will not have morning sickness.

    Mosquito Bites

    Before taking an insect bite cream, try to rub the affected area first with the inside of the banana skin.  A lot of people were amazed on how successful it is in reducing the irritation and swelling.

    obese and stress at workNerves

    Bananas contain high Vitamin B that helps calm your nervous system. Are you stressing at work and overweight? The Institute of Psychology in Austria found out that pressure at work leads to consumptions of comfort food like chips and chocolates.  When they look at the 5000 hospital patients, researchers found out that the most obese were more likely in high-pressure jobs.

    The report concludes that to avoid the food cravings due to panic-induced lifestyle, you need to control your blood sugar levels by consuming high carbohydrate foods every two hours to help your blood sugar levels steady.


    One of the fastest ways of managing hangover is to drink a banana milkshake with honey.  This fruit helps calms your stomach, plus with the help of honey, it builds depleted blood sugar levels.  The milk re-hydrates and soothes your system.


    Banana is used as dietary foods against various intestinal disorders because of its smoothness and soft texture.  It is one of the raw fruit that you can eat without distress. It also helps neutralizes the over-acidity and reduce irritation through coating the ulcerated and normal linings of the stomach.

    Banana-During-PregnancyControl Temperature

    Many cultures use banana as a cooling fruit that can help lower both the emotional and physical temperature of the expectant mothers.  For example, pregnant woman in Thailand eat bananas to make sure that their baby is born with a cool temperature.

    No doubt, banana is a great natural remedy for a lot of illness.  If you compare it with apple, it has TWICE the carbohydrate and other vitamins and minerals, THREE TIMES the phosphorus, FOUR TIMES the protein, and FIVE TIMES the iron and vitamin A. It is also an abundant source of potassium and considered as the best value fruit around.

    Indeed, this could be the best time to say that consuming a banana a day can keep the doctor away!


    Pneumonia usually starts out with heavy cough and chills and eventually results in accumulation of fluids in the lungs and more often than not if it gets severe patient will succumb to death.  Each year 50,000 people die of influenza and pneumonia.  Sadly, conventional medicine has not yet found an effective solution to this problem other than giving antibiotics.

    If you ask a well-studied doctor, he or she will tell you that antibiotics will not help you that much if you have a viral infection.  A stagnant lymphatic system and immune system are the probable cause of bronchial illness, and just like other diseases, it must be manage in a holistic approach.

    fluGiving flu shots may weaken the immune system and it may spread high levels of toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, aluminum and mercury.  These unwanted chemicals and metals have shown to be the cause of reproductive issues and neurological problems.

    Since flu shots are not safe and antibiotics will not completely relieve viral infection, medicine is now directed again to natural treatment method.  Good thing, there is one vitamin that has been discovered to kill pneumonia!

    In 1940’s Dr. Frederick Klenner along with other doctors documented that recommended dosage of Vitamin C has the capability to cure more than 30 different diseases including pneumonia.  Thus, pave way for the well-deserved attention to Vitamin C.  Studies show that the anti-oxidant content of Vitamin C can help boost the immune system, improve cognitive function, help in detoxification of the liver and protect the body against harmful microorganism.

    Vitamin-CVitamin C is effective in treating seasonal allergies, high blood pressure, musculoskeletal injury, gout, asthma, scurvy and the common cold among many others.

    Aside from fighting against pneumonia, this amazing vitamin can also do lots of wonders to support the natural defenses of your body without damaging the normal flora of the intestine.  Damaging the body’s normal flora to destroy the virus may cause long-term imbalance in the function of the intestine.  Therefore, not depending too much on antibiotic is good for your health.

    When Dr. Andrew Saul was interviewed by Natural News 365, the public have learned a lot on the power of Vitamin C.  The physician declared that Vitamin C healed his pneumonia in just 3 hours!  He also shared that adequate dosage of Vitamin C can help a child fully recover from the harmful effects of upper respiratory diseases in a natural way.

    Vitamin C is vital for the regeneration and overall health of the body.  You can get it from fresh leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, seaweeds, legumes and sprouted grains.  You can be creative in preparing Vitamin C rich foods, if you want to get all the health benefits that this incredible vitamin has to offer.

    You have to remember that taking Vitamin C supplement is not as optimal if you get it from fresh foods.  Indeed, the healing power of natural foods is immeasurable.  You not only enjoy its freshness, it also helps your body to have natural defenses and prevent the onset of diseases!

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    You know that using pharmaceutical medications has its own side effects.  These drugs can even disrupt the overall functioning of your body.  This is why; there are people who actually use herbal medicine to support the natural healing therapy in their bodies.

    Herbs are known to be effective in the healing medicine.  In fact, people have been using it for thousands of years. Probably, the main reason why there are many people who don’t believe in the healing properties of herbal medicine is that the Western Medicine shuns the use of these alternative drugs.

    Big pharmaceutical companies invest and spend billions of dollars to make sure that you buy patented medications rather than medicine coming from Mother Nature.

    herbalismStatistics and studies shows that pharmaceutical companies have hooked people to buy their medicine like a junk food you buy on the street.  In fact, 70% of the American population is up into some kind of chemical drugs.

    During the 1980’s, there is a huge war on drug campaign issued by Federal Government.  But the truth of the matter is the Big Pharma is pushing drugs to consumer more than a coke dealer does.

    The Coalition against Drug Abuse issued a statement regarding the pushing addiction caused by the pharmaceutical companies. They stressed that people are into pain-relief drugs, anti-anxiety medication, anti-depressants, narcotics, ADHD and ADD medications, and blood pressure medications and so on.  The long list of drug use is ridiculous, when in fact; a simple herb that costs little less than a dollar and has little side effects can help resolve most of these problems.

    As a matter of fact, there are thousands of flowers, roots and plants that can be effectively used to aid and promote human health.  The main problem is the Big Pharma and the Big Agricultural Giants are making big money in mono-cropping and destroying the natural balance of Mother Earth. GMO’s are made to withstand the levels of herbicide use, but GMO’s can cause DNA alteration, infertility and cancer.

    herbologybowlGMO also harm the biodiversity which means that these wide arrays of plants which could be potential to heal people are destroyed during the process.

    Producing crops means getting rid of the wild plants seen on the farm.

    As the big companies like Monsanto and others continue to plant these GMO crops, they also erode the Mother Nature’s wide array of medicine cabinet.  Big Pharma step in to give people solution that in turn cost you lots of money.  In the end, they don’t actually help but makes the problem worse.

    Look into the use of over dose of antibiotics.  It led to the resistance of super insects that cannot be destroyed by conventional drugs.  Similarly, the overuse of herbicide has made the weeds resistance to drugs.  When you mess up with Mother Nature, the things that you tend to lessen like weeds or bugs actually become more resistant.

    GMO-Feature-SlideshowThe logic is very simple, but many people have yet to accept and recognize the underlying relationship between the two of the industry’s most over paid and uncompassionate industry.  The Big Agricultural Giants and Big Pharma Industry are here to destroy the thousand-year-old medicine. If they keep on producing GMO, they will create more poison in the ground.

    They keep on giving pharmaceutical poisons to cure the ailments that they cause.  Soon, people will run out of herbs and the possibility of finding real herbal medicine.

    Studies have shown the extreme benefit that you can get from herbal medicines.  There is a growing literature on herbal medicine and its effectiveness.  Don’t be too overly dependent on pharmaceutical drugs and GMO products.  Don’t become a victim of the system. Seek knowledge and choose the healthy options!




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