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    When you take a deep breath, these are the areas of the brain that are affected by meditation in a lot of ways:

    yoga_by_you_your_brain_on_meditation-WSD-04182014Frontal Lobe

    This is the highly evolved part of your brain which is responsible for self-conscious awareness, emotions, planning and reasoning.  When you meditate, the frontal cortex seems to go offline.

    Parietal Lobe

    This is the area of your brain that process sensory information around your surrounding world.  It orients you to time and space.  When you go on meditation, the parietal lobe activity slows down.


    Thalamus is the gatekeeper of your senses.  This organ focuses your attention by transmitting sensory data deep into your brain and stops other signal in the track.  Meditation help decrease the flow of the incoming information on a drip.

    Reticular formation

    This is the brain’s patrol guard.  The reticular formation receives the incoming stimuli and alerts your brain to respond on the stimulus.  When you meditate it dials back the arousing signal.

    The study conducted by Sarah Lazar Ph. D., the senior lead author of the study mentioned that their research demonstrate that the brain structure changes – this underlie the reported improvements that people are not just feeling better but because they spend time to relax.

    You can watch the video of Sarah Lazar, Ph. D explaining how meditation affects the brain activity here.

    The Bigger Picture of Societal Benefits

    When you consider the benefits of meditation, you can start to imagine how different your world might seem like if most of the people began doing regular meditation.  Will the increase in empathy, care, happiness and mindfulness for others create an impact to your world?  How about better memory and reduced stress?

    9-26-mindfulnessThere are many unhealthy practices that are rampant in the society like drug use, smoking, drinking, television, use of pharmaceutical drugs and so on, are seen as generally acceptable. Imagine what would happen if a portion of this time doing destructive things to the mind and body is replaced by doing meditation?  Can you imagine the outcome?

    Definitely, these are some nice things to ponder when you realize that most of the issues of today stem back from lack of mindfulness. You need to take over of egoist individuality where you easily lose sight of your actions that may affect others and or you may easily get caught up when you take things personally. Studies have demonstrated that meditation makes people become more connected and compassionate with others.

    happy-people-in-the-poppy-field-1280x800-wide-wallpapers-net111As you observe, many of the day to day challenges stem from seeing others as a burden to your lives.   Is it fair enough to say that seeing beyond your perceived perceptions and gaining connection with others could create a joyous and peaceful reality?

    Many of the world’s problems are not due to the structures around you that may present limitations.  But it is your mindset or consciousness that acts as the basis of your world and it is the one who creates this experience.  To change your world, you need to change your mindset, your worldview or consciousness.

    This would trigger an understanding how you create and live your world. Instead of operating from the programming and belief that you have today, you could remove that away and create a space connected to your real selves and to your heart.  Something that you can do that could dramatically change the world you live in.


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    A growing number of awareness with regards to the healing properties of cannabis as potential cure for cancer is evident in the past few years. Over a decade, there are several studies that have proved the anti-tumoral effects of the cannabis plant. The presence of cannabinoids or a group of related compounds that includes cannabilos and the other active constituents of the cannabis are the primary players that activate the cannabinoid receptors in the body.

    The human body produces compounds known as endocannabinoids that play important role in the processes found in the body to help creating a healthy and favorable environment.

    The two approved treatment for cancer includes chemotherapy and radiation only.  But it is important to let the patient know that there are other options that exist.  There is nothing wrong in trying to explore these alternative options and find a way for more information so the patient can decide and make choices for themselves.

    Thus, it is very important that you do your own study and or research about this topic.

    In fact, there are a growing number of people who have tried to use this treatment to help cure their cancer. This goes to show that there is nothing wrong to explore possibilities because alternative treatment may cure you without having to worry of the adverse side effects. In fact, there are a lot of credible websites and journal studies that you can read from reputed sources.

    As more people become aware of the therapeutic properties of this plant, the next question to ask is how it is being used? In an article entitled “Teenage Girl Uses Cannabis To Treat Leukemia and Great Results Were Seen, the author featured a case study in the article,  you can email her doctors and from then you can ask further questions in case of an emergency.

    The same article also mentioned about the 9-year old girl who used cannabis plant to heal her cancer.  The doctors have listed all the step-by-step procedures that they did.  They even called it “Making Medical Marijuana 101”.


    These are some of the possible options that you can search to know more about how to extract the medicinal properties of the plant.  Another popular Hemp Oil is presented by Rick Simpson.  He is an activist of Medical Marijuana who provides people with information about the potential healing medication of Hemp oil.

    The inspiration to continue with the study came from Simpson experience when he healed himself of his metastatic cancer which happened in 2003.

    These are just few of a thousand materials that you can search on your own.  You can even contact the physicians of Mykyla, the name of the 9-year old girl that was mentioned earlier.  Or you can explore the suggestion of Rick Simpson. These studies will give you insights about cannabis and hopefully give you answers to your questions.

    Below is the Hemp or Hash Oil Recipe of Rick Simpson, you can also visit his website for additional reference.

    To start with, you need at least 1 ounce of dried herb.  Typically, 1 ounce will give you 3 to 4 grams of oil.  But keep in mind that the amount of oil extracted per ounce varies from the strain to strain. 1 pound of dried cannabis plant will produce approximately 2 ounces of high quality oil.

    Just an important note, these instructions are summarized directly from the website of Rick Simpson.  You also need to be extremely careful in boiling the solvent because it is flammable.  Avoid red hot heating elements, stove-tops, sparks, and or smoking.

    It would be better if you can set a fan to blow the fumes away from the pot and make sure to have a well-ventilated area while performing the entire process.


    how to make cannabis oil1 ounce of Dried Cannabis

    2 Plastic Buckets

    2 Gallons of Preferred solvent (Choose one from – water, 99% isopropyl alcohol, butane, ether or pure naphtha)

    1 Clean Container

    Rice Cooker

    A small glass of water (You need only a few drops)

    Oven Mitts

    Stainless steel container

    Dehydrator or Coffee Warmer



    1. Place the completely dried material into a plastic bucket.
    2. Moisten the material with the solvent that you are using. You can also use a solvent-free option.  These are the solvent that you can use:
      • Water
      • 99% Isopropyl alcohol
      • Butane
      • Ether
      • Pure Naphtha

    Preferably use two gallons of solvent to obtain the THC extract from one pound.  At least 500 ml is enough for 1 ounce of dried cannabis.

    1. Crush the plant using a clean stick of untreated wood or other similar tool. Although the plant is bit damp, it will be easy to crush it because it has been dried.
    2. Continue crushing the material using the stick while carry on adding the solvent until the plant material is completely soaked and covered. Stir the mixture for three minutes.  As you do it, the THC will be dissolved from the material into a solvent.
    3. Pour the oil mixture of the solvent off the plant into another bucket. At this time, you have stripped 80% of THC from the plant material.
    4. You now move on to the second wash, add the solvent again to the mixture and work another three minutes to extract the residual THC.
    5. Pour the oil solvent into the mixture of the first bucket that you previously work on.
    6. Discard the second washed plant materials.
    7. Pour the oil solvent mixture through a coffee filter into the clean container.
    8. Boil the solvent. Preferably use rice cooker because it boils the solvent nicely.  It can also hold more than half a gallon of solvent mixture.  It is very important that you avoid using open flames, cigarettes, sparks, red hot elements and stove tops because the fumes are very flammable.Rice-cooker-and-fan-for-making-cannabis-oil
    9. Add the solvent to the rice cooker until it is ¾ full and turn on high heat. Make sure that you do it in a well-ventilated area and set up a fan to drive away the solvent fumes. Continue adding the mixture to the cooker as the solvent evaporates until you finish adding all the extracted materials.
    10. As the rice cooker level decreases, add at least 10 drops of water for 1 pound of dry material. This will help release the residues of the solvent and protect the oil from high heat.
    11. If there is around one inch of solvent-water mixture left in the rice cooker, put on the oven mitts and pick it up and swirl the contents until the solvent is finished boiling off.
    12. After the solvent is boiled off, turn the rice cooker to LOW heat. The oil should reach over 140˚ C or 290˚ F.
    13. Keep the oven mitts on and remove the pot which contains the oil from the rice cooker. Slowly pour the oil into a stainless steel container.
    14. Then place the stainless steel container in dehydrator or put it in a gentle heating tool like the coffee warmer. This will take few hours since the volatile terpenses and water will be evaporated from the oil. When you see that there is no any surface activity on the oil, it is ready to use.
    15. Suck the oil using plastic syringe or other container that you think can be of help. Syringe is preferable to use because it makes the oil easy to dispense.  When the oil is completely cooled, the consistency will be like thick grease.

    rick-simpsonFor further information, you can check Rick’s written recipe.  You can also see the dosage information.  But make sure that before you do anything; consult your physician first to make sure that you understand the principle on how everything works.


    Honey and cinnamon are the common staples in many cupboards.  But the question is – are you consuming the real honey or cinnamon?  Are you aware of the benefits that you can get from consuming the authentic honey and cinnamon?

    Is your Honey Real?

    2014-01-26-GoldenAmberHoneyEarthDrReeseHalterIn 2011, FSN asked the expertise of Vaughn Bryant a leading melissopalynologists or known as the expert in identifying pollen in the honey and Palynology Research Laboratory Director at Texas A & M University – he studied more than 60 products that were labeled as “honey” which was purchased by FSN from the District of Columbia and from the ten different states.

    Bryant found out that 76% of the product labeled as honey that were purchased from big grocery store chains and 77% of the sample purchased from the big box chains did not contain any pollen.  If that is not crazy enough, honey samples were taken from fast food restaurants and drug stores and the result showed that 100% of them contain no any pollen! These simply mean that none of the products labeled as honey that were tested in the drug stores and food restaurants are actual honey!

    If you are choosing honey in the grocery store, make sure that you read the label carefully so that you can get a product where honey is the sole ingredient.  If you can manage to get unpasteurized honey that is better.

    Nutritional Benefits of Honey and Cinnamon

    Cinnamon and honey are favorite ingredients in many breakfast foods.  You can use it quite easily in savoury recipes, sauces and snacks.  Considering the benefits that you can get from these two nutritional ingredients, why not plan to add them into your next meal?

    Honey contains panthothenic acid, riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, Vitamin B6 and some amino acids.  The minerals that can be found in honey are zinc, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, iron, copper, and calcium.

    Cinnamon is an excellent source of, calcium, iron, and manganese and small dose of fiber.  Cinnamon contains Vitamin K and Vitamin A but the daily values are not that significant.

    Health Benefits of Cinnamon and Honey

    Together with its nutritional benefits, cinnamon and honey contain a lot of health benefits that you should consider.

    honey and cinnamonImmune System

    Cinnamon and honey are great for boosting your immune system, prolonging life span and effective in eliminating chronic fatigue.  If your immune system is compromise, you open yourself to viruses, flu and colds.  Using cinnamon and honey can help you fight illnesses as well.  Both contain antioxidants that are used to combat free radicals in your organ’s system.


    Cinnamon contains flavonoids an antioxidant whose effect resembles that of insulin.  This means that it can encourage the glucose out of the bloodstream and into the cells where it is needed as functional energy source.   Energy which is a pure source of natural sugars does not cause fluctuation of the blood sugar levels that most of the artificial sugar does.

    Cinnamon effects when combined with honey shows steady use of glucose by the body and improvement in the management of Type 2 diabetes.

    Weight Loss

    honey and cinnamon for weight lossA mixture of honey and cinnamon with warm water is considered great for weight loss.  It is important to remember that combining with exercise and proper diet is the key in healthy weight loss.


    Honey contains large amounts of phytochemicals which is linked in preventing the onset of cancer while cinnamon contains anti-tumor properties that reduce the chain of metastasis or spread of cancerous cells through its tumorous growth. Acids found in honey can directly shut down the activity of the two enzymes namely phosphatidylinositol-specific phospholipase C and lipoxygenase which are both linked to producing cancer materials in the body.

    Insect Bites and Itching

    If you take a part of honey, and add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and two parts lukewarm water, you can make a paste and then massage it on the itching part of the body where you had the insect bite.  In a minute or two the pain will go away!


    Cinnamon and honey help to increase the functionality and health of the digestive system.  If you take two tablespoon of honey with cinnamon sprinkled it on top before consuming, it can help relieve the indigestion that normally occur after eating.


    Patients with arthritis should prepare one cup of hot water, plus two spoons of honey and small teaspoon of cinnamon powder.  Take this drink daily preferably in the morning and evening.  If taken on a regular basis chronic arthritis can be cured.

    Skin Care

    face mask cinnamon and honeyThe benefits of cinnamon and honey extend to skin care.  If you have pimples and minor skin infections, these can be treated by simple application of paste formed from these two incredible foods. This can be applied directly on the wounds or on the skin for general spread because it has antioxidant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory characteristics, which can help reduce the age-related wrinkles and spots.  It also helps lessen the free radicals impact on the skin.

    Heart Disorder

    Cinnamon and honey are used for decreasing cholesterol levels which provides additional protection to your heart’s health.  A high LDL or bad cholesterol level may result in plaque build-up or atherosclerosis on the walls of arteries and vessels.  This increases the chance of forming clot that may result in stroke or heart attack.

    Choose the Right Cinnamon

    Ceylon Cinnamon

    There are different types of cinnamon but this article specifically refers to Ceylon Cinnamon.  The reason to choose the right cinnamon is because different types of cinnamon contain various level of Coumarin which is associated with causing kidney and liver damage at higher doses.  Ceylon cinnamon on the other hand, has very low amounts of courmarin and it is safe for daily consumption.

    Next time you shop at your favorite grocery store, make sure to check the type of cinnamon you are purchasing.

    Undoubtedly, there are many benefits that you can get if you buy and consume the real honey and cinnamon. But make sure that you read the labels, so you can get the real one!

    Most of your neck pain is psychosomatic.  For you to understand this you need to discredit the myth that tissue damage and spinal degeneration is the primary culprit.

    Having a degenerative problem that cause the physical neck pain is an easy and convenient diagnosis for many doctors.  Images of spinal degeneration can be pointed out on MRI or X-ray and usually considered as the source of pain.  On the other hand research has proven that degeneration problems are not the primary cause of neck pain.

    The North America Orthopedic Clinics published a study in July 2005 that states that the degenerative disorders of the neck or cervical spine do not cause the usual symptoms.

    Confusion may arise on this topic because usually degeneration problems are linked with spinal pain problems and neck issues.  This makes the doctor assume that it is the source of discomfort.  This kind of thinking has been around for so long that this belief has become prevalent.

    Now, it is hard to change the doctor’s mentality about what is the probable cause of neck pain.

    Even when you search on the medical advice website regarding “neck pain”, there is numerous definition of it.  Say for example, Web MD explains that the cause of neck pain are abnormalities in the joints or bones, muscle strain, tumors, degenerative diseases, poor posture, and trauma.  They did not mention anything about mental stress.

    This is in contrast with a study published of the Journal of Rheumatology in December of 1991 stating that their findings showed that neuroticism or mental stress is more powerful determinant of the cause of neck pain than the radiological signs of osteoarthritis and disc degeneration in the general population.

    Even the Mayo Clinic Web Site which is a well-respected medical site fails to mention anything about mental stress that causes neck pain.  They only give possible reasons such as injuries, nerve compression, worn joints and muscle strain as potential causes.

    This information in Mayo Clinic is contraindicated in a medical journal Spine which was published in January of 2003; they conclude that there is no difference in the disability levels and reported pains between those having and without evidence of neck or cervical spine degeneration.

    Tissue Damage

    Rear view of a young man holding his neck in pain, isolated on wThere is another myth that is common among doctors and the general public concerning some tissue damage that has occurred in order for the pain to exist in the muscles.

    The truth is there is no tissue damage that occur in the muscle to send the pain signal.  In the book entitled Muscle Pain: Understanding It’s Nature, Diagnoses and Treatment which is recommended by the New England Journal of Medicine for physicians dealing with muscle pain, state that the stimulus intensity needed to activate the muscle nerve cell or nociceptor that sends the pain signal are usually lower compared with the cause of persistent damage to the tissues.

    In short, you can feel the muscle pain without any tissue damage.

    So what is really the physical source of neck pain if doctors are wrong about persistent tissue damage and degeneration as the primary cause?

    Your Cells Are Like People Too

    Neck-Pain-Treatment-in-IndiaThe tissues and muscles in your neck are composed of cell.  The cells have a life span of their own, similar with your body.  They also breathe and eat like you do.

    Just imagine that your cells are like miniature people. These small people need oxygen to breath for them to function properly.  If they do not received adequate oxygen, their normal functioning will be impaired.

    Thus, the pain signal will be sent to the brain as a result of oxygen deprivation or also known as tissue hypoxia.  If you experience going from a low elevation to a very high elevation, you will easily understand the dynamics of deprivation of oxygen.

    If you go up in the mountains on a ski trip, you will know how low oxygen levels feel like.  If you move from where your luggage is staying, you may feel puffing and huffing as if you are running a marathon.  This is because your body is not acclimated to lower oxygen levels at higher altitudes of the mountains.

    This is because the reaction of your body that causes you to breathe heavily is it tries to get more oxygen to your system even if you are moving just a small and carry-on bags.

    Similar with your puffing and huffing feelings in the mountain, your cells have the same reaction with low oxygen levels. But as a replacement for puffing and huffing, the cells have a chemical reaction that tells your nerves to transmit pain signal to the brain.

    In the article, “The Oxygen View of Pain”, written by Dr. Majid Ali, he said that it is important to acknowledge that oxygen can drive chronic pain pathway primarily by its mere absence.

    In the Neurologija, a neuroscientific journal, the researchers stated that the syndrome of chronic muscle pain, the most probable cause of the pain is the combination of muscle hypoxia or low oxygen levels and muscle tension.  This conclusion is supported by the finding of a pathological distribution of the tissue oxygen pressure in the painful muscles.

    The lack of oxygen causes pain in the muscle is seen in a number of studies across various discipline conducted by scientific organization and different physicians.


    Neck-painWhy is the autonomic nervous system not doing anything to make sure that your muscles are supplied with adequate oxygen?

    The autonomic nervous system controls the non-conscious mind.  It is also known as the unconscious mind.  The word “unconscious” is used because it means something like being asleep or passed out.

    It is considered as non-conscious mind because you are not aware of the decision you are making for your body.  It tells your liver, kidney, digestive system and others what to do without you having to think about it.  Your body is running automatically which is controlled by the non-conscious mind.

    The autonomic nerves go from the brain then out to your body.  Then it tells your body systems what they have to do without you being aware of it.  You may feel the results of the non-conscious mind are instructing your body – like for example when you’re heart races or when you are nervous.

    But you are not consciously aware that those physical reactions are being controlled.  Your non-conscious mind send the signals to your body and your body then respond to the signal with the physical reactions, just in the cause of lower oxygen levels that causes the pain.

    But why does your non-conscious mind want you to have a neck pain?

    Dr. John Sarno, the pioneer of the Information Therapy for musculoskeletal problem says that the non-conscious mind causes body pain to distract a person so the repressed emotions like anger will not resurface.  If you do not completely agree with what Dr. Sarno is saying, it is alright, but his assessment is believable.

    Protect You Against Pain

    meanfemalebossThe non-conscious mind reduces the supply of oxygen in the neck muscles and causes you to experience pain for you to keep from acting an anti-self or anti-survival way. It is a way to distract you.

    If you have a stressful thought, you may be compelled to act differently to the socially acceptable behavior like anti-survival or against the idea of who you are like the anti-self ideal. You may yell your boss for example or act out angrily to your love one.  If you yell at your boss, it is interpreted as anti-survival and yelling to your love one may go against the idea that you are a good person.

    Even if you consciously believed that you will do anything contemptible, your non-conscious mind does not easily believe this.  So it finds a way to protect you by distracting you from the strong and repressed emotions with pain.  This causes you to focus on the body instead of anger.

    If you are focused on the neck pain, then you are not feeling the rage or anger that might make you act in a socially unacceptable manner.

    You may think that there is no way for your non-conscious mind to try to hurt you, and that is okay.  Bear in mind that there is no tissue damage that occur for pain to be felt in your muscles.  The non-conscious mind may cause this kind of pain receptors in the muscle tissue to its advantage and create pain without damaging the tissue.

    Life is indeed stressful and many people do not wish to act in an anti-self ideal or anti-survival ways.  Thus, neck pain remains common in the society. The solution is to make effective body and mind therapy made available to the public so less people will experience neck pain.


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    What are the foods that you and your family eat every week?  You may be surprised to see the significant differences that exist between relatively similar countries when it comes to their diet preference. While most of the family in Mexico and United States choose sodas and fast food into their core diet, the families in Bhutan survive with a traditional base food items like grains and vegetables.

    Now you would understand why disease rates are increasing in most of the developed countries where nutrition is not considered as primary importance.  In fact, in this article you will see what the world really eats. You will see the variations in each nation worldwide.

    Interestingly, the United States is the biggest spender when it comes to health care as compared with any country in the world.  Despite the fact that US spend $7,960 per capita, it is still ranked as the last when it comes to providing quality health care. The truth is when you ignore proper food intake the accumulation of toxic ingredients from the addiction to processed food will result to increase in disease rates!

    HUNGRY PLANET what the world eatsThese pictures below where taken from the book entitled Hungry Planet: What the World Eats.  You can see the diet of an average family from each country in a span of one week.

    North Carolina, United States

    usanorthcarolinaeatThis family from North Carolina is a not so surprising photo showing what the average income families from this area eats every week. Their diet is mostly composed of pre-prepared and processed foods with heavy amounts of fast food and junk foods.  They consume mostly sweetened fruit drinks and large-size sodas from Mc Donald’s and Burger King.  This kind of usual American diet will lead to rampant sickness and chronic diseases.  Some of their favorite foods include fast foods and pizza.


    mexicofamilyeatThe Mexican families prefer to consume processed foods and sugary sodas, although, the family have higher intake of fruits and vegetables as compared with their US family counterpart.  Their favorite food item includes chicken, pasta and pizza.


    whatcanadaeatsThe families in Canada enjoys the same processed foods from the US and Mexican families.  The Canadian families consume processed meats and chips but you will notice the display of fresh fish and vegetables on the table.  The high amounts of cheese and yogurt are also featured.



    Italian families love pasta, assorted fruit and bread.  Grains are the major part of their diet including foods that are high in carbohydrates.   Italian families also tend to give up some meal options which are high in protein as seen in their traditional Italian dishes like pasta with ragu.  Most of these items are freshly baked at home.  Italian families also consume high amounts of sodas such as Pepsi.  As you can see, this family drinks about 6-large sized bottles every week.


    Here is the photo of what the family in China eats.  This particular Chinese family listed shredded pork with sweet and sour sauce as one of their favorite dishes.  They also eat processed food with items mixed with packaged fish and meat.  This Chinese family also eats more fruits compared with vegetables.  In fact, their produce selection is considered as the smallest aside from US.


    chadThe family living in the developing country like Chad spends an equivalent amount of $1.23 per week on their food to feed the entire family.  The favorite food of the family is soup with fresh sheep meat.


    JAP01.0001.xxf1sThis may seem surprising, but this family from Japan consumes high processed sugary and junk treats. This Japanese family favorite food includes sashimi, potato chips and cake.



    melander-Family---Germany-005The German family has an adopted American-style diet stating that their favorite foods include friend noodles, fried potatoes, vanilla pudding, and pizza.  You may observe an increase amount of alcoholic drinks and beer over the country.

    Great Britain

    britaindietThis family spends more than $250 per week for their food.  This average family from Great Britain eats mostly processed candies and meal.  The family’s favorite food includes prawn cocktail, mayonnaise sandwiches, and chocolate fudge cake.

    While this picture of each country cannot show you what each nation eats and ultimately what the world really eats.  It gives you an insight and discussion for those who wants to learn more about the different cultures around the world.


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    You have been with this before.  You may already feel that familiar tickle in the throat, stomachache, stuffiness in your nose and so on.  Then you look for a solution so you can prevent what you are supposed to go through.

    You even ask for advice or pull your computer to check on Google about what is the best thing that you can do?  There are many products and practices that aim to fight those illnesses.  But why do you have to wait for these symptoms to appear before you start to realize that you have to take care of your bodies?

    Will it be simpler to look for ways on how to take care of your body like giving yourself a good rest and ample amount of nutrients so your body can function properly?  Have you not realized that there are abundant tips on the online community that can give you wise advice on how to be strong and healthy?  Don’t let yourself have colds and sore throat to realize this stuff!

    Believe it or not, one of the common behaviors among people is that they took their bodies for granted.   You become so focused on the busyness of life and you forget about the important vehicle that you use to do the activities that you need to do.  When you pull yourself to do an assignment all night, when you eat fast foods because it is readily available rather than choosing healthy foods, all these takes a toll on your body.

    If you measure the amount of stress that you put on your bodies daily, it is indeed amazing to note how your body constantly tries it best to compensate on these changes.  It is indeed a miracle that you didn’t get sick immediately.

    Most of the time, you are used to how your body operates on a regular basis. You get hungry twice or thrice a day.  You sleep for at least 5 hours and from time to time appreciate the value of exercise if you find time.

    Just imagine if you actually took good care of your body. For sure, that whatever changes that you would experience outwardly, the overall capability and functionality that you will experience will smash out what you thought to be as norm.

    So what do you have to do?  There are a hundred things that you can adopt and most of them you may probably know already, but here you will find some of the simplest and most effective things to do that will help you in good health.

    girl-drinking-bottled-water1. Drink Lots of Water Daily

    Your body consists of 45-75% water, so it is not surprising to note that it is one of the essential components for good health.  The amounts you consume daily vary from your food sources. Instead of giving you a concrete amount, it is best that you choose plain water.

    Rather than succumbing to the more tasty alternatives, save your body from the stress of having to draw the water from the mixture.  It is best if your body can get the water directly.

    The good thing about this is that you can help hydrate your body so it can function properly. Drinking lots of water is great for detoxifying the toxins out of your body.  You can use your urine as an indicator.

    The more yellowish the urine is, the more toxins you carry so make sure that you pee at least 1 or 2 clear pees per day.

    You can also check your water source and find financially feasible ways to give yourself the cleanest access to water.  Public water system contains chlorine, fluoride, unwanted chemicals and pharmaceuticals that new existing water filter system can remove.  The clean and clearer the water is, the more benefits you can get.

    111611-man-deep-breathing-dock2. Take Few Deep and Full Breaths Throughout the Day

    Breathing is the source of life and most people fail to take time in breathing properly.  It is best if you could find time to practice deep breathing daily. Again, you may notice that there are conflicting ideas as to what is the adequate amount.  But health experts suggest doing at least 2 to 3 deep breath thrice a day.

    This breath is nothing more than filling the lungs with air with a tiny suspension and then a full release of the same air.

    The benefits of deep breathing is said to be great in releasing toxins and tension.  It also helps massage the organs and assist with digestion.

    It is also best if you can try to upgrade your deep breathing exercises to meditation or yoga.  Both of these practices revolve around breathing.  Deep breathing can also have a number of wonders for your physical body.

    o-DRINKING-LEMON-WATER-facebook3. Drink a glass of water daily with a squeeze of lemon

    A mug of hot water with a squeeze of lemon depending on your preferred amount can help cleanse and coat your throat to prevent any form of voice loss and other ailments.  Lemon helps clear your skin, balance your pH level because of its alkaline properties and help boost your immune system.

    Drinking room or warm temperature beverages instead of cold is favorable for your body process.  Better to opt for non-chilled beverages as your daily drinking habit.

    Organic-Fruits-and-Veggies4. Buy Organic Vegetables and Fruits

    Organic produce are becoming readily available for a lot of good reason.  When you are purchasing vegetables and fruits choose organic foods, as much as possible.  It may cost more than non-organic produce but as more and more people make regular purchase, you can actually help put the prices down.

    The benefits that you can get in consuming vegetables and fruits are well documented.  So give your body the benefits of getting these organic produce in its purest form.  If you purchase non-organic produce you deprived your body with the nutrients that it needs because non-organic stuff are heavily masked with pesticides and most of them are genetically modified organism.

    You also need to look into the food items that have the most pesticide content.  Potatoes, leafy green and berries have thin covering so they are said to be heavily hit by pesticides as compared with avocadoes, grapefruits and melons are considered as the less hit.

    paraben free5. Shampoo and condition your hair using Paraben-Free Products

    Did you know that your pores are incredible receptacle of chemicals and toxins, and those pores on your head are no exception?  So when you are cleaning your pores choose products that does not contain multitude of chemicals particularly parabens. Buy paraben-free shampoo and conditioners which are affordably priced and readily available in the market.

    When you avoid using parabens products you are keeping yourself away from the other harmful effects that these product has.  In fact, parabens are known to cause hormonal issues that are linked with breast cancer.

    Preferably, use biotin-enriched products.  Biotin is the primary components of your hair that needs to remain on your head.  It also helps promote blood flow to your scalp keeping it healthy and help in the natural grow of your hair.

    These simple tips are not guaranteed to be effective for everyone.  But based on the experiences of most people, these are generally effective in larger population.  Whether you are in perfect shape or not, take time to give your body all the love and nourishment that it need.

    Don’t be contented in a problem-reaction-solution kind of thing that you used to do.  Nourish and take care of your body, so you can achieve your optimal health.


    A substance that is labeled illegal does not prove that it is completely bad!  As a matter of fact, there are lots of legal substances that cause various ailments.  Did you know that medically prescription drugs are responsible for the killing of more than 100,000 individuals per year?

    Cannabis was known to be a dangerous drug for decades, despite the scientific evidences that it has no any solid proof to prove that.  Growing number of studies have pointed out its great health benefit for the human body. Last 2014; there was an exponential growth of people that believes that the body produces compounds which is called endocannabinoids.

    These compounds play a very important role in many bodily processes that help to maintain a healthy environment.  Cannabis activates the receptors called cannabinoids that can be found within the body.  Keep in mind that the best form of ingestion is not smoking because it alters the chemical structure of the cannabis plant.

    This plant contains powerful constituents that can benefit the body when you eat it than smoke it. Here are the 10 studies conducted in 2013 that proves the incredible medicinal qualities of cannabis.

    brain injury cannabis1. Cannabis Allows Growth of Stem Cells and Repair the Brain Tissue After Injury

    A study published in the Biochemical Society Transaction Journal found out that the endocannabinoid system which is activated through cannabis use has immunomodulatory and neuroprotective capabilities which may lead from the growth of stem cells.   This study corresponds with the several studies that prove the medicinal power of this amazing plant.   The study demonstrated that the cannabinoids improve mitochondria efficiency and help removed the damage brain cells.

    As you know, scientist ascertained that cannabis can reduce the brain damage that was caused by alcohol consumption.  There are lots of studies that show the immense benefits of cannabis on the human brain.  Few years back, the first human trials on the benefits of cannabis in treating brain cancer started.

    In the study, cannabinoid receptors activation can suppress the chronic inflammatory response through the reduction of pro-inflammatory mediators.  More so, the endocannabinoid system directs the fat cell specification on the neural stem cells or NSCs in the Central Nervous System or CNS.   The study further concluded that the endocannabinoid system has immunomodulatory and neuroprotective actions which are mediated by the cascades of Interleukin 1 signals in the brain.

    This could aid in the differentiation and proliferation of the embryonic adult NSC’s and this can be a therapeutic interest in the growing field of brain repair.

     2. THC can Treat Cancer and Inflammatory Diseases by Altering Genes

    A government funded study published on the Journal of Biological Chemistry discovered that THC is responsible for altering some genes in the body.  This may result in a positive reaction in a number of conditions especially with the inflammatory diseases and cancers. Cannabis is used side by side with chemotherapy to counteract its side effects.

    There are also numerous studies that confirm that this plant is an effective cure and treatment for multiple cancers. Using the rat models, researchers figured out that THC can positively alter the 13 different micro RNAs which are associated with inflammatory response.   The study state that select miRNA like the mir-690 targeting genes are involved in myeloid differentiation and expansion that likely play a crucial role in the process which leads to cannabis-induced immunosuppressant.

    melanoma cancer3. Cannabinoids can Reduce Skin Cancer in 20 Weeks!

    This study was published in the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology which was led by the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Public Health.  Researchers found that cannabinoids can help reduce skin cancer in just 20 weeks.  In the study, researchers used synthetic cannabinoids on mice having skin cancer.

    In the 20 week study, the researchers found out that cannabinoids had a positive effect by inhibiting the tumor promotion.   They also pointed out that they do not support animal testing and they found it unnecessary.  According to the researchers, it is time to move past of using animal studies as a proof.

    It is important to just acknowledge the natural healing properties of cannabis.  The research team also advice to use the correct intake method of cannabis to get its full medicinal benefit.

    4. Cannabinoids Helpful in Fighting Against HIV

    A study published on the Journal of Leukocyte Biology indicates that the cannabinoid system activation may offer a means to limit the HIV infection.  The study was carried out by the Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia.  The researchers infected a white blood cell in the body that combats infection with HIV virus, before it was exposed to cannabis.

    The study period for the control group was performed for 7 days; the result showed that there is a decrease in the progression of HIV infection.  The blood cells also become stronger and it helps keep the HIV virus out.  The synthetic compounds that were used in the study show promising result in fighting HIV infection.

    As the team pointed out, if compounds like these are further improved and made available to larger population, they will be able to continue exploring its potential to fight viral diseases that are scandalously difficult to manage.

    5. THC Provides Protection from Cardiac Arrest

    A study published in the Biochemical Pharmacology Journal concluded that an ultra low and small dose of THC before an ischemic attack can be effective and safe treatment that can reduce myocardial ischemic damage.  Principally, THC provides protection from heart attack as well as reduces the possible cardiovascular damage associated with having a cardiac arrest.

    medical-marijuana-large6. Cannabis can Help Stop Seizure

    This study was published in the British Journal of Pharmacology, researchers determined that cannabis can help stop seizure due to its significant anticonvulsant properties.  The findings strongly support the further development of clinical studies on cannabis as treatment for epilepsy.  There are many cases of people who use cannabis to heal their seizures.

    In fact, researchers admit that it is not the only study that proves it, but it is the first one to conduct as study on the effect of the whole cannabis plant.

    7. Cannabis Increases Stamina and Combat Brain Degeneration

    A study published in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, held in the Institute of Molecular Psychiatry at the University of Bonn in Germany imply that the activation of cannabinoid system triggers the discharge of antioxidants which acts as cleansing mechanism that help improve the efficiency of mitochondria and help removed damaged brain cells.

    medical_marijuana8. Cannabinoids are the Best Medication for Patients with PTSD

    The Journal of Molecular Psychiatry published a study that was conducted at the New York University School of Medicine.  Researchers found a connection that exists between the brain’s cannabinoid receptors and the possible effect on post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD.  The researcher used brain imaging study to show PTSD sufferers have low concentrations of anandamide than the average person.

    The anandamide are endocannabinoids that binds to CB1 receptors.  Many people have use marijuana to help them with stress and relaxation.

    9. Cannabis can Heal Osteoarthritis

    The Journal PLOS One and the National Institute of Health published a study that found strong evidence that cannabis can heal osteoarthritis.  The data offers clinically new and relevant evidence that joint damage and the spinal expression of CB2 receptor are correlated with combined pre-clinical evidence that CB2 receptor activation inhibits central sensitization and to the contribution of manifestation of chronic osteoarthritis pain. This study is funded by National Institute of Health and Arthritis Research in UK.

    organ transplant cannabis10. Cannabis Prevent Rejection of Organ Transplant

    A study published in the Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology and Biochemical Society Transaction Journal has discovered that cannabis can prevent organ transplant rejection which usually causes mortality.

    These are the ten studies among a growing population of studies exploring the healing properties of Cannabis plant.  These are all available in the public domain for reference purposes.  Indeed, cannabis is a gift from Mother Nature.

    It is a powerful medicinal plant that is proven to be effective in treating wide range of ailments.  If you are not aware of this, hopefully these studies will encourage you to read and even conduct research studies on the medicinal healing power of cannabis.  Undeniably, cannabis has immense potential as a medicinal plant.


    Would you believe that with just a simple drink that refreshes you – may also help reduce the stored fats in your body?

    mint lemon ginger cucumberHere are the ingredients:

    12 leaves of mint

    1 medium-sized lemon cut into pieces

    1 medium-sized cucumber, medium-size, peeled and cut into thin pieces

    1 spoon of grated ginger root

    8 glasses of water


    1. Mix all the ingredients with water.
    2. Leave the mixture overnight so the ingredients can release their aromas.
    3. Consume the drink on the next day.

    fcg_opening_ginger_lemon_mint_teaIf you are thirsty, you can take this drink.  Preferably drink this for 4 consecutive days.  Make sure to prepare fresh water so you will see the positive result.

    Bear in mind that this amazing drink alone cannot make your desired weight loss. You also need to eat moderate amount of food preferably take smaller meals.  You also have to do physical activity to help your waist become thinner and your abdomen flatter.

    You don’t have to starve yourself.   Drink at least 8 glasses of water to maintain good health.  Whether you want to lose weight or maintain your existing weight, keep in mind that water helps a lot in the proper performance of your bodily function.

    Surely, if you develop this discipline, you will be healthier and free from sickness.  Cheers!

    At some point in your life, sometimes you end up attracting the wrong person for you.  To be honest, if you found yourself with someone who is not meant for you, it could simply mean a stroke of luck. In the early stage of dating, you tend to hide your true selves, and when you become more at ease or comfortable, you tend to let your real self out.

    But what if you constantly jump into one partner after another simply because he or she is the wrong person for you?  So you ask – why do you keep on attracting the wrong person?

    Because you often use the wrong version of yourself to attract a person.

    In any instances in your life have you notice that there is different version of yourself that tries to resurface? Sometimes, you feel like you are superman.  You are funny, smart, feels no pain, has a good job and you are perfect but there is also a depressed and damage version of you.

    You may be hurt a lot of times by many people and you just can’t get hold of it. And at times, the version of yourself who resurface is a mixture of two.  You are hurt before but you still manage to stay pretty cool.  You may feel sad at times, but most of the time you feel awesome.  You’re just in your higher self.

    Here’s the catch, letting the damage version of yourself resurface is easy thing to do when you have been hurt particularly on a romantic setting.  The damage version of you wants to impose that to your exes and to the new person you are currently dating. The damage persona of you doesn’t want to feel alone. But still you have to consider the other self.

    The remarkable version of you doesn’t want to stay with someone who is not right for you. The awesome version wants you to pull no punches.  It doesn’t care whether you are alone or not. It is your independent persona.

    fighting_coupleToo much of the first version and you will end up with the first person that comes along in your life.  Too much of the opposite version and you will end up crippling alone and you may end up a jerk, so what will you do?

    You need to find your higher self – The version of yourself that knows the authentic self and see the world in a clearer perspective.  The version of yourself that still acknowledge the pain you had in the past, but knows that you are important, loved, special and you are beautiful.

    When you know your higher self, you are less likely to play past hurt caused by other people. Your higher self wants to start a new life.  Your higher self wants to embark on a new adventure and take a deep breath.

    The bottom line is you have to feel your pain.  Feel the troubles that you had in your life.  But seek your happiness too.  Have a look at the world in a new eyes and clearer perspective.  Know your real and higher self.

    When you have found your authentic self, you will not end up with the wrong person.  Whether alone or with a partner, you will feel authentic happiness and genuine contentment and you won’t end up begging for love or ending up with the wrong kind of guy or gal.  If you fill yourself with love first, you can give genuine love for others as well.


    Kali is a Sanskrit word which means the Fourth Cycle of Time.  There is no connection between Kali Yuga and the goddess named Kali or kAII. These words are “spelled” which means they are written differently in Devanagari and should not be confused.  The Kali Yuga means the apocalyptic demon Kali that implies contention, quarrel, conflict and discord.

    Most of the people are familiar with Kali as the only Yuga that you may heard in this lifetime and it actually lives within the dense frequencies.  The way you think, your perception of the reality and the way you think is influenced by the vibratory frequency of time that lies within the Kali Yuga. As a human, you have been “cooked by time” in such a way that only the five senses remain available for you to understand the world around you.

    It is not surprising that most people are confused with these five senses.

    The five senses can be tricked and programmed by tyrannical wizards who want to control your lives.  If you observe today the media monopolizes your mind and they know how to manipulate and entrain these five senses. In the modern world where the information received suits the benefit of the multinational corporations who are the ones who own and control the monopoly media.

    Your five senses are susceptible to manipulation and deceit. But in the other cycle of time, the information gathered solely by the five senses would be highly suspicious. SEERs or those who see were the ones trusted with the source of wisdom that concerns the mankind’s future and they are your interconnection with the ways of the universe.

    It is the SEER that lies within you, who has a quiet mind and can attain a connection to the inner God who can give you insight to the real nature of authenticity.  Only the inner-knowingness will lead you out of your current dilemma – out of your mist of amnesia, which is like the soup that you are still “cooking in”.  When you transcend in the illusory power of your five senses, you can have an understanding of the mechanics of GUNA-MAYA and Prakriti’s Matrix – you will be human beings that comes back to authenticity.

    symptoms of Kali YugaWhat are the Symptoms?

    There are a number of descriptions of the Kali Yuga symptoms in the ancient text of Sanskrit of Puranic.  Take note that the writing itself is already a symptom of Kali Yuga.  The text is composing and transmitted orally in the preceding cycle of times and handed down through memory that are based on verbatim repetition from one age group to another generation.

    But in 500 BC, the grammarian Panini memorized the text and codified the Sanskrit language and put it into writing. The laborious precision of the Sanskrit was designed intentionally to protect and preserve the ancient knowledge from the confusion consequent in the Kali Yuga.

    One convincing symptom that was written in the Cycle of Time that was indeed true was they were able to predict that in time “ready cooked food will be sold”.  This is written in LINGA Purana Chapter 40.  This means that the ancient people have – foreseen fast food! The ancient people know that pre-prepared food have lost its nutritional value.

    As you can see when the genetically-modified and chemically-sprayed vegetable is shipped from California, then processed and package and added with more preservatives and additives in New Jersey, then shipped in an air-polluting diesel truck to Mississippi or Kansas, where it is placed in an oven and pack in an endocrine disrupting chemical Styrofoam package before it is finally sent to your home – where very little of its goodness is left!

    Age of DarknessThe Dark Rules

    Kali Yuga is considered as the Age of Darkness.  The Light primarily is lost but not completely gone.  It is hidden and veiled in the Kali – where the Dark Side rules! You can bring back the light in the world around you if you realize and remember the God-within you and by allowing the frequency to flow out of you.  Even the people around you do not fully accept what you are saying; they will soon be uplifted by your silent consciousness.

    However do not expect the people around you to like you or love you.  The Kali Yuga within their egos is firmly instilled in their subconscious mind and they are threatened by your mere presence. The small identity of the self-ego will not give of its power and if the individual is unwittingly allowing the denizens of the Phantasmal Hierarchies which is in the form of addiction to tyrannical power, alcohol, or drugs – then eventually these parasitical entities will soon attack you.  They will do just anything to get their way from the “food supply” or their power source!

    The Kali actually seems to reward the Dark Side. Those cruel ratzoids who are greedy, weak and liars without any principles, morals and integrity often are the ones who succeed while those with maverick minds, who have compassion for others, who possess a quiet sense of integrity and honor, and those who respect the primordial truth are berated and easily pushed aside often publicly and brutally by the ruthless elite.

    The pleasures that spring from the sense of impressions are the sources of misery because it has beginnings and end as stated by Bhagavad Gita 27(5) 23.

    kali-yugaReligious Fanatics

    There is another strange phenomenon of the Kali Yuga which is the externalization of the faith into an extreme that the people become crazy and obsessed with their own belief system.  For a thousand of years now, human beings have different interpretation of God.  They even inflict stupid and endless destructive wars on each other doing theft, torture, slavery and mass murder in the name of God!

    When you become conscious that God is within each and every person whether men, women or child, the idea of forcing a religion upon another is an absolute absurdity!

    There are corrupt priest that has become willing accomplices to these atrocious conflicts. They become imaginative torturers of the non-believers and even sold the tickets to heaven in a form of indulgences to the rich people to line their pockets and build lovely and enormous temples and cathedrals while many of the common people remained close to hunger or starvation!

    Most people choose false beliefs.

    The Kali Yuga Symptoms that are written in the Sanskrit texts in the Linga Purana and Vishnu Purana are posted on the Metaphysical Musing.  In fact, there are many intellectuals who appreciate the accuracy of the four Symptoms of Kali Yuga which are:

    • The thieves will become the kings and the kings will be thieves
    • Rulers will be responsible in confiscating property and use it for their own good. They will end their promise to protect the people.
    • People will choose the false ideas.
    • Low-minded men who gained certain amount of knowledge and learning without having the necessary virtues for its used will be esteemed as wise.

    Bear in mind that these are prediction that were composed and seen before the Kali began.  The Puranic and Vedic texts were held in memory and transmitted verbally from other cycle of times and was written only after writing came to use.

    Below you will find some of the Kali Yuga symptoms written in the BHAGAVATA PURANA Skandha XII:

    Chapter Two

    1. From then on, day by day, under the power of the relentlessly prevailing Time, sharpness of memory, physical power, duration of life, mercy, forbearance, purity both mental and physical, truth, and righteousness will go deteriorating.
    2. Wealth will be the basis of nobility of birth, merits and righteous behavior. It is the only brutal force that will be the standard decision or arrangement of what is just or righteous.
    3. Cheating will be the order of business relations and sexual pleasure satisfaction is the only basis of consideration of feminine and masculine worthiness and excellence.
    4. Justice become weak and it will be based on bribes.
    5. The hunger for influence will be the cause of one’s sinfulness or wickedness, while the hypocrisy will be the index of one’s goodness.
    6. The highest purpose or meaning of life is to put food on ones stomach and the arrogant boldness is regarded as authenticity.
    7. The self-advertisement of one’s fame of goodness that the righteous acts are to be performed. The entire world will be filled by wicked people.
    8. When the Kali of religion will be primarily heretical, the kings will be as good as the thieves and the men will enhance their livelihood through theft or economic offenses, willful violence to life, mendacity, and other pursuits.

    4_yugasChapter 3

    1. In the age of Kali, people will be selfish, take on wicked behavior, they will be merciless, indulge in hostility without any cause, extremely covetous for wealth and women for worldly desires, become unfortunate and seek higher social status.
    2. When the falsehood, deceit, sleepiness, lethargy, despondency, violence, delusion, grief, poverty-stricken and fear prevail this will be the Age of Kali which is characterized by TAMAS the GUNA of indolence, delusion and ignorance.
    3. As the result of Kali’s influence, mortal beings become voracious, unlucky, dull witted and destitute of wealth yet voluptuous and the women reckless and unchaste.
    4. In the Age of Kali, men will abandon their parents, relatives, brothers, sisters and friends and establish friendliness based on sexual basis. Their life will be miserable.

    From the Brief SRIMAD BHAGAVATAM:

    Even the trees will become stunted on the accounts of the ruthless exploitation by the unrighteous men.

    And two from the Mahabharata:

    The world will be run by many imposters… discussing the virtues of the great meals.

    Mahabharata, the Book of the Forest 3 (37) 186.43

    The countryside will be full with towers.

    The Mahabhrata the Book of Forest 3 (37) 186.37

    This could refer to the tall buildings seen in industrial parks and their adjacent apartments or perhaps more on the bristling side means the towers that transmit microwaves and radio or these monster electric-tower grids.

    Confusion as Control

    The Confusion Age is dominated by – Confusion!  Practically everything that you will read is clouded with the mist of Kali Yuga fog.  As the history is written by conquerors and the loser’s side of the story will be routinely forgotten.

    When you thought about it, throughout the history all the magnificent works of Art are sadly the symbols of propaganda that are paid and brought by the ruling religion and tyrants that dominate the world’s population. Ask Leonardo da Vinci who have on the same line of work with Michaelangelo or Casara Borgia who all labored under the iron ruling of the Vatican priest.   Today, the artist is answerable to the power and influence of multinational corporations around the world.

    Even the most wonderful explanations of enlightenment that give people hope were not experienced in the density of time that people are presently living in.  With no any disrespect intended, it occur that Jesus, Buddha or Lao Tzu did not have to fight off with the endocrine disrupting chemicals, childhood television programming, microwave and chemical trails!  In these days, the Twilight of Kali Yuga is the Razor’s Edge which is the very step on the way Home.

    Our Refuge

    The awareness of the essential Oneness is hard to understand in the Kali Yuga.  In the umbrella of multiplicity – there is only ONE!  This could mean that behind the obvious diversity of billions of people living on the Mother Earth, they are all considered as one.  All are called ISNESS.

    If you remember past lives, you may notice a striking and intriguing similarity in the basic characteristic of each life.  There are certain repeating compulsions and flaws, qualities or traits that you may notice to have shown over and over again lifetime after every lifetime. You may be a dancing slave girl during the 8th century in Kashmir or a high priest in Atlantis.

    There is an existing pattern that continues throughout the lifetime.  This is because the genes in your present physical body are the products of a long life of lineages and many bodies.  You need to access the memories contained within the DNA of the body that you presently inhabit.

    It is like as if the Creator generates particular waveforms or rays which contain the expression or qualities that remain in the genes throughout the cycle of time.  As the time descends down the vugas further into density, more variations of expression will be created like impulses, likes and dislikes and more.

    Time does not exist outside of the temporal matrix of illusory holographic.  Thus the so called Four Cycle of Times is continuous and as what you called past life.

    But underneath this temporal multiplicity is Oneness where all people are including yourself and everyone even the farmers in rural India, factory worker in China, corporate tyrants and world leaders, Pigmy Tribes in Africa and the Aborigines in Australia.

    We are considered as ONENESS beneath the temporal illusory of the Curtain of Multiplicity.  This understanding of Oneness is hidden from the people by the Kali Yuga.  But if you realize that there God within you, you will become what you have always been.

    Then the floodgates of Love and Knowledge will open and you will never be the same person you are again.  You will look at one another with compassion and you will never turn to judge other people because you know that you are one of them. If you judge them, you also condemn and judge yourself.

    It will turn out that the boring, dreadful and harrowing Kali Yuga is in fact the fast lane to realizing God.  The intensity of Kali forces you to WAKE UP!

    oneness kali yugaThe Quick Way to Reach Liberation

    The acceptance of the Theory of the Cycles of Time may lead you to a kind of complacent resignation.  After all if you are ineluctably snared by the frequency of confusion – then why worry?

    This is because what is really exciting is that Kali Yoga is the awareness that in fact it is the quickest cycle to determine who you really are.

    The conclusion of Kali Yuga is a favorable period to seek real knowledge.  Some may attain wisdom in a short period of time.  The merits acquired in a year during Treta Yuga can be attaining in one day in the Kali Age as mentioned in Shiva Purana a Danielou.

    Linga Puran Section 1 Chapter 40

    1. For this reason, in the Kali strength and longevity the features become lesser and lesser. Men can attain perfection in a short time.

    46-47 What can be gained in practice of dharma for a year in Treta Yuga is attained by practice for a month in Dvapara Yuga.  In Kali an intelligent devotee will attain it in the same day through practicing Dharma strenuously.

    This is a Cosmic Bargain sale of all kinds.  Thus, take up the challenge and remember who you really are!  Don’t give up.  The Dark side is fulfilling its Dharma, doing its own job of spreading the tyranny in the planet and poisoning everything in its power.

    So what are you going to do?  In these challenging moments of awakening consciousness and sorrow, how are you going to behave? Can you find the courage within you and the compassion for your brothers and sisters?  Can you master and learn the divine detachment that comes from understanding what is on the grand Cosmic Design?

    Will you be able to remember that everything and everyone is God, the ISNESS and ONENESS within You? You are part of this world and you are the love that breathes the temporal illusory holographic matrix that are out into multiplicity and inhale back into quiescence and then out again, eon after eon.  This is a world without an end!

    This universe is present for all the people to play in.  If you look into your life and the lives of others, despite that pain that you are experiencing, you will recognize the grandness and beauty of Creation.

    So the real question is – what are you going to do now in this exciting moment?  Are you ready to move into the a thousand of other universe with some polarities.  Or you will be waiting or inviting to come to another wonderful adventure of consciousness?

    The answers are all yours!





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