5 major signs to show that the global engine of control, dishonesty...

5 major signs to show that the global engine of control, dishonesty and lies will soon end

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Over the last decade, the global engine of lies and deceit has shown signs of coming to an end. They are illusions that have been displayed by the world’s influential persons but they are now slowly crumbling right in front of their eyes as the world is awakening. The following are 5 signs to prove that all this is ending soon.

1.  There has been an exposure of pharmaceutical industrial complex

The pharmaceutical industrial complex is one of the major bodies that over the last decade controlled the world. Their dishonesty, untruths and open deceitfulness has spread to almost all nations on the world. GlobalPeople are now aware that these industries will go to any length to ensure that they have sold their products to the members of public. Most pharmaceutical giants, such as Novartis, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline and several others all which at one time seemed incontrovertible are now gradually going down. Jobs in these industries are now very minimal. They are reducing by thousands in the US and by hundreds in Europe.

People now know the truth. They know that most modern day diseases are man-made. They are also aware that from Lipitor to Vioxx, and from the H1N1 scandal to HPV are just ways of ensuring that the masses continue buying poison from the pharmaceutical industries. The good news is that research has been carried out to prove that natural health products are as effective as man-made drugs. The natural health industry is aiming to amend legislation in order to give physicians the right to use the natural health products in their medical practice.

2.  The media no longer have the capability of instill confidence

It is now evident from recent polls that over 80% of the masses no longer have confidence in the media and what they broadcast. People no longer believe lies told regarding their wealth, or even about impending wars. This is because all that the media does is broadcast biased content that is full of government and corporate propaganda. Conan O’Brien easily revealed how mainstream media’s scripted taking points are just a farce. This happens all the time regarding any thing you could think of.  The media have been used to spread deceit and manipulate the population.  However, all is not lost because the control and authority exercised by the giants has over the recent past been replaced by the alternative media. The alternative media has succeeded in revealing all the lies that had been previously told and passed as the gospel truth.

3.  The conservative food industry is falling apart

Looking at the game between Monsanto (an activist) and anti GMO’s, it is evident that biotech, agriculture and the whole food industry are in trouble.  Developed nations are drafting trade agreements in an attempt to protect a legislation saying that it is illegal to label GMO food. This means that they want people to consume GMOs blindly without knowing what they are taking in. Any protest against GMOs is now considered as an “anti-free trade practice”. Governments are trying to impose economic sanctions against any nation that imposes a ban on GMOs. Food giants are held responsible for any harmful ingredients that they use, lack of credibility and for all their manufacturing processes.

All the above are clear indications that the control of the world by the biotech industry is soon coming to an end. People are now aware of the dangers of genetically modified foods. This is why these foods are becoming less popular with the masses. Modern technology will now allow on-the-spot tests for food safety, pesticides, GMOs, ecological toxins with the help of smart phones and several other devices. This will give people the independence they require in choosing what they desire to consume.

4.  Pressure groups are gaining momentum

Over the last few years, foreign governments of military leaders, financiers, unelected industrialists are putting changes into countries that were in the past free and self governed; yet they have no valid power to limit the movement of people, free trade or even restrict peoples right to use to anything. This simply means that people should have the freedom to drive without license plates, driver’s license, insurance and they should be free to do any trade including that of healing modalities, vitamins and even supplements. They should also have the freedom to ingest or consume anything they wish. This is freedom that citizens (by birth) of any nation of the world should enjoy.

The influential leaders are now worried about the rising awareness in the masses. They have realized that most people are now aware of their basic human rights than they were several years ago. The cream of the society now knows that they cannot wake up one morning and impose laws on its people. Everybody should know their rights and exercise them at all times regardless of what others will think.

5.  Freeing of the environment and eradication of all toxic substances is now unquestionable

Most states in the US have now legalized possession of marijuana. States like Washington and Colorado have legitimized its cultivation, possession, transportation and even sale. But soon it may be legalized across the entire country.  This is contrary to what was passed in 2011. The powers that be then decreed that marijuana had no accepted medical use and should therefore continue to be included in the list of extremely harmful drugs such as heroin. However, no one should be restricted from possessing or smoking this plant. Everyone has a right to interact with nature the best way they know how.

In most parts of the world, people are still suffering because of the contamination of drinking water with fluoride. Countries like Japan and 97% of Western Europe do not put fluoride in drinking water.  Recently Israel joined this group and since the last number of years New Zealand, US, Canada,  and Australia have followed suit.

These are some of the major signs that show and prove that the world engine of control, dishonesty and lies is soon coming to an end.