12 customs to cool down an extremely vigorous mind

12 customs to cool down an extremely vigorous mind

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Ways To Calm

Ever been relaxing in your bed wanting to take a nap and found yourself unable to control a myriad of thoughts moving via your mind?

The rule of attraction

The rule of attraction says that your mind pulls towards you what you continuously think about. If all you think about are disorderly and non-accidental thoughts, they are what you will pull towards you.

Taking hostage a withdrawn mind

The world we are living in has programmed us to believe that self and wealth are the most vital things inWays To Calm life. Therefore, numerous persons tend to ponder over these. The conventional media has taken hostage the way we view ourselves because they depict nonexistent people living imaginary lives which numerous individuals think they ought to be enjoying. Roughly three quarters of the world’s inhabitants are assertive and almost every series running through the media is aimed at strengthening self centeredness.

Unbreakable illogical thoughts

When we permit the conventional media to control the way we think and how we view issues, we build illogical ideas founded on unreal concepts, principles and representations. That is the reason behind the awful emotions that run through you after viewing evening news as they are filled with information laced with terror and dread.

Advertisements are similarly awful as they expose you to outgoing individuals living a make-believe kind of life. Those in these advertisements are portrayed as people living an above-normal lifestyle and the information being registered in your subliminal area of the mind is, “If I buy this product, then I am beautiful and will have a large group of beautiful friends” (1).

Time is cash, cash is time

The cliché “time is money” is not new to us. The subliminal part of the mind embraces this principle as actual which leads to more mental discord. Therefore, we are left feeling responsible for how we spend time and want to give a report on how each minute is spent. The conventional media does not stress on the importance of the entire human being connecting to the natural world.

Social nervousness disorder

A vigorous mind has its roots on the social nervousness disorder. Here the person has a sense of judgment by others hanging over them. If this is happening to you, you need to know that the problem is not you but them and look at yourself as a mirror which redirects all the awful thoughts from people back to them.

12 customs to cool down an extremely vigorous mind

1. Get rid of mess

You need to identify the reasons why your mind is overactive. The reasons could be monetary. For you cool down your mind you may need to move to a new job. Think about it this way, “If there was no such thing as money, then what would I be doing with my life?”

2. Avoid viewing TV

Television can very easily brainwash you into viewing life in a fictitious manner. It is used to control your thoughts, way of life and indoctrinate you to believe a lie. Therefore, if you want to calm down your vigorous mind you need to stop watching TV as it reinforces illogical thoughts.

3. Meditate

Bureau of Labor Statistics says, “Watching TV was the leisure activity that occupied the most time (2.8 hours per day), accounting for about half of leisure time, on average, for those age 15 and over”. This means people spend more time watching TV and not meditating and yet meditating has more benefits than TV (2).

4. Deal with your ego

The truth is that human beings are psychic in nature and the body is like a tent which hosts the real person. When you begin to put yourself in other people’s shoes you will develop empathy and this will make it easy for you to deal with your ego.

5. Your physical structure is your place of worship

Discover that your physical body is your place of worship and avoid toxic stuff such as foods with concentrated sugars, fats, processed foods, GMO’s, alcohol and stimulants among others. Choose what you eat wisely and eat healthy as you thought depends on it.

6. Work out

Take time to do work outs on a daily basis as this has a positive impact on your mind.

7. Get away from time

Occasionally have days where the day’s activities are not controlled by time. During those days don’t attend to your phone or measure the time. If it is relaxing, sleeping or simply enjoying nature, do it according to the dictates of your body.

8. Enjoy life!

Have fun by engaging in what you love doing. Allow your mind to concentrate on enjoying life and avoid getting worried about small things that you can do nothing about.

9. Let go of your desire to be in charge of all things

Relinquish your desire to be in charge of everything- just be accountable for what you do- that is enough.

10. Create a diary and/or dream chronicle

A dairy helps you to write your thoughts and dreams as they come and that way you are able to track what is happening in your life. It will also act as a channel to release your mind.

11. Exist in the “now”

Remember, yesterday is gone, tomorrow has not yet come and so live in the here and now. You can do nothing about what happened and tomorrow hasn’t come yet so concentrate on now.

12. Link up with the natural world

Create time to link up with the natural world. This you can do by going for hikes and being thankful for it. Just enjoy its presence and give love and affection to it.


A vigorous mind is proof that there is no equilibrium in a person. The cliché “as within, so without” and that means your body reflects what goes in your mind. If you give rest to your body it will reflect on your mind