10 pointers that the world influential leaders are losing control

10 pointers that the world influential leaders are losing control

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Today you will always hear people saying that it is hard to change the world. People think that there is no way of bringing down the world’s influential leaders. This is something that I have never believed because I know that it is our repetition of cycles that has continued to hold up these influential leaders. This is what has continued to give these leaders power. The truth is that it is possible for us to change our perception. We have to change the way we think, the way we act and our responsiveness to situations around us. One thing that people should know is that the influential people in the society are not worried about power, energy or money the way they are concerned with suppressing our consciousness.world influential leaders are losing controlIf you take time to think about the bigger picture, you will realize that people’s awareness is changing. This is why there is a change in the way that most people now look at the world. The other good thing is that the world’s control by these influential people is now coming to an end. This is very clear from different angles. For one, people no longer accept as true the lies that were previously told. This is because they have now unearthed the lies that they were told in the past.
People are no longer supporting war and most of them now understand that terrorism is just a false impression. People have also stopped turning a blind eye to dishonest health and medical practices. They now know that they should take responsibility for their well being. They even know that the government is not responsible for their welfare. The elite will now get their fate. The power brokers are headed for a defeat in their war against Syria and their power over humankind is quickly coming to an end. Since the last few years, the influential leaders have been in a rush to join power in order to take control of the whole world. Their plans crushed after 9/11.
None of their plans will succeed because humankind is guided by what they deem right. They do not follow blindly like livestock. There will always be entropy as long as they try to control humankind. However, these influential leaders will have an upper hand over the world’s masses as long as wealth accumulation is concerned. The following are 10 pointers that the world influential leaders are now losing control over humankind.
1. Bureaucrat deceit is no longer of use
The lies that the elite have told over the years is no longer believed. Years are gone when the masses believed bureaucrat lies particularly those told about impending war and peace. People feel that it is only fair that they be told the truth and especially where matters of life and death are concerned. Like the boy who saw a wolf several times, it becomes hard for people to believe the truth after being fed with so much lies.
2. No confidence in political affairs
Politicians in the US only get an insignificant approval score. Like everywhere else in the world, people’s trust in the government is very low. Most of the polls show that only 10% of the public have confidence in the Congress. That means that 90% of the population have no believe in the government.

3. There is no confidence in the media

There is evidence from the polls that 77% of the population no longer have confidence in the media. Prove to this is that the government was not able to convince people about the suspected Syria chemical event. Even with all the monopoly there is no way that they can convince people that black is white.

4. Bankers have been cast off
Hungary has followed Iceland in casting off bankers (IMF). They are even contemplating putting into prosecution former prime ministers who enslaved debtors.

5. Vatican is suddenly cleaned up its act

It is believed that there was a cover up of scandals that blew up under Pope Benedict. Those scandals included fraud, money laundering and pedophile priests. People believe that that was the reason why Pope Benedict retired unexpectedly to give way for Pope Francis who is considered more likeable. By all measures Pope Francis is running Vatican heartedly to get back a humble and peaceful status for the church.

6. Rebellion amongst the military
Soldiers who were previously forbidden from making political reports are now steadily speaking out in opposition to the US military adventurism.

7. There are serious secession movements all over
Before now, it was considered an ultra-fringe idea for a state that was seceding out a bigger political body. There are secession movements in the US that have the support of the public especially in California and Colorado. The same thing is happening in parts of Europe such as in Scotland and Spain. Again some EU nations are contemplating the idea of doing away with the Euro (2).

8. People all over are now rejecting GMO’S
It is said that if you can control food, you will also have control over the people. However, this is easier said than done. GMO leaders such as Monsanto are being exposed. It is hard even with political and economic strength to stop the spread of the fact that pesticide soaked Frankenfoods are harmful. In objection, people around the world and in America are burning GMO fields.

9. Cannabis liberation
Most people will take marijuana legalization as a super move. Nevertheless it is a major signpost that the elite’s grip is fading. So much have been spent and done for cannabis to remain illegal. However, the truth is that cannabis is a great medicine for spiritual, physical and mental health that has been used for many years. People want it to remain illegal because it is a major risk to the industries that belong to the power structures

10. The police state has been militarized

One of the major pointers that the world’s influential leaders are losing control is the militarized police state. The militarized police state has been trained to deal with domestic civil disturbances.