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    You know that like poles attract. That is why it is true to say that positive people are attracted to positive energy and negative people are attracted to negative energy.    In most cases we deceive ourselves that only other people have negative energy. However, that is not true. The truth is that negativity could be deep-rooted in you but might go unnoticed.    This is because there are times when negativity disguises itself.

    In some cases you might even think that positive people are not acting real. You might think that they are just naïve, are faking their smiles, they are living in denial or they are simply hiding their heads in the sand. Do you think there is something positive about the way those people act or are they simply happy?

    Think about this: Who said that being realistic means that something will go wrong and that you have to agree to that? It is also not true to say that being realistic is definitely negative. If your view for the world isNegative Energy realistic, you will always be negative. Things will always go as you think. If you think that they will go wrong, they definitely will and on the other hand, if you think that things will go right, they definitely will. Your unconsciously held beliefs will change you into a negative person without you realizing it.

    Now if you have a lot of negativity in yourself and do not know it, it will be hard to know whether you are trapped in a cloud of negative energy that could be pulling you to the wrong people, feelings and situations. Now how would you know that it is not you who is responsible for the negativity? Below is a quick test to measure the height of negative energy that is in you.

    • Do you grumble? Always or sometimes
    • Are you always taking about what is not right in the world than about what is right? This includes the bad weather, government, traffic, in-laws, economy and such other things.
    • Do you disapprove? Always or about some people.
    • Do you pay attention to tragedy and drama can you go away from the TV when there are news about disaster or is it possible for you to disassociate yourself with the lives of celebrities who are dysfunctional?)
    • Do you hold other people responsible? Always or sometimes?
    • Do you think that you are not in charge over most outcomes?
    • Do you feel like an injured person? Do you speak about those who have done things to you?
    • Do you appreciate what you are or have or do you wait until you feel that things are working right for you before you start appreciating?
    • Do you think that things are happening to you? Or do you think that they are taking place through you?

    The following are two important points;

    You are a negative person if you are only grateful when your things go right. Appreciation is a positive move. You should be grateful for all things even the not so pleasant ones.  You are a victim if you always believe that something wrong will happen to you. At such times it is usually easy to act negative because that is power that you can easily give up. Think about this option. Who or what would you blame when there are good things that are happening to you: Do you always give yourself credit for all the good things that happen to you? Do you think that the good things happened to you because you worked hard so you deserve it? Do you blame other people or other external forces for the bad things that happen to you and your failures? Why should it be that way, you think that good things happened because of your efforts but you blame others for the bad things? Most people only want to get credit, but no-one wants to take fault.

    If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then there is some degree of negative energy in you. This is something you should get rid of.  To do this, you simply need to train your mind to choose positive energy. Here is yet another point that you should take into consideration:  Have you ever noticed that positive thinking people always get what they desire in life. Such people continue enjoying their lives even when things are not going right.

    The following are 3 steps to enable you deal with negative energy

    1. Have power over your possession

    Don’t always think that every bad thing that happens to you is another person’s fault. Dalai Lama had this to say “When you think everything is someone else’s fault, you will suffer a lot. When you realize that everything springs only from yourself, you will learn both peace and joy.”

    1. Get rid of negative feelings and replace them with positive thoughts

    Most people think that it is not easy to get rid of negative feelings but the truth is that it is possible. You can do this by putting a lot of practice, show commitment and decide to look at the world through the eyes of anything that can do right instead of wrong. Be your own guard. Train yourself to speak only positive things. No negative things should come out of your mouth.

    1. You can make use of Love and Above Spiritual toolkit to make your energy clear. This will bring additional love, more light into your life. Imagine your positive side as a replacement of negativity. Triumph over what happened more from your soul instead of what is the reality. Craft in you what you would want and let it in on the outside world. No one would want to have negative energy leak into their lives yet this is something that most of them allow.  However, most of us allow this to happen unwillingly.

    It is advisable that you realize that you are responsible for what your future holds. This is why you should start shaping your life the way you would want it to be.

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    High School Valedictorian

    Education was a personal practice before the end of 1800’s. However, things changed in the year 1902 when John D Rockefeller together with Frederick T Gates formed the universal education board. The two were close friends but Frederic T Gates was also a personal and business adviser to Rockefeller.

    High School Valedictorian

    There is a repetition of what is taught in our institutions of learning. We learn what our parents learnt which is still what their parents also learnt. It is at school that we are taught how the universe works and what we should do in order to survive in it. A time has now come to do away with these restrictive arrangements so that we can become conscious of our full capabilities. This will enable us to come up with something that reverberates with us.

    “Far from failing in its intended task, our educational system is in fact succeeding magnificently, because its aim is to keep the people thoughtless enough to go on supporting the system.” -Richard Mitchell

    “I want a nation of workers, not thinkers.” – John D Rockefeller 

    “I never let my education interfere with my learning.” – Albert Einstein 

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    “It is now highly feasible to take care of everybody on Earth at a higher standard of living than any have ever known. It no longer has to be you or me. Selfishness is unnecessary. War is obsolete. It is a matter of converting the high technology from weaponry to livingry.”   – R. Buckminster Fuller

    In the year 2011 the worldwide military expenditures was $2,157,172,000,000. That is more money than the human mind can take hold of. In that year, the US spent up to $741,2 billion to generate additional weapons redirect_wealthand wage wars while in 2010, the US military expenditures reached $683.7 billion. In 2012 the country’s defense budget was estimated at $1trillion but was expected to rise. In January 2012, President Obama  assured the people that the budget would go up gradually over the next 10 years.

    If this is the way things are, we are left wondering what the future holds for mankind. If all governments all over the world were to raise their country’s war budget, pick new fights and create additional budgets, then it means that the future will be full of suffering, more wars, destruction and famine.

    The truth is that there is now a “global financial conspiracy”, which is why we are not increasing budgets on improved transportation systems, environmental friendly materials or clean and renewable energy. It is also why we are not looking for material to substitute non-biodegradable materials and plastics. There is also no increase in the budgets of natural foods and drinks or natural healthcare.

    The global banking leaders have put large amounts of money in war equipment. This has made war a lucrative business. We are also guilty for this offense because we have allowed our governments to spend our hard earned money on destruction and murder. However, there is still room for bringing all this to an end by eradicating the “royal” blood-sucking parasites.

    The following are 9 achievements we could make if we redirected our wealth from war.

    1. Use of evacuated tube transportation technology – also known as ETT Or ET3

    The first thing that we need is transportation that is affordable for everyone, comfortable, fast, clean and green. This is why it should be ETT or ET3.

    1. Ultra modern high performance electric cars such as Tesla Motors

    Did you know that your government would not bail you out if your company went bankrupt even under the current economic times? However, the US government bailed out GM, Ford and Chrysler with the tax payer’s money.

    Instead of investing the money in Eco-friendly companies, like Tesla Motors for example they are salvaging companies that pollute the environment. The CEO and founder of Tesla Motors is Elon Musk, a 40 year old South African entrepreneur and engineer. His company’s worth is approximately $250 million which is peanuts compared to the $700 billion used to bail out the 3 gas car manufacturers.  Tesla Motors is named after Nikola Tesla who is considered one of the greatest inventors.

    1. Vertical farming the answer for tomorrow

    The fact that the world is over populated is a lie. The truth is that the whole world’s population can survive on a continent that is the size of Australia. This is why we think that vertical farming is the answer for tomorrow. This type of farming does not use chemicals because vegetables are grown in an environment that is controlled.

    1. Replace all chemical sprayed foods and GMOs with organic foods

    Growing Power which was invented by Will Allen is a sustainable type of urban agriculture that is located in Milwaukee city. His aim was to give the urban community healthier food alternatives. By the use of vertical space wisely, you can turn an old warehouse into 3 acres of green house in the middle of your city. Growing sustainably mean that there will be no use of synthetic chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides or even fertilizers.

    1. The farmery

    The farmery is the future of sustainable organic agriculture. This system was invented and perfected by Ben Greene. It is the use of a simple but clever idea to grow and distribute food. Simply put, growing and selling food from the same location.

    1. Free of charge and unrestricted clean energy

    Though free energy has over the years been suppressed for financial reasons the truth is that it has been possible for more than a hundred years. What we now need is free of charge and unrestricted clean energy. The good thing about such energy is that it cannot be taxed or controlled. Nikola Tesla hoped for a time when our machines and all gadgets could tap the free and unlimited clean energy wirelessly.

    1. Putting together all the homeless

    According to the United States of America estimates, there are about 3.5 million homeless people in the whole world. These people could put together at a one time cost of less than $50 billion. Such a move would be a win-win situation for both the government and the homeless. Most of these people are where they are not because of their own mistakes. The irony of the whole matter is that Amnesty International USA says that vacant homes are 6 times more than the number of homeless people. This means that all homeless people can be settled.

    1. Eliminating hunger in the world

    You might think that eliminating hunger in the world is not possible but according to a World Food Summit held by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), we only need $30 billion per year to achieve this. Compare this with what our world governments spend on wars.

    1. Substitute the dangerous nuclear power plants with the green solar panels

    If you read The Dangers and Costs of Nuclear Energy you will know the dangerous posed by the use of nuclear power. Substituting this harmful and expensive power with the cheaper and environment friendly solar power is recommended. After the Fukushima nuclear disaster of March 11, 2011Germany resolved to replace its nuclear power plants with solar panels.  Every other country should follow suit.

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    Over the last decade, the global engine of lies and deceit has shown signs of coming to an end. They are illusions that have been displayed by the world’s influential persons but they are now slowly crumbling right in front of their eyes as the world is awakening. The following are 5 signs to prove that all this is ending soon.

    1.  There has been an exposure of pharmaceutical industrial complex

    The pharmaceutical industrial complex is one of the major bodies that over the last decade controlled the world. Their dishonesty, untruths and open deceitfulness has spread to almost all nations on the world. GlobalPeople are now aware that these industries will go to any length to ensure that they have sold their products to the members of public. Most pharmaceutical giants, such as Novartis, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline and several others all which at one time seemed incontrovertible are now gradually going down. Jobs in these industries are now very minimal. They are reducing by thousands in the US and by hundreds in Europe.

    People now know the truth. They know that most modern day diseases are man-made. They are also aware that from Lipitor to Vioxx, and from the H1N1 scandal to HPV are just ways of ensuring that the masses continue buying poison from the pharmaceutical industries. The good news is that research has been carried out to prove that natural health products are as effective as man-made drugs. The natural health industry is aiming to amend legislation in order to give physicians the right to use the natural health products in their medical practice.

    2.  The media no longer have the capability of instill confidence

    It is now evident from recent polls that over 80% of the masses no longer have confidence in the media and what they broadcast. People no longer believe lies told regarding their wealth, or even about impending wars. This is because all that the media does is broadcast biased content that is full of government and corporate propaganda. Conan O’Brien easily revealed how mainstream media’s scripted taking points are just a farce. This happens all the time regarding any thing you could think of.  The media have been used to spread deceit and manipulate the population.  However, all is not lost because the control and authority exercised by the giants has over the recent past been replaced by the alternative media. The alternative media has succeeded in revealing all the lies that had been previously told and passed as the gospel truth.

    3.  The conservative food industry is falling apart

    Looking at the game between Monsanto (an activist) and anti GMO’s, it is evident that biotech, agriculture and the whole food industry are in trouble.  Developed nations are drafting trade agreements in an attempt to protect a legislation saying that it is illegal to label GMO food. This means that they want people to consume GMOs blindly without knowing what they are taking in. Any protest against GMOs is now considered as an “anti-free trade practice”. Governments are trying to impose economic sanctions against any nation that imposes a ban on GMOs. Food giants are held responsible for any harmful ingredients that they use, lack of credibility and for all their manufacturing processes.

    All the above are clear indications that the control of the world by the biotech industry is soon coming to an end. People are now aware of the dangers of genetically modified foods. This is why these foods are becoming less popular with the masses. Modern technology will now allow on-the-spot tests for food safety, pesticides, GMOs, ecological toxins with the help of smart phones and several other devices. This will give people the independence they require in choosing what they desire to consume.

    4.  Pressure groups are gaining momentum

    Over the last few years, foreign governments of military leaders, financiers, unelected industrialists are putting changes into countries that were in the past free and self governed; yet they have no valid power to limit the movement of people, free trade or even restrict peoples right to use to anything. This simply means that people should have the freedom to drive without license plates, driver’s license, insurance and they should be free to do any trade including that of healing modalities, vitamins and even supplements. They should also have the freedom to ingest or consume anything they wish. This is freedom that citizens (by birth) of any nation of the world should enjoy.

    The influential leaders are now worried about the rising awareness in the masses. They have realized that most people are now aware of their basic human rights than they were several years ago. The cream of the society now knows that they cannot wake up one morning and impose laws on its people. Everybody should know their rights and exercise them at all times regardless of what others will think.

    5.  Freeing of the environment and eradication of all toxic substances is now unquestionable

    Most states in the US have now legalized possession of marijuana. States like Washington and Colorado have legitimized its cultivation, possession, transportation and even sale. But soon it may be legalized across the entire country.  This is contrary to what was passed in 2011. The powers that be then decreed that marijuana had no accepted medical use and should therefore continue to be included in the list of extremely harmful drugs such as heroin. However, no one should be restricted from possessing or smoking this plant. Everyone has a right to interact with nature the best way they know how.

    In most parts of the world, people are still suffering because of the contamination of drinking water with fluoride. Countries like Japan and 97% of Western Europe do not put fluoride in drinking water.  Recently Israel joined this group and since the last number of years New Zealand, US, Canada,  and Australia have followed suit.

    These are some of the major signs that show and prove that the world engine of control, dishonesty and lies is soon coming to an end.

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    Ways To Calm

    Ever been relaxing in your bed wanting to take a nap and found yourself unable to control a myriad of thoughts moving via your mind?

    The rule of attraction

    The rule of attraction says that your mind pulls towards you what you continuously think about. If all you think about are disorderly and non-accidental thoughts, they are what you will pull towards you.

    Taking hostage a withdrawn mind

    The world we are living in has programmed us to believe that self and wealth are the most vital things inWays To Calm life. Therefore, numerous persons tend to ponder over these. The conventional media has taken hostage the way we view ourselves because they depict nonexistent people living imaginary lives which numerous individuals think they ought to be enjoying. Roughly three quarters of the world’s inhabitants are assertive and almost every series running through the media is aimed at strengthening self centeredness.

    Unbreakable illogical thoughts

    When we permit the conventional media to control the way we think and how we view issues, we build illogical ideas founded on unreal concepts, principles and representations. That is the reason behind the awful emotions that run through you after viewing evening news as they are filled with information laced with terror and dread.

    Advertisements are similarly awful as they expose you to outgoing individuals living a make-believe kind of life. Those in these advertisements are portrayed as people living an above-normal lifestyle and the information being registered in your subliminal area of the mind is, “If I buy this product, then I am beautiful and will have a large group of beautiful friends” (1).

    Time is cash, cash is time

    The cliché “time is money” is not new to us. The subliminal part of the mind embraces this principle as actual which leads to more mental discord. Therefore, we are left feeling responsible for how we spend time and want to give a report on how each minute is spent. The conventional media does not stress on the importance of the entire human being connecting to the natural world.

    Social nervousness disorder

    A vigorous mind has its roots on the social nervousness disorder. Here the person has a sense of judgment by others hanging over them. If this is happening to you, you need to know that the problem is not you but them and look at yourself as a mirror which redirects all the awful thoughts from people back to them.

    12 customs to cool down an extremely vigorous mind

    1. Get rid of mess

    You need to identify the reasons why your mind is overactive. The reasons could be monetary. For you cool down your mind you may need to move to a new job. Think about it this way, “If there was no such thing as money, then what would I be doing with my life?”

    2. Avoid viewing TV

    Television can very easily brainwash you into viewing life in a fictitious manner. It is used to control your thoughts, way of life and indoctrinate you to believe a lie. Therefore, if you want to calm down your vigorous mind you need to stop watching TV as it reinforces illogical thoughts.

    3. Meditate

    Bureau of Labor Statistics says, “Watching TV was the leisure activity that occupied the most time (2.8 hours per day), accounting for about half of leisure time, on average, for those age 15 and over”. This means people spend more time watching TV and not meditating and yet meditating has more benefits than TV (2).

    4. Deal with your ego

    The truth is that human beings are psychic in nature and the body is like a tent which hosts the real person. When you begin to put yourself in other people’s shoes you will develop empathy and this will make it easy for you to deal with your ego.

    5. Your physical structure is your place of worship

    Discover that your physical body is your place of worship and avoid toxic stuff such as foods with concentrated sugars, fats, processed foods, GMO’s, alcohol and stimulants among others. Choose what you eat wisely and eat healthy as you thought depends on it.

    6. Work out

    Take time to do work outs on a daily basis as this has a positive impact on your mind.

    7. Get away from time

    Occasionally have days where the day’s activities are not controlled by time. During those days don’t attend to your phone or measure the time. If it is relaxing, sleeping or simply enjoying nature, do it according to the dictates of your body.

    8. Enjoy life!

    Have fun by engaging in what you love doing. Allow your mind to concentrate on enjoying life and avoid getting worried about small things that you can do nothing about.

    9. Let go of your desire to be in charge of all things

    Relinquish your desire to be in charge of everything- just be accountable for what you do- that is enough.

    10. Create a diary and/or dream chronicle

    A dairy helps you to write your thoughts and dreams as they come and that way you are able to track what is happening in your life. It will also act as a channel to release your mind.

    11. Exist in the “now”

    Remember, yesterday is gone, tomorrow has not yet come and so live in the here and now. You can do nothing about what happened and tomorrow hasn’t come yet so concentrate on now.

    12. Link up with the natural world

    Create time to link up with the natural world. This you can do by going for hikes and being thankful for it. Just enjoy its presence and give love and affection to it.


    A vigorous mind is proof that there is no equilibrium in a person. The cliché “as within, so without” and that means your body reflects what goes in your mind. If you give rest to your body it will reflect on your mind

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    Today you will always hear people saying that it is hard to change the world. People think that there is no way of bringing down the world’s influential leaders. This is something that I have never believed because I know that it is our repetition of cycles that has continued to hold up these influential leaders. This is what has continued to give these leaders power. The truth is that it is possible for us to change our perception. We have to change the way we think, the way we act and our responsiveness to situations around us. One thing that people should know is that the influential people in the society are not worried about power, energy or money the way they are concerned with suppressing our influential leaders are losing controlIf you take time to think about the bigger picture, you will realize that people’s awareness is changing. This is why there is a change in the way that most people now look at the world. The other good thing is that the world’s control by these influential people is now coming to an end. This is very clear from different angles. For one, people no longer accept as true the lies that were previously told. This is because they have now unearthed the lies that they were told in the past.
    People are no longer supporting war and most of them now understand that terrorism is just a false impression. People have also stopped turning a blind eye to dishonest health and medical practices. They now know that they should take responsibility for their well being. They even know that the government is not responsible for their welfare. The elite will now get their fate. The power brokers are headed for a defeat in their war against Syria and their power over humankind is quickly coming to an end. Since the last few years, the influential leaders have been in a rush to join power in order to take control of the whole world. Their plans crushed after 9/11.
    None of their plans will succeed because humankind is guided by what they deem right. They do not follow blindly like livestock. There will always be entropy as long as they try to control humankind. However, these influential leaders will have an upper hand over the world’s masses as long as wealth accumulation is concerned. The following are 10 pointers that the world influential leaders are now losing control over humankind.
    1. Bureaucrat deceit is no longer of use
    The lies that the elite have told over the years is no longer believed. Years are gone when the masses believed bureaucrat lies particularly those told about impending war and peace. People feel that it is only fair that they be told the truth and especially where matters of life and death are concerned. Like the boy who saw a wolf several times, it becomes hard for people to believe the truth after being fed with so much lies.
    2. No confidence in political affairs
    Politicians in the US only get an insignificant approval score. Like everywhere else in the world, people’s trust in the government is very low. Most of the polls show that only 10% of the public have confidence in the Congress. That means that 90% of the population have no believe in the government.

    3. There is no confidence in the media

    There is evidence from the polls that 77% of the population no longer have confidence in the media. Prove to this is that the government was not able to convince people about the suspected Syria chemical event. Even with all the monopoly there is no way that they can convince people that black is white.

    4. Bankers have been cast off
    Hungary has followed Iceland in casting off bankers (IMF). They are even contemplating putting into prosecution former prime ministers who enslaved debtors.

    5. Vatican is suddenly cleaned up its act

    It is believed that there was a cover up of scandals that blew up under Pope Benedict. Those scandals included fraud, money laundering and pedophile priests. People believe that that was the reason why Pope Benedict retired unexpectedly to give way for Pope Francis who is considered more likeable. By all measures Pope Francis is running Vatican heartedly to get back a humble and peaceful status for the church.

    6. Rebellion amongst the military
    Soldiers who were previously forbidden from making political reports are now steadily speaking out in opposition to the US military adventurism.

    7. There are serious secession movements all over
    Before now, it was considered an ultra-fringe idea for a state that was seceding out a bigger political body. There are secession movements in the US that have the support of the public especially in California and Colorado. The same thing is happening in parts of Europe such as in Scotland and Spain. Again some EU nations are contemplating the idea of doing away with the Euro (2).

    8. People all over are now rejecting GMO’S
    It is said that if you can control food, you will also have control over the people. However, this is easier said than done. GMO leaders such as Monsanto are being exposed. It is hard even with political and economic strength to stop the spread of the fact that pesticide soaked Frankenfoods are harmful. In objection, people around the world and in America are burning GMO fields.

    9. Cannabis liberation
    Most people will take marijuana legalization as a super move. Nevertheless it is a major signpost that the elite’s grip is fading. So much have been spent and done for cannabis to remain illegal. However, the truth is that cannabis is a great medicine for spiritual, physical and mental health that has been used for many years. People want it to remain illegal because it is a major risk to the industries that belong to the power structures

    10. The police state has been militarized

    One of the major pointers that the world’s influential leaders are losing control is the militarized police state. The militarized police state has been trained to deal with domestic civil disturbances.

    It has been a long time when we started to question our consciousness. Although there has been a huge debate on this, we are yet far away from any sort of conclusion. There are different theories that try to prove the existence of consciousness which actually controls our life and everything around us. However, the scientific community has been really keen to oppose the concept of consciousness and they have been arguing that there is no scientific base for this and hence, this is nothing but a result of a hyperactive and creative mind.Consciousness Moves to Another Universe After Death

    But now things are going to change through a revolution in science. There has been a genuine paradigm shift in the arena of quantum physics. This shift in quantum physics or quantum mathematics opposes the mainstream science which is truly materialistic in nature. A substantial number of quantum physics scientists have now altered the age old thinking. Currently they are now supporting and developing a paradigm based on the primacy of consciousness. Among them Amit Goswami, Ph.D is a prominent name. He is among the pioneers of this revolutionary new perspective within science. In a recent interview he shared his vision of the unlimited potential of consciousness. He also explained and advocated for consciousness as the ground of all being. In the same interview, he also explained how this revelation can actually help us to live better.

    In the interview, Amit Goswami was asked a number of questions about quantum physic or mathematics as well as consciousness. In reply, he had some amazing things to say. According to him the value of quantum physics is really critical in terms of giving us a new world view on how consciousness can be and is the ground of our being. In other words, quantum physic helps us to see directly how we can make sense of the world only if we base the world on consciousness. According to him, the world is made of consciousness and it is based on it and Quantum physics makes this as clear as daylight. As per Amit Goswami, quantum mathematics or Science is the most fundamental description of nature. This clearly shows that movements of object are only describable in terms of possibility not the actual event that we see in our life. Quantum physics calculate only possibilities of that and if we accept this we will face another question who or what chooses among these possibilities of event (1).

    So we see that there is something that has to take a decision for those possibilities and bring in the actual event. This is what we consider as consciousness that is actually not within the quantum physics rather is beyond it. It is like an observer and it can’t be ignored. We can only describe the objects not the subjects. So we get the idea that the subject must be more fundamental than the object. Consciousness is also more fundamental and it must be the ground of being which object part is of. The objects are then described as a wave of possibilities which is well explained in quantum physics (2).

    Amongst the chaos of dirty politics, aggressive economy, demanding society and deteriorating ecology, people in need of tranquility are forced to look for a complete revolution and a new way of living. Our hectic lifestyle and the businesses, so far, have made sure that continue to destroy ourselves through the increasing stress and catastrophes that we have created on our own on a course of half conscious mind. But now the time has come where we have got over with our ignorance which is gradually destroying us by throwing us into war, waste, exploitation as well as pollution.  Surrendering the ego

    However, these are the issues that might be way too critical and big for an individual to solve on their own. Still a personal transformation to tranquility can be the building block to a better world. If we start one by one, may be one day we can all come to the right direction for a better life and better world as well. This is where; human consciousness will play a vital role in our collective destiny. There is also a seismic transition that is already occurring and creating a new generation people with higher consciousness. This class of people is well equipped and aware to deal with the frenzied world around us.

    The seismic transition or shift we are talking about, can re-arrange our outlook by changing our body, mind and spirit. By creating and enhancing awareness of the inner spaces of mind and heart, and of the inter-dependent nature of all things, the shift can lead us to a new revolution. It is simply a re-engineering of our life based on a foundation of truth, peace, strength and flexibility. It is also very hard to achieve   and it will require a laborious and sufferable process of reflection and self-realization as well. But the end result is truly worth it. Through the shift, we will be able to achieve a world-centric perspective on life, better mental and physical health as well as discover our latent strength, valor and courage within us.

    Such a transformation towards higher consciousness in people is a great experience and it unfolds in overlapping stages or steps. However, there is not fixed or particular order for those steps. In the below, we are going to describe those steps of the transformation or shift that most of the people experience on their way to higher consciousness.

    1. Contemporary consciousness

    This is the first step to transition to higher consciousness where people can’t realize that they have been living their life in a wrong way. We have been programmed to accept the production, consumption, submission and nihilism as the only meaning of life. Throughout the time, we have been brainwashed in such a way, that we continue to live our life as a robot and without even questioning it. In simple words, we have accepted insanity for the sake of convenience and we have become used to this as well. This is called the Contemporary consciousness

    1. A disturbance in the force

    This is the step where contemporary consciousness starts to face questions and challenges. It is like the canary in a coal that gives you warning sign when you are about to face a danger. It could be a small piece of information from any source such as alternative press, a documentary or even a person. When you find these information, they will force you to think about your life in a new way and also make you to question the how we are brainwashed to accept our surroundings around us. At this stage, we arrived at a deep and serious personal crisis and engage in a drive understand what is happening with us more carefully (1).

    1. An introspective quest for knowledge & truth

    Once we become aware about the anomaly around us with the small pieces of information at the Disturbance in the Force stage, we become even thirstier for more information. This is where; An Introspective Quest for Knowledge & Truth takes place. At this stage, we get the answers that were never asked and the accompanying interest in ‘alternative’ information. People also get ideas that provide answers that profoundly contradict contemporary consciousness at this stage.

    1. The dark night of the soul

    At the verge of ignorance and consciousness, people will go through an extreme time where they will be really vulnerable. Since the beginning, we have been brainwashed to accept the abnormalities around us and when we are faced with doubts about them, it will shake our values, thought and beliefs. At this stage, people will have to pass an extreme test and get out of a stage where they have been trained to accept anomalistic trends of society such as serious self-deceit, total submission to ego and to false authority, addiction, reckless endangerment of the self and others (2).

    1. Discovery of real medicine

    At this stage, people will find a remedy to deal with the dark night which can be anything that can support them. It could be in any form of an artistic endeavor or exercise or even an intense study of an esoteric healing. Some examples of them are Yoga, Kung Fu, Qi Gong, meditation and so on.

    1. Purification and detoxification

    When we are absolutely aware of actual goal and purpose of life, we can embark on a journey to get rid of those toxic and harmful things in our life.

    1. Re-thinking of authority, dependence and liberty

    As we complete the Purification and Detoxification stage, we now move to a new arena where start to think about the bigger things in life such as the Authority, Dependence and Liberty that has been governing us for a long time. At this stage, we not only think about them but also question them.

    1. Letting go of and discarding that which does not serve

    At this stage, we finally let go those things but has no value in our life. We have been holding on to them as the world has trained to. But when we will let them go, we will feel free and relaxed.

    1. Initiation into mystery

    At this stage, we move into an advanced state where we make an initiation into the world of the unexplainable a common feature of the shift.

    The assumption that if you direct certain objectives on water it can have an impact on the formation of water ice particles began in Tokyo Japan. In this experiment, 2000 persons directed good objectives on water specimens which had been placed in electromagnetically protected spaces. These rooms were found in America in the state of California. The people who were directing these objectives on the water did not know that there were other water specimens which had been put in other places to act as controls. After the experiment, water ice particles found in both places were taken and photographed by a specialist and the pictures presented to a jury of 100 people to judge. The conclusion from the jury was that directed objectives on water are able to have an impact on the organization of water (1).Masaru Emoto – The Power of Intention

    Awareness has a huge impact on the configuration of water particles. This means that there is a connection between human thoughts and configuration of water. Awareness has a huge impact on the general formation of water particles. There is a possibility that water has a component in it that is equivalent to the awareness found in humans.

    There is a common factor between water and human thought system. There is a possibility that this will be a motivation for you to provide positive energy to your meals before consuming them.

    One of the people who have been actively involved in research about the relationship between thinking patterns and water over the years is Dr. Masaru Emoto. He came into existence in 1943 in Yokohama Japan and graduated at the Yokohama Municipal University. He started IHM Company. In the month of October 1992 the Open International University gave him an official recognition as a Doctor of unconventional medicine. He was later taught the idea of micro cluster water in America and Magnetic Resonance Analysis technology. After this he started a mission to unearth the hidden secrets about water.

    He did a lot research on water around the world. With time he came to discover that when water has been crystallized it shows us its real nature. Dr. Masaru has been recognized the world over because of his revolutionary work. He has also been praised for his findings that there is a direct connection between individual human beings and combined awareness.

    He has written informative books with details about the above facts. The titles include “Messages from Water, The Hidden Messages in Water, and The True Power of Water.” Over the years he has been a campaigner of peace in matters water. Presently, he is the leader of IHM General Research Institute and the current President Emeritus of the International Water for Life Foundation which is a non- profitable organization.

    Over the years he has been taking photos and creating images of the molecular transformations of water. Usually, he takes drops of water and then ices them up; he then carefully looks at them under a black field microscope which has the ability to take photographs of the frozen water particles.

    The following are some samples of his work:

    Clear water coming from mountain springs and rivers had strikingly shaped crystalline organization, while the particles of impure or dormant water appeared malformed and unclear. Condensed water left open to the elements of conventional music had balanced crystalline forms. Purified water with taped appreciative words such as “thank you” on containers formed shapes resembling the water that had been left in the presence of “Goldberg Variations” songs. These songs were created because of appreciation to the person they had been created for.

    When the same water was left exposed to heavy rock music or bad words or emotions were taped and objectively targeted on the containers, the pattern of crystals was disorganized and disjointed. Some of the words which were taped on the bottles include “Adolf Hitler”. Water that was exposed to a good ambience such as good scents from flower oils, the water would take form of the flower from which the scent came from.

    When we offer prayers and no answer seems to be forthcoming, it may appear to us that we have been unsuccessful. However, from what we are seeing here, the notion of disappointment gets reflected on the real things around us. Therefore, it is good to realize that even when what we are praying for is not seen by our eyes, it is still in existence. If we appreciate our physical beings they answer back to us and if we pass our affection to the world around us it answers back as well.

    The one thing that human beings and the earth have in common is that they both have 60% water each. This means that water is not lifeless as some people may think. It is alive and hence answers back to our feelings and thoughts. This should show you the power that humans have and how this power can be used to heal both the earth and human body. The most important thing to do is learn to objectively send positive messages to the things around us and also to our bodies. However, you will have to believe to see these things happen (2).

    It doesn’t matter if you do worldwide ruminations or the usual ones that people do in their thoughts and heart, it is possible to cure the world and form a new, pure and a perfect earth. It all depends on our intention to think the right thoughts and pass the right feelings and emotions in the earth that we live in. Remember, just as human beings possess bodies, the earth has a body which can be sick or healthy and if meditation is done correctly, it will be easy for humans to heal the earth’s body. It is possible for humans to create a whole and healthy earth which they will not be ashamed to give to the future generations after they are gone.

    Among the most recognized pyramids, the ones at Giza ranks highest. They were constructed when the fourth Egyptian Pharaoh was in power. Among those pyramids, the biggest one was used to host the Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu also known as Cheops. Currently, the pyramid bears the name “the great pyramid”

    Recently a French writer called Antoine Bovis decided to stop over at the area. People say that Antoine hid from the heat of the sun commonly found in Egypt under one of these pyramids. He chose the middle of the pyramid. As he rested on this spot he discovered that the place was moist and it had waste which had been thrown by travelers. He also saw the bodies of two animals which had passed away there but remained dead and dry (1).

    This made him begin to ask himself whether the preservation of the ancient Pharaoh’s bodies was done superbly or there was something about the pyramids that kept the bodies dead and dry.Pyramid Power

    He decided to build a pyramid which was exactly the same as the Cheops one. He put it on the ground the same as the original one. He also ensured that the bottom lines faced the same directions as the original ones and placed an expired animal at the same spot as in the original pyramid. The animal just dried up and did not rot which led him to conclude that the pyramids encouraged quick drying out. When Karel Drbal who was an engineer heard about this discovery he did the same thing with expired animals and the results were the same. He therefore said,

     “There is a relation between the shape of the space inside the pyramid and the physical, chemical, and biological processes going on inside the space. By using suitable forms and shapes, we should be able to make processes occur faster or delay them.”

    He recalled a certain unfounded belief that if someone left a razor exposed to moonlight, the razor would become dull. Drbal then took a razor and placed it in the pyramid he had built, there was no change on the razor and he continued using it till it became dull. After it became dull he put it in the pyramid and the razor turned out sharp once more.

    During this time it was not easy to acquire a decent blade in the eastern parts of Europe and that is why Drbal took a copyright to sell his invention. The office in charge denied him the copyright until the top most scientists repeated the experiment and was assured.

    Usually, the border of any razor has a crystal form. Crystals are living with an ability to replicate. In the event that the razor becomes dull, the crystals at the border tend to come off leading to a replication as time goes by.

    Normally, the sunlight moves in all ways. However, when the same light is echoed by the moon, it vibrates in a single way. This can easily wipe out a razor’s sharpness if it is exposed to the moon.

    We can conclude that the pyramids take the place of lenses which gather and direct energy leading to enhanced crystal growth. Remember, pyramids have a crystal like shape which created magnetic field. Lyall Watson used a small pyramid to keep the Wilkinson blade razor-sharp for 4 months.

    The following is a do-it-yourself step by step on how to make a small pyramid. Slash four portions of hard cardboard. They should have the shape of isosceles triangles and the bottom should be between 15.7 to 14.94 units. Join them and ensure that the pyramid is 10.0 units tall. Adjust it well and ensure that the bottom lines face the magnetic north-south and east-west. Create a plunk which is 3.33 units tall and put it in a straight line beneath the pyramid’s peak to grasp items. The sharp borders of the razor must face east and west. Make sure that the entire project stays far from electrical appliances.

    In 1968 a group of scientists from America and others from Egypt started a huge venture to X-ray Chephren’s pyramid. They intended to get fresh vaults concealed in the many stones after putting detector in a room at the bottom and assess the cosmic ray infiltration. The hypothesis was that more rays were likely to move via hollow areas. Documentation continued day and night for a year and later the findings were given to Ein Shams University for study.

    Half a year later the group accepted failure. The tape records displayed inconsistencies in the cosmic ray blueprints. This is what the group head said later:

    “This is scientifically impossible. Call it what you will – occultism, the curse of the pharaohs, sorcery, or magic, there is some force that defies the laws of science at work in the pyramid.”(2)

    Jules Green who was a researcher took four flowers and placed them as follows; two beneath pyramids, one beneath a cube and the last one he placed in an open and airy place. He repeated the same procedure using four tulips. After seven days the flowers which had been placed in the open had shrunken, the rest had not changed but the plants placed inside pyramids grew.

    It is not astonishing to know that individuals enjoy increased impact if they do it under pyramids. Kirlian photo revealed that when a person meditates under a pyramid, their aura gets more bright and bigger. The concentrated focus required in meditation is activated by pyramids. That is why people who meditate under pyramids tend to experience enhanced psychic intuitions, trances, very clear images and ability to remember.

    Research has revealed that copper is the most excellent metal to use in unclosed framed meditation pyramid. Nonetheless other materials are efficient if the instructions are adhered to.

    A pyramid brings back sheen to stained jewelry, cleans water, dries meats, preserves milk and dries flowers while maintaining their natural beauty among other things.




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