9 achievements we can make if we redirected our wealth from war

9 achievements we can make if we redirected our wealth from war

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“It is now highly feasible to take care of everybody on Earth at a higher standard of living than any have ever known. It no longer has to be you or me. Selfishness is unnecessary. War is obsolete. It is a matter of converting the high technology from weaponry to livingry.”   – R. Buckminster Fuller

In the year 2011 the worldwide military expenditures was $2,157,172,000,000. That is more money than the human mind can take hold of. In that year, the US spent up to $741,2 billion to generate additional weapons redirect_wealthand wage wars while in 2010, the US military expenditures reached $683.7 billion. In 2012 the country’s defense budget was estimated at $1trillion but was expected to rise. In January 2012, President Obama  assured the people that the budget would go up gradually over the next 10 years.

If this is the way things are, we are left wondering what the future holds for mankind. If all governments all over the world were to raise their country’s war budget, pick new fights and create additional budgets, then it means that the future will be full of suffering, more wars, destruction and famine.

The truth is that there is now a “global financial conspiracy”, which is why we are not increasing budgets on improved transportation systems, environmental friendly materials or clean and renewable energy. It is also why we are not looking for material to substitute non-biodegradable materials and plastics. There is also no increase in the budgets of natural foods and drinks or natural healthcare.

The global banking leaders have put large amounts of money in war equipment. This has made war a lucrative business. We are also guilty for this offense because we have allowed our governments to spend our hard earned money on destruction and murder. However, there is still room for bringing all this to an end by eradicating the “royal” blood-sucking parasites.

The following are 9 achievements we could make if we redirected our wealth from war.

  1. Use of evacuated tube transportation technology – also known as ETT Or ET3

The first thing that we need is transportation that is affordable for everyone, comfortable, fast, clean and green. This is why it should be ETT or ET3.

  1. Ultra modern high performance electric cars such as Tesla Motors

Did you know that your government would not bail you out if your company went bankrupt even under the current economic times? However, the US government bailed out GM, Ford and Chrysler with the tax payer’s money.

Instead of investing the money in Eco-friendly companies, like Tesla Motors for example they are salvaging companies that pollute the environment. The CEO and founder of Tesla Motors is Elon Musk, a 40 year old South African entrepreneur and engineer. His company’s worth is approximately $250 million which is peanuts compared to the $700 billion used to bail out the 3 gas car manufacturers.  Tesla Motors is named after Nikola Tesla who is considered one of the greatest inventors.

  1. Vertical farming the answer for tomorrow

The fact that the world is over populated is a lie. The truth is that the whole world’s population can survive on a continent that is the size of Australia. This is why we think that vertical farming is the answer for tomorrow. This type of farming does not use chemicals because vegetables are grown in an environment that is controlled.

  1. Replace all chemical sprayed foods and GMOs with organic foods

Growing Power which was invented by Will Allen is a sustainable type of urban agriculture that is located in Milwaukee city. His aim was to give the urban community healthier food alternatives. By the use of vertical space wisely, you can turn an old warehouse into 3 acres of green house in the middle of your city. Growing sustainably mean that there will be no use of synthetic chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides or even fertilizers.

  1. The farmery

The farmery is the future of sustainable organic agriculture. This system was invented and perfected by Ben Greene. It is the use of a simple but clever idea to grow and distribute food. Simply put, growing and selling food from the same location.

  1. Free of charge and unrestricted clean energy

Though free energy has over the years been suppressed for financial reasons the truth is that it has been possible for more than a hundred years. What we now need is free of charge and unrestricted clean energy. The good thing about such energy is that it cannot be taxed or controlled. Nikola Tesla hoped for a time when our machines and all gadgets could tap the free and unlimited clean energy wirelessly.

  1. Putting together all the homeless

According to the United States of America estimates, there are about 3.5 million homeless people in the whole world. These people could put together at a one time cost of less than $50 billion. Such a move would be a win-win situation for both the government and the homeless. Most of these people are where they are not because of their own mistakes. The irony of the whole matter is that Amnesty International USA says that vacant homes are 6 times more than the number of homeless people. This means that all homeless people can be settled.

  1. Eliminating hunger in the world

You might think that eliminating hunger in the world is not possible but according to a World Food Summit held by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), we only need $30 billion per year to achieve this. Compare this with what our world governments spend on wars.

  1. Substitute the dangerous nuclear power plants with the green solar panels

If you read The Dangers and Costs of Nuclear Energy you will know the dangerous posed by the use of nuclear power. Substituting this harmful and expensive power with the cheaper and environment friendly solar power is recommended. After the Fukushima nuclear disaster of March 11, 2011Germany resolved to replace its nuclear power plants with solar panels.  Every other country should follow suit.